Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 130


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 130: Fist Dao Martial Arts, the Ancestor who Destroys the Family?

“How is it going?”

Luo Wuqing approached and asked.

“Still missing two herbs,” Ning Tian shook his head.

“Which two?”

“Jiufeng Binghan Grass and Lei Xin Fruit.”

Ning Tian spread his hands and said.

“Jiufeng Binghan Grass and Lei Xin Fruit? Alright, I understand. I will help you find them,” Luo Wuqing’s beautiful eyes flashed with brilliance as she nodded.

“No, there’s no need.”

Ning Tian shook his head and looked seriously at Luo Wuqing, “You are currently in a precarious situation. If you were to make a big move in searching for them, it would inevitably attract attention. If someone connects these two herbs to something else, then it would be a bit troublesome.”

Luo Wuqing was stunned for a moment.

Her eyes shimmered with light as she looked at Ning Tian and said, “You seem to have become less impulsive.”

Hearing this, Ning Tian laughed lightly. He had grown a lot in the few months since he had come to this world.

“In short, if I can handle this matter, there’s no need for you, my wife, to bother.”


Luo Wuqing nodded.

“Alright, my wife, I’ll make a trip to the Scripture Pavilion first.” After saying goodbye to Luo Wuqing, Ning Tian activated his Youlong Step and headed towards the Scripture Pavilion.

Watching his hurried figure, Luo Wuqing was slightly lost in thought, her lips curling up slightly.

“This guy.”

Ning Tian had indeed changed.

In just a few months, he had completely changed, and he had become even more attractive to her.

Now, Ning Tian had the four great paths of joy, sword, palm, and fist.

The first three all had martial arts that could be used to perform the comprehension of the path, but the Fist Dao alone had no martial arts.

Therefore, he now wanted to go to the Scripture Pavilion to find a powerful martial arts book that complemented Fist Dao!

The Scripture Pavilion.

The last time Ning Tian came here was when he unlocked the Divine Body, nearly destroying the Pavilion.

Fortunately, Luo Wuqing and others arrived in time, preserving most of the martial arts techniques.

The newly built Scripture Pavilion was still a five-story design. However, Ning Tian looked at the hole opened on the fifth floor and felt more and more that it was specifically left for him?

“Greetings, Ancestor Master!”

“Greetings, Ancestor Master!”

The disciples around the Scripture Pavilion greeted Ning Tian with awe and respect as they saw him approach.

“The Ancestor Master has come to the Scripture Pavilion again!”

“Last time, the Ancestor Master nearly destroyed the Scripture Pavilion. This time, he won’t do it again, will he?”


“The Ancestor Master is even stronger now. Considering the Ancestor Master’s incredible degree, maybe the damage will be even greater this time. I think we should keep our distance to avoid being accidentally injured by the Ancestor Master!”

The surrounding disciples whispered amongst themselves.

Ning Tian felt several black lines emerging on his forehead upon hearing this. Why did it sound like he was some sort of destroyer of worlds?

“Ancestor Master.”

Elder Gu Han came out of the Scripture Pavilion to greet him personally.

Seeing Ning Tian’s aura no less intimidating than his own, a flash of astonishment crossed Elder Gu Han’s eyes as he thought to himself.

Is the Ancestor Master at the nine-star Earth King Realm now?

Damn, that’s fast!

He was only at the two-star Holy Emperor Realm himself. Was the Ancestor Master already catching up to him in just a few months?

Sheesh… this is outrageous!


[Reward for astonishing Elder Gu Han: Martial Technique Supplement!]

[Martial Technique Supplement: Incomplete martial techniques can be completed through comprehension!]

“Martial Technique Supplement?”

Ning Tian narrowed his eyes.

“Ancestor Master, which floor would you like to go to?” As the two entered the Scripture Pavilion, Elder Gu Han asked cheerfully.

“Of course, the fifth floor,” Ning Tian said indifferently.

“Again the fifth floor?”

Elder Gu Han was startled. “Ancestor Master, please wait a moment. Just to be safe, I will have people clear out the martial arts from the first to the fourth floors, then Ancestor Master can take your time.”

Ning Tian: “…”

It seems that the title of destroyer was truly unable to shake off his head.

“Don’t worry.”

Ning Tian sighed, “Elder Gu Han, I’m not here to cause destruction. I just want to cultivate a martial art in peace.”

“Cultivating a martial art…” Elder Gu Han looked seriously at Ning Tian: “Ancestor Master, is this true?”

“It’s true, truer than pearls, that kind of true!”

“Then alright.”

Elder Gu Han believed him, “Then Ancestor Master, please go directly to the fifth floor.”

Hearing this, Ning Tian walked satisfactorily towards the fifth floor.

Behind him, Elder Gu Han and a group of disciples hoped anxiously that the Ancestor Master wouldn’t cause any more commotion this time.

(end of chapter)

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