Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 118


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 118: The Constitution of the Gods, the Source of All Life!

At this moment, the Three Saints Emperor held a mix of emotions in his heart.

It had taken him nearly ten years to elevate his control over the Dao and the Fist to a sophisticated level.

This was because the deeper one’s understanding of the Dao, the more difficult it was to improve.

Nevertheless, before his eyes, Ning Tian had only spent half an hour to progress from just having a glimpse of the threshold to achieving an advanced level!

It was like a dream.


The Three Saints Emperor let out a sigh, looking at Ning Tian with a wry smile, “Young man, I take back what I just said.”

“If you become a Great Emperor, you will surely reach the Divine Realm.”

The Divine Realm, a realm he dared not even consider, but at this moment, he firmly believed that this junior, who was merely at the Earth King realm, could reach a level even he dared not touch.

Because Ning Tian had the potential.

He had never heard of any extraordinary genius through the ages who could elevate their comprehension of the Dao to such a level in a mere half an hour!

“Young man, you mustn’t spread the news about reaching this level in half an hour,”

At this time, the Three Saints Emperor’s expression became serious.

He looked at Ning Tian seriously, “Even if you have the backing of a Great Emperor, don’t spread the word, for there are mountains beyond mountains, people beyond people, and gods above our heads.”

“The horrors of this world far exceed your imagination.”

“Understood, I will take heed,”

Ning Tian nodded, as he was well aware of the significance of the matter even without the Three Saints Emperor’s words.

“Sigh, you need to know that the Spirit Realm is just one of the smallest domains among the Nine Spirit Realms!”

At this, the Three Saints Emperor let out another sigh.

“Don’t assume that this mysterious world consists only of the Three Realms and the Nine Spirit Realms! There are many vast and unnamed territories.”

“Have you ever seen forbidden zones where even Great Emperors can be killed in an instant?”

As he spoke, the Three Saints Emperor seemed to realize that he had said too much and quickly stopped.

“Well, having said so much, I only hope that you keep your secrets well until you become the strongest in the mysterious world, and only then will you have the right to protect those you wish to protect.”

The Three Saints Emperor sighed deeply.

Although the Three Saints Emperor had stopped in time, the information he revealed was already quite substantial.

Ning Tian was shocked.

Was the Spirit Realm just the smallest presence among the Nine Spirit Realms?

Were there many more vast, unnamed, unknown territories?

And those…

Forbidding zones where even Great Emperors would be killed in an instant?


Ning Tian inhaled sharply, and at that moment, he truly realized how vast this mysterious world was!

“Young man, don’t be scared by what I’ve said,”

Seeing Ning Tian seem somewhat shocked, the Three Saints Emperor frowned slightly.

At his words, the shock in Ning Tian’s eyes slowly dissipated, and he shook his head with a light smile, “Scared? Not really, but it does make things more interesting.”


The Three Saints Emperor fell silent for a moment, his eyes flickering with a keen light.

“Alright, Elder Three Saints, is there anything else good you want to give me?” Ning Tian chuckled and looked at the Three Saints Emperor.

“You little fellow.”

The Three Saints Emperor scolded with a smile, and his hand conjured another halo, “This is a heavenly-tier technique created by me, absolutely suitable for your cultivation.”


Ning Tian was taken aback and frowned, “But I already have a technique.”

He practiced a god-level technique, the “Record of the Heavenly God,” complementary to the Heavenly God physique, which meant he wouldn’t cultivate any other techniques.

“No, this technique may not work for others, but for you, it certainly can.”

With a smile, the Three Saints Emperor continued, “With your physique, running two methods is definitely within reach.”


The Heavenly God Body?

A flicker of puzzlement passed through Ning Tian’s eyes, “Then, Elder Three Saints, what is this technique?”

“The Three Saints Technique!”

Pride flashed in the eyes of the Three Saints Emperor, seemingly very proud of the technique he created, “Young man, if I am not mistaken, you intend to cultivate all the Three Thousand Great Daos, right?”

“Indeed.” Ning Tian nodded.

“With your physique, you indeed can, but—”

The Three Saints Emperor gave a mysterious smile, “The more Daos you cultivate, the harder it is to reach saintly refinement. At most, you can attain the pinnacle of mastery.”

“Is that so?”

Ning Tian’s brow furrowed. After hearing about saintly refinement, he wasn’t satisfied with just reaching the pinnacle of mastery.

“And if you cultivate my Three Saints Technique, in conjunction with your physique, you will surely elevate to a saintly refinement, or even higher!”

The Three Saints Emperor’s eyes were sparkling with excitement.

“By then, when a powerhouse with all Three Thousand Great Daos at saintly refinement or even higher emerges, won’t the entire mysterious world tremble with a single stomp?”

Hearing this, Ning Tian’s blood surged with excitement at the thought of that scene.

However, there was another problem.

“But the Three Thousand Great Daos are just a collective term; there are so many Daos, and your Three Saints Technique couldn’t possibly cultivate only three holy Daos, could it?” Ning Tian asked.

“Ha ha ha!”

The Three Saints Emperor smiled.

“Young man, you must not underestimate the number three!”

“In my hands, it is indeed three, and can only be three.”

“But in your hands, it is no longer three! It is endless!”

The Three Saints Emperor’s eyes gleamed.

“It has been said in ancient times, from Dao comes one, from one comes two, from two comes three, and from three come all things! And three naturally represents infinity!”

“I see.”

Ning Tian’s heart was somewhat excited, thinking that if he could cultivate all Three Thousand Great Daos to saintly refinement or even higher!

That staggering scenario, just imagining it, made him excited!

“Young man, take this Three Saints Technique.”

With a wave of his hand, the Three Saints Emperor sent the halo containing the records of the Three Saints Technique flying towards Ning Tian.

Upon seeing this, Ning Tian unhesitatingly accepted it, “Thank you, Elder Three Saints.”

As the words fell, he wanted to cultivate the Three Saints Technique right away.

But the Three Saints Emperor stopped him.

“Don’t start cultivating now, I have something else to tell you.”

The Three Saints Emperor waved his hand and spoke.


Interest shimmered in Ning Tian’s eyes.

“It’s about your Heavenly God Body.”

“Heavenly God Body?”

Hearing this, Ning Tian narrowed his eyes, the playful look diminishing, replaced by a serious demeanor, “Please do tell, Elder Three Saints.”


The Three Saints Emperor nodded, “Do you know what the Heavenly God Body is?”


“I don’t know.”

Ning Tian honestly shook his head; he truly knew nothing about the Heavenly God Body.

Upon hearing this, the Three Saints Emperor began to slowly explain.

“The Heavenly God Body is the closest to the laws of this world. There are many such laws, such as common ones like thunder, wind, fire, and so forth.”

“And these are just ordinary world laws.”

“Ordinary cultivators focusing on them could also glean a bit of understanding, but for those with the Heavenly God Body, even a casual comprehension would far surpass theirs.”

“But what’s most essential for the Heavenly God Body is—”

(End of chapter)

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