Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 119


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 119: Laws of Heaven and Earth, the Earth King’s Nine Stars!

“Life, death, and so on.”

“These are the advanced laws of heaven and earth that only the bodies of celestial gods can master.”

At this point, the Three Saints Great Emperor’s eyes flashed with a hint of reverence.

“It has been rumored that a fully mature celestial body, if it wants to cause an emperor to die, simply needs a single glance.”

“The law of life within the emperor’s body will be stripped away.”

“Without the law of life, even a true god would die, not to mention an emperor?”


Ning Tian took a sharp breath, “A single glance can strip away the law of life inside an emperor’s body?”

He finally understood how heaven-defying his physique was!

“May I ask the respected Three Saints Senior, how many celestial bodies have been produced from ancient times to present?” Ning Tian’s eyes flashed with a sharp light as he asked.

The Three Saints Great Emperor shook his head slowly and said, “Including you, no more than ten.”

“No more than ten.”

At this moment, Ning Tian finally understood.

Why every time he asked Luo Wuchen what the celestial body was, she avoided answering and seriously warned him not to expose his physique.

It turned out to be the fear that he would be arrogant and invite disaster upon himself!

But Ning Tian was not the kind of person who liked to show off.

Cough cough.

At least he wouldn’t show off proactively.

With this celestial body, even if he had to sneakily cultivate, that would be fine too!

As long as he waited until the celestial body was fully mature, he wouldn’t say he was invincible in the Tianxuan world, but he would have the ability to protect himself.

“Now, you know how strong your physique is.”

The Three Saints Great Emperor looked towards Ning Tian.


Ning Tian nodded heavily and bowed slightly to the Three Saints Great Emperor: “Thank you, senior, for clearing my doubts.”

“It’s nothing.”

The Three Saints Great Emperor waved his hand, “Don’t be so polite, boy, it’s not accustomed.”


Ning Tian touched his nose.

“Boy, you should be at the early stage of the small success of the celestial body now, right?” The Three Saints Great Emperor asked.

“Um, the early stage of small success,” Ning Tian replied.

“Early stage of small success, then there is still a long road to go.”

The Three Saints Great Emperor pondered for a while and then slowly spoke.

“Boy, I have a prescription here, if it’s refined into a pill, it should help you reach the middle stage of the small success of the celestial body.”


“Then thank you very much, senior Three Saints!”

Hearing this, Ning Tian’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Although it was just a small realm in the middle of small success, this was far stronger than blindly groping around!

“I’ll give you the prescription, but as for the spiritual medicines, it’s possible that they are in my tomb, but it’s also possible that they are not. It’s been too long, and I have forgotten,” the Three Saints Great Emperor said as he extended his hand and a light orb floated towards Ning Tian.

“Okay, boy, practice the Three Saints Technique. Once you have mastered the Three Saints Technique, this light orb will dissipate.”

“I bear you no grudges or hatred, I am giving you this inheritance in the hope that you will not bury this Three Saints Technique.”

The figure of the Three Saints Great Emperor slowly became transparent and gradually disappeared.

“Um, rest assured senior Three Saints, I will definitely not bury this Three Saints Technique!”

Ning Tian nodded heavily, then sat cross-legged and began to comprehend the Three Saints Technique.

【The host has detected the absorption of the comprehension method of the Three Saints Technique!】

【Comprehending at ten times the speed!】

Inside the light orb, Ning Tian began to comprehend, and his aura kept rising.

In the main hall of the Emperor’s tomb.

The Saintess of Yaochi and the others were somewhat anxiously waiting.

Since Ning Tian and the others entered the Gate of Life and Death, they have been completely unaware of what’s going on inside.

And just now, the remnant soul of the Three Saints Great Emperor also disappeared without a trace, unknown where it went.

This made everyone even more worried.

“Oh dear, if something happens to you, how can I face the Empress?”

The supreme elder was locked up in the blood fog cage, murmuring to himself, full of worry.


“That Grandmaster of yours with the Earth King realm? Still think he can come out alive? Ridiculous!”

Next to him, in the blood fog cage, the elders with sword-like eyebrows and wind-field elder both scoffed coldly.

“You two!”

The supreme elder clenched his teeth. If it were not for being locked up in the blood fog cage, he would have wanted to cut these two down!

Just then, inside the main hall.

Red light resumed in those skeletal eyes.

The Three Saints Great Emperor once again appeared before everyone.

“Senior Three Saints!”

Seeing the Three Saints Great Emperor come out, the Saintess of Yaochi immediately looked over with a face full of concern, “Senior Three Saints, what is happening inside now?”

“Hehe, the trial has ended.”

The Three Saints Great Emperor smiled.


But not a single person has come out!

Don’t tell me they all perished?


The Saintess of Yaochi looked lost, and the women of Yaochi behind her also sighed one after another.

Did the legendary Grandmaster of the Heavenly Demon Sect just die like that?

“What the hell!?”

“My Grandmaster is dead?”

Hearing this, the supreme elder immediately went crazy, “Three Saints old thief, you are done for, I’m telling you!”

“You are finished!”

“If the Grandmaster dies, just wait, you will see your tomb being overturned thousands of times by our Empress!”

“And your dry bones will definitely be used by us as a chamber pot!”

“Pee on you in the evening, and continue to pee on you when we wake up in the morning!”

The supreme elder cursed.

As for the other elders, they stood by in speechless dismay.

The celestial body that Ning Tian carries is filled with the advanced laws of life and death and only a select few individuals in history have possessed this unique and extremely powerful physical form. Noticing the significance of such rare power, Ning Tian has taken care not to flaunt it unnecessarily, recognizing both its potential and its danger. The Three Saints Great Emperor, a revered figure, has bestowed upon Ning Tian a treasured prescription that could advance his celestial body’s maturity, further enhancing his capabilities.(KERNAL_BREAK)As Ning Tian now shows gratitude for the guidance provided, the Great Emperor warns him to cherish and utilize this newfound knowledge responsibly. The atmosphere of reverence is apparent, and Ning Tian seems ready to commit himself to mastering the Three Saints Technique as the elders and colleagues eagerly anticipate the outcome of this pivotal moment. The Great Emperor’s projection fades, leaving them to their hopes and tensions, while Ning Tian quietly harnesses the powerful Three Saints Technique to break through his limits, reaching the astounding level of Earth King Nine Stars – just a breath away from the transcendent Saint Emperor realm.


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