Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 120


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 120: The Tomb Treasure, Owned by One!

Ning Tian had completely absorbed all the power within the legacy orb.

Now, what remained was merely an empty shell.

Easily punctured with a poke.

Outside in the great hall.

Ling Ao, Zhu Yuanbao, and Li Ren were all nervously watching the orb.

More than an hour had passed.

They had no idea how the Ancestor was faring inside.

Li Ren was particularly worried. As one of the witnesses, if the ritual failed, he wouldn’t be able to clear his name, even if he jumped into the Yellow River!

What if the Empress of the Demonic Cult didn’t listen to reason and decided to kill him?

As the three were fraught with anxiety, a sound of shattering echoed within the vast great hall.



The trio was stunned.

Then, thinking of something, they turned their gaze towards the orb.

Crack, crack.

The legacy orb slowly fragmented, and Ning Tian appeared from within.


Seeing Ning Tian, Ling Ao and Zhu Yuanbao’s eyes lit up, and they breathed a sigh of relief.

“Ancestor, you finally came out of the orb.”


Ning Tian nodded, slowly walking towards them.

“Ancestor, have you… accepted the Emperor’s legacy?” Ling Ao and Zhu Yuanbao asked curiously, looking at Ning Tian as he approached.

Hearing this, Ning Tian just smiled and did not answer anything.

“Let’s go, and leave this place.”

Although Ning Tian did not reply, the three people knew from his slightly uptilted mouth and the aura of a breakthrough that the Ancestor must have certainly embraced the Emperor’s legacy.

“Ancestor, this aura…”

Ling Ao looked at Ning Tian. Ning Tian had just broken through, and his aura had not yet completely dissipated.

“This is…”

“King Realm Nine Stars?!”

“A five-star breakthrough in one hour!”


Ling Ao’s heart trembled, and he forced a bitter smile.

When he first met the Ancestor two months ago, the Ancestor was just in the Spirit Communicating Realm!

At that time, he had even looked down on the Ancestor!

But in just these short two months, the gap between the Ancestor and him was already narrowed to a difference of merely a single star!

The speed of this cultivation and leveling up was ridiculously fast!

He finally understood why the disciples of the Demonic Cult would shout three times a day that the Ancestor was awesome, their eternal god. There was a reason for that slogan.

The Ancestor was truly a role model for their generation.

While Ling Ao was shocked, the system’s voice also echoed in Ning Tian’s mind.

【You’ve shocked Ling Ao, reward of three hundred spiritual energy points.】

Hearing this, Ning Tian did not pay much attention to it, turning to lead the three out of the hall.

“Let’s go.”


The three quickly followed.

Unexpectedly, of the hundreds who entered, only they four remained.

If Ning Tian hadn’t defeated the Three Saints Emperor, this expedition might have led to total annihilation.

Having embraced the legacy of the Three Saints Emperor, Ning Tian was now fully familiar with the Emperor’s tomb.

Soon, he leads the three towards the inner palace of the tomb according to the route in his mind.

In the inner palace.

The Supreme Elders and the Holy Maiden of the Jade Pool were now relieved.

Upon hearing that Ning Tian had acquired the Emperor’s legacy, they were all faintly excited. How strong would Ning Tian become with the Emperor’s legacy?

“Oh, that little guy is coming out.”

At this moment, the Three Saints Emperor spoke slowly.

“He’s coming out?”

Hearing this, the Supreme Elders and the Holy Maiden’s eyes lit up, looking around expectantly from east to west.

“Over there.”

The Three Saints Emperor showed a slight smile and pointed to a place in the inner palace.

Hearing this, everyone immediately turned their heads to look.



A section of the inner palace’s stone wall burst into a dazzling brilliance.

Then, the shape of a stone door emerged on the wall, and after another sound, the stone door was pushed open.

Four figures walked out.

“Only four survived? Those losses are a bit too heavy.”

Seeing this, the several Heaven-Honored ones tensed up immediately and looked over.

“Ha ha ha!”

“My little fatty of the Heavenly Treasure Holy Land is still alive.”

Seeing Zhu Yuanbao, the Golden Treasure Saint immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

Although other disciples were lost, at least, fortunately, among the unfortunate, the Holy Son had survived.

“Sigh, Ling Ao of my Lingxu Sect is also still alive.”

The Shadowy Elder touched his beard and also sighed deeply in relief; Ling Ao’s survival at least gave him something to report.


However, the Sword Brow Elder and the Field Wind Elder were bitterly clenching their teeth, looking extremely ugly.

None of the disciples from their two sects were among the four survivors!

The disciples of the two righteous sects were completely annihilated!

What was even more infuriating was that there was still someone from a Heaven-Honored power who had survived!

Doesn’t this imply that their two Emperor Realm powers were less worthy than a mere Heaven-Honored strength?


The two of them snorted heavily.

Looking at Ning Tian among the four, intense murderous intent erupted in their eyes.

Now that the legendary Ancestor of the Demonic Cult had obtained the Emperor’s legacy, this was not good news for the righteous path.

It might even become a variable in their future plans!

The Sword Brow Elder and the Field Wind Elder exchanged glances, both seeing the deadly intent in each other’s eyes.

This legendary Ancestor of the Demonic Cult, they could not leave him alone!

At this time, the Three Saints Emperor looked towards the Blood Mist Prison. “Since someone has acquired my legacy, I will keep my promise, and you all can leave alive.”

With those words, the Three Saints Emperor gestured lightly with his hand.


The Blood Mist Prison that imprisoned the five Heaven-Honored was instantly shattered.

At this moment, the five Heaven-Honored were freed, their hearts full of lingering fear.

Although they were Heaven-Honored strong ones, facing the Emperor, even just a remnant soul, they were no match.

After releasing the five Heaven-Honored, the Three Saints Emperor’s remnant soul floated towards the dry bones, then looked at Ning Tian, “Lad, come here.”

Hearing this, Ning Tian walked towards the top of the great hall and, arriving beside the throne, he gave a slight bow to the dry bones.

“Predecessor Three Saints.”

“Mmm.” The Three Saints Emperor nodded, pointing to the storage ring on the dry bones, “Lad, take down that storage ring; within it are the treasures of this entire tomb. Now, they belong to you.”

The entire tomb’s treasures?

Hearing this, the several Heaven-Honored were all taken aback.

Golden Bao Daoist’s eyes immediately widened, filled with fervent desire!

It wasn’t that he wanted to attack Ning Tian; simply hearing about treasures excited him beyond measure.

“Thank you, Predecessor Three Saints.”

Ning Tian’s eyes flashed with joy, he thanked the Three Saints Emperor, and without being polite, he reached for the storage ring.

With a mere gentle effort, the storage ring that Sword Voice previously couldn’t pull out no matter how he tried was effortlessly removed by Ning Tian.

“Lad, this storage ring is already ownerless. Simply perform a blood recognition to obtain the right to use it.”

The Three Saints Emperor’s guiding voice rang in his ear.


Ning Tian heard this and began to perform the blood recognition ritual.

Once the black gemstone on the storage ring flashed with an ancient luster, a connection to the storage ring formed in Ning Tian’s mind.

(End of the chapter)

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