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Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

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Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 13: The Godly Body Awakens, Creating Heaven and Earth!

“God-level cultivation technique? Sky God Record?”

Ning Mo’s heart trembled.

In the Tianxuan World, the cultivation techniques and martial arts are categorized into five ranks.

From highest to lowest, they are: Divine, Heaven, Earth, Mysterious, Yellow.

This Sky God Record, turned out to be the highest-level Divine cultivation technique!

At this moment, Elder Gu Yan and a group of disciples stood rooted to the spot, watching Ning Tian in shock.

One hundred meridians!

This caused a group of disciples, who had only a few meridians or around ten meridians, to be filled with envy.

“I can’t believe it, just how long has it been, an hour? And he has already developed one hundred meridians!” A disciple swallowed his saliva, his voice trembling.

“So amazing.”

“The ancestor is the boss!”

“The ancestor is forever a god!”

In an instant, the worshipful gazes of the group of disciples fell upon Ning Tian.

“One hundred meridians.”

A flash of light appeared in Elder Gu Yan’s eyes, different from the shock of the disciples around him.

What shocked him was that

In just over an hour, Ning Tian was able to understand the Demon King Technique to an extreme degree!

It was precisely because of this that he was able to open one hundred meridians!


According to Ning Tian’s words,

Even after opening one hundred meridians, there was still a vast amount of spiritual energy remaining in his body!

What does that mean?

If given a stronger technique that could develop more meridians to Ning Tian, wouldn’t he be able to develop even more?


Elder Gu Yan’s eyes were bright with excitement!

Such extraordinary comprehension abilities and the containment of such a vast amount of spiritual energy!

Their Sky Devil Sect truly had a genius disciple!

“Ever since the previous sect leader perished in the struggle for divine position, even with the Empress assuming power, the Sky Devil Sect wasn’t as powerful as in the past. Now, perhaps the ancestor is the beginning of the turning point for the Sky Devil Sect!”

Elder Gu Yan murmured to himself, his heart becoming exuberant at this moment!


Gu Yan approached, clasping his hands together and looking at Ning Tian with great respect.

“Your cultivation physique is extremely special. This Demon King Technique is purely a waste of your talent.”

“Therefore, I think we should ask the Empress to exhaust the full strength of the sect to find you a more powerful cultivation technique!”

To exhaust the full strength of the sect!

The group of disciples looked at each other, secretly shocked.

But thinking about it, if the ancestor’s talent is truly terrifying, what’s the harm in exhausting the full power of the sect?

Perhaps, they could forge a Demon Emperor!

By then, with two emperors in the Sky Devil Sect, who would dare to provoke them?

“There’s no need.”

Just when everyone looked towards Ning Tian, he shook his head and waved his hand dismissively.

No need?

Elder Gu Yan and the group of disciples were all taken aback.

“But but continuing to cultivate the Demon King Technique, is simply wasting your talents, Ancestor.”

Elder Gu Yan appeared frustrated, somewhat disheartened.

With the Ancestor’s talent, if cultivating a peerless technique, wouldn’t all those long-established geniuses, whether the Ancient God Body or the Destiny Saint, still be left in the dust by the Ancestor?

“When did I ever say I wanted to continue cultivating the Demon King Technique?”

Ning Tian smiled. Now that he had the Divine level Sky God Record, who would still cultivate at the Earth tier?

“That Ancestor, you—”

Elder Gu Yan did not understand.

“No need for more words.”

Ning Tian waved his hand, interrupting Elder Gu Yan, and turned to walk towards the fifth floor.

The spiritual energy on the fifth floor was relatively rich.

He planned to comprehend the Sky God Record on the fifth floor!

Watching the figure of Ning Tian walking upstairs, a group of disciples were stunned, a bitter taste in their mouths.

Is this being the Ancestor?

Having extraordinary talent means you can be capricious.

“Ancestor, you, sigh!”

Elder Gu Yan heaved a deep sigh, his eyes revealing a deep sense of helplessness.

He didn’t understand.

The Ancestor clearly had the potential to have the Empress exhaust the full power of the sect to find a powerful technique for him!

But why not use it?

“Alas, such a waste of talent.”

Elder Gu Yan shook his head and sighed, feeling regretful.

The fifth floor.

Feeling the rich spiritual energy around him, Ning Tian began to comfortably absorb it.

When the spiritual energy within his body reached its limit once again, he started to comprehend the cultivation technique.

【You are now comprehending the Sky God Record at ten times the speed.】


Ning Tian sat cross-legged.

The hundred meridians that had been originally opened within his body crumbled at this moment and turned into spiritual energy returning to Ning Tian’s body.

In an instant, the already dense spiritual energy swelled even more.

To cultivate a new technique, naturally, he had to dissolve the meridians developed by the previous technique first.

Feeling the accumulation of spiritual energy.

And the Sky God Record was also being comprehended.

However, this was a Divine level technique, after all. Even with ten times the cultivation speed, comprehending it wasn’t so easy.

An hour later.

【Host has comprehended 30% of the Sky God Record and has achieved minor success!】


Ning Tian slowly opened his eyes, exhaling a breath of foul air.

Even just understanding 30%, had exhausted him!

“It seems that with my current strength as a Xuanwu Master, I can no longer continue to comprehend.”

Ning Tian murmured softly, pondered for a moment, and came to such a conclusion.

After all, it was a Divine level technique; wanting to comprehend it all at once was a bit too forceful.

The aptitude is entirely sufficient, but the strength is still lacking.


Although currently, he had only minor success in the Sky God Record, the spiritual energy in his body was unceasingly strong!

Next, it was time to develop meridians!

“I really want to see how many meridians this Sky God Record can open!”

Ning Tian’s eyes shone brightly.

The spiritual energy circulated.

Meridians began to form one after another within his body.

Most importantly, each meridian developed by the Sky God Record was stronger than those formed by the Demon King Technique!


At this moment, his body was like a small construction site.

Countless dense spiritual energies were looking for their own meridians!

One by one.

At this moment, Ning Tian’s body was like a sea of stars!

【Host is cultivating the Sky God Record and is activating the Sky God Physique!】

The Sky God Physique?

Hearing the system’s sudden words, Ning Tian understood at once.

No wonder when he previously asked the system when he could activate the Sky God Physique, it didn’t respond!

It turns out the Sky God Physique requires the cultivation of the Sky God Record to activate!

【Sky God Physique, activated!】

【Meridians are being developed!】


In an instant, the spiritual energy in Ning Tian’s body, like a vast sea of stars, uncontrollably surged out from within his body!

The fifth floor.

It was as if submerged in a vast sea of spiritual energy!

Ning Tian’s whole body shone with a silvery brilliance, and a golden light burst forth from his body, shooting skyward!

Instantly, a large hole was pierced through the roof of the Scripture Pavilion!

And this golden light pointed straight to the sky!

Above the entire Sky Devil Sect, the clouds obscured the sun, and the heavens and earth seemed to change color for it!


Within the dark clouds, lightning flashed continuously!

Heaven and earth phenomenon, clouds obscuring the sun!


Seeing the heaven and earth phenomenon he caused, Ning Tian was stunned for a moment, his face suddenly changed, and he involuntarily grimaced.

“What’s happening here!?”

“Is this really just developing meridians? Not creating heaven and earth?”

(End of chapter)

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