Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 123


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 123: The Emperor of Zhengtian, Summoning the Emperor!


A heavy cold snort sounded.

In an instant, it intercepted the imperial momentum of Sword Ren’s attack.


That terrifying aura almost exploded in front of Ning Tian. Although Ning Tian activated the Yóu Lóng stepping technique with all his strength in the first moment, sprinting out a hundred meters away, he still suffered the impact.

He was directly blasted out by the explosive force.

Heavily smashing onto the ground.

“This kid dodged it?”

Sword Ren was astonished in his heart.


Seeing this scene, the Holy Maiden of Yaochi’s pretty face changed slightly, and she immediately ran over, looking worriedly at Ning Tian.


A mouthful of fresh blood spewed out, and Ning Tian coughed dryly, “I, I’m fine, help me up.”

“Yeah, Ancestor, don’t move.”

The Holy Maiden of Yaochi nodded and carefully helped Ning Tian up from the ground.

【You have shocked Sword Ren, reward: a Teleportation Card!】

【Teleportation Card, can move a short distance, invalid after use!】


Ning Tian ignored the system voice and spat out the blood from his mouth fiercely, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth before looking up at the sky.

The skeletal remains of the Three Sages Emperor emerged atop the tomb, as his remnant soul appeared, gazing indifferently at Sword Ren: “A mere quasi-emperor dares to harm my descendant, how presumptuous!”


Sword Ren looked at the Three Sages Emperor without fear, his eyes filled with indifference: “Even if you were an emperor in life, what of it? Don’t forget, you’re already dead!”

“How many moves can your dissolving soul make?”

“How laughable!”

Upon hearing that, the Three Sages Emperor fell silent, narrowing his eyes.


After passing the imperial legacy on to Ning Tian, the energy of his soul body began to dissipate gradually.

But even so, he would absolutely not allow this quasi-emperor before him to harm Ning Tian!

“Heh, without the energy of a soul body, what of it? Then let this emperor kill you within a few moves!”

The Three Sages Emperor smirked.

Immediately, he looked at Ning Tian: “Kid, watch closely, I will show you one last time, what is the true path of palm and fist techniques!”

Hearing that, Ning Tian’s expression turned serious: “Then I will watch with due respect!”


“The momentum of the Palm Technique must be strong enough to break mountains and rivers!”

“And the Fist Technique does not need any fancy tricks, it only requires powerful vigor, one punch to defeat the enemy!”

The Three Sages Emperor laughed heartily.

Then, his left hand as a palm and his right as a fist, he struck out!


In an instant, Ning Tian seemed to see endless mountains and all things from behind the Three Sages Emperor, but they were shattered by one fist and one palm!


“This aura…”

Seeing that even the remnant soul’s aura was so powerful, Sword Ren’s face abruptly changed.

Emperor-class powerhouses, are they truly this terrifying?


Sword Ren gritted his teeth, ready to use all of his strength to defend.

At this moment, a detached voice sounded behind him.

“Move aside, you are no match.”

A white-haired, black-robed elder appeared from the void behind him, his body emitting silver luminescence, far surpassing Sword Ren’s presence!

Hearing the voice, Sword Ren was first stunned, then immediately showed a look of joy.


The one behind him turned out to be the leader of Zhengdao Alliance, Emperor Zhengtian!

“Emperor Zhengtian!?”

Elder Qinglin’s eyes flashed with shock!

“An emperor-class powerhouse!?”

Upon hearing this, Ning Tian, Holy Maiden Yaochi, and others were all taken aback.

They saw the Zhengdao Alliance leader, Emperor Zhengtian, glancing at the Palm and Fist Techniques with a faint gaze, coldly saying: “This, you also call Palm and Fist Techniques? Ridiculous!”

After the words fell, Emperor Zhengtian faintly raised his hand.

With one palm, he suppressed the Palm and Fist Techniques of the Three Sages Emperor!

“Emperor-class powerhouse?”

The Three Sages Emperor’s face changed, if he were alive, he would not fear this Emperor Zhengtian at all, but now, he was merely a soul body!

“Just a remnant soul, disperse!”

Emperor Zhengtian’s tone carried no emotion as he slapped toward the skeletal remains of the Three Sages Emperor.

It seemed that not only did Emperor Zhengtian want to disperse the soul of the Three Sages Emperor, but he also wanted to leave no ash behind!


The Holy Maiden of Yaochi’s face changed drastically, as they had promised the Three Sages Emperor that they would bury his skeletal remains beside Emperor Yaohuan!

“Is it over?”

The Three Sages Emperor’s expression was bitter. He was already a dead person, and even if his soul dispersed, it didn’t matter; he only felt a bit of regret deep inside.

In the end, would he not be able to be buried beside her?

Just as Emperor Zhengtian’s palm was about to land on the skeleton, a figure instantly flashed by, picking up the remains of the Three Sages Emperor and disappearing in the blink of an eye.


This palm landed on the Great Emperor’s Mausoleum.


Instantly, the huge palace collapsed in a moment, reduced to flat ground!


With a palm strike missing its mark.

Emperor Zhengtian paused for a moment, and when he saw who had saved the remains of the Three Sages Emperor, his heart was shocked.

How could it be him?


Ning Tian breathed a sigh of relief and slowly placed the remains of the Three Sages Emperor back down.

He had just used the Teleportation Card to whisk away the skeletal remains of the Three Sages Emperor.

“Youngster, thank you.” The Three Sages Emperor’s expression was bitter.


Under the attack of an emperor, the one who saved him was Ning Tian, a mere Realm King Stage cultivator!

“It’s nothing, one life saved for another.”

Ning Tian shook his head.

At this moment, a voice sounded in his mind.

【You have shocked Emperor Zhengtian, reward: Emperor Summoning Card!】

【Emperor Summoning Card: Can summon a specified emperor, ignoring spatial instant transmission, invalid after use!】

An emperor teleportation card?

Ning Tian’s eyes lit up, and he laughed out loud.

“What are you laughing at?”

In the sky, Emperor Zhengtian squinted his eyes.

“Me laughing? Heh heh, I laugh because you will soon be scurrying away, fleeing in dismal shape!”

Ning Tian replied coldly.


A flash of anger crossed Emperor Zhengtian’s eyes.

“I wonder who will turn out to be impudent!”

Ning Tian was not afraid at all.

In his heart, he shouted!

“System, use the Emperor Summoning Card!”

“Summon, Luo Wuqing, Xi Wangmu!”

【Emperor Summoning Card is being used!】

【Summoning Luo Wuqing, Xi Wangmu!】

【Summoning successful!】


Suddenly, the sky thundered, the sky darkened, as if the heavens and earth were changing color!

Two extremely terrifying auras swept over the entire Yin Feng mountain range in an instant!

(End of Chapter)

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