Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 122


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 122: Divine Emperor’s Ambush, The Three Saints’ Fury!

With the sound of their departure fading away, Ning Tian and the Supreme Elder quickly took their leave.

Watching the slowly retreating figures of Ning Tian and his company, the Three Saints Emperor paused for a moment, his eyes flickering with a sharp light.

“Senior Three Saints, our ancestor is very powerful, and he will definitely not bury your legacy,” said the Jade Pool Saintess, clenching her small fists seriously and addressing the Three Saints Emperor.

Hearing this, the Three Saints Emperor smiled.

He was well aware of how formidable Ning Tian was.


It seemed that this youngster had also managed to captivate the heart of the Jade Pool Saintess.

“Little girl, I think you’ve taken a liking to that boy, haven’t you?” teased the Three Saints Emperor with a playful smile.


The Jade Pool Saintess was startled, her pretty face turning red as she bit her lip: “I, I don’t like the ancestor, I admire him.”

“Admire? Is it truly just admiration?”

The Three Saints Emperor laughed heartily, the underlying meaning in his words clear to all who understood.

“Senior Three Saints!”

With a cute pout and her face turning even redder, the Jade Pool Saintess could have squeezed blood from her cheeks.


The Three Saints Emperor laughed, stroking his beard, “Indeed, it feels more relaxing to be around disciples of the Jade Pool. That youngster is too shrewd; one must be careful not to be tricked by him.”

“The ancestor?”

A smile appeared on the face of the Jade Pool Saintess.


The Three Saints Emperor put away his smile and turned to the women of the Jade Pool: “I would like to ask you for a favor.”

“Please speak, Senior Three Saints,” said Elder Qinglin slowly.

The Three Saints Emperor looked towards his own withered bones and sighed, “Can you take my bones back to the Jade Pool for me? I think I would like to be buried next to her.”

Upon hearing this, the women of the Jade Pool were stunned, naturally understanding that ‘her’ referred to the Emperor Yao Xuan.

“Please be assured, Senior Three Saints. As the husband of Emperor Yao Xuan, it is only right that you are buried together,” Elder Qinglin said gravely, nodding.

“Thank you.”

A relieved smile appeared on the face of the Three Saints Emperor.

“Yao Xuan, I am coming.”

Outside the Emperor’s Tomb.

Ning Tian and the Supreme Elder emerged from the tomb.

“Supreme Elder, summon the Black Dragon Riders, we should head back first,” Ning Tian immediately said to the Supreme Elder upon exiting the tomb.

Now that he had the entire legacy, it was best to return as soon as possible.


The Supreme Elder nodded, clearly understanding the importance of the situation.

He whistled to summon the Black Dragon Riders.

But after a while.

The Black Dragon Riders, who should have responded, did not appear.

Seeing this, Ning Tian narrowed his eyes, the spiritual energy in his body silently circulating. It seemed that something was amiss!


Suddenly, a roaring sound erupted.

A corpse fell from the sky, landing heavily not far from Ning Tian and the Supreme Elder.

Ning Tian looked over, recognizing that it was Li Ren, who had obtained an earth-level martial art!

He had been killed?

“Hahaha, boy, you’ve finally come out.” A voice full of laughter rose.

On the mountain cliff, Elders Jianmei and Tian Feng were looking at them indifferently.


“You want to steal the legacy?”

Seeing this, Ning Tian’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the Supreme Elder also stepped forward to stand in front of Ning Tian.

“Not just the legacy, but also, your life.”

Elder Jianmei’s gaze was cold as he spoke flatly.


“Thinking of killing the ancestor? Just with the two of you? Let’s see if this old man agrees!” the Supreme Elder snorted coldly.


With a boom!

The peak momentum of a Heaven-sovereign realm exploded, sweeping the surroundings with a fierce wind!

“A Heaven-sovereign pinnacle, nearly half a step into the Divine Emperor realm.”

A solemn glint flashed in the eyes of Elders Jianmei and Tian Feng, who then smiled, “You are indeed strong, but we are not your opponents.”


The Supreme Elder was taken aback.

Hearing the words of the two, Ning Tian had a bad feeling.


At this moment, an emperor’s might descended upon the entire Yinfeng Mountain Range.


The sky thundered!

A white-robed middle-aged man appeared from the void.

“The Sect Master of Sword Sect? Jian Ren!?”

Seeing the white-robed man, the Supreme Elder’s face drastically changed; this was a genuine strong individual at the Divine Emperor realm!


“How dare you address this emperor by name?”

In the sky, Jian Ren’s brow furrowed slightly with a hint of displeasure. Lifting his finger, he pointed lightly at the Supreme Elder!


The overwhelming pressure of a Divine Emperor realm strong individual landed on the Supreme Elder.


The Supreme Elder spat out a mouthful of blood and was flung backward.




Only after collapsing five or six mountains did he finally stop, buried within the rubble.

“Divine Emperor realm strong individual.”

Ning Tian looked at Jian Ren in the sky with an uneasy expression.

Damn it.

Why was he so easily targeted by these Divine Emperor realm strong individuals?

“So you are the ancestor of Tianmo Sect? Useless.” Jian Ren looked at Ning Tian indifferently, as if viewing an ant.

He lifted his hand and pointed casually, intending to end Ning Tian’s life.

“Haha, this kid is finally going to die!” Elder Tian Feng was overjoyed.


The dreadful might of the emperor descended upon Ning Tian.


With the release of that terrifying pressure, the surrounding trees were shattered, and the ground trembled, turning the earth and stones to dust!

“This youngster should be dead by now, right?”

Elders Jianmei and Tian Feng looked expectantly.

As the dust settled,

They then saw Ning Tian standing unharmed in his original position.


Seeing this, Jian Ren’s eyes flickered with confusion, while Jianmei and Tian Feng were also stunned.

What was going on?

Jian Ren was a two-star quasi-emperor at the Divine Emperor realm.

How could it be possible that he couldn’t kill the mere King realm Ning Tian?

Ning Tian was also stunned in place, and after a long while, he touched his face as if he had realized something.

It seemed that Jian Ren, in a bid to humiliate him, had targeted his face!

“System, is my facial defense a bit too high?”

System alert: “Not high, not high, just a little bit high! However, the host should note that if he targets your other parts, you will crumble like tofu dregs, shattered on touch.”


At this moment, Ning Tian felt a sense of relief.

This ‘shameless’ title turned out to be a major life-saving detail!

Shamelessness indeed saved his life.

“This emperor refuses to believe this evil.”

Jian Ren narrowed his eyes, and finally a murderous intent flashed through them, “A mere King realm, and yet I can’t deal with you?”

As he spoke,

An even more terrifying assault arrived!

This time, it wasn’t aimed at Ning Tian’s face!

Ning Tian’s expression changed; facing this attack, did he really have to find the angle to receive it with his face?

But this damn attack was too fast, he couldn’t intercept it!

As the emperor’s attack approached, only a few meters from Ning Tian,


“Dare to kill my emperor’s successor!?”

A furious voice emanated from the Emperor’s Tomb.

At this time, the Three Saints Emperor finally noticed the disturbance outside!

(End of chapter)

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