Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 113


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 113: Hesitation Leads to Defeat, Decisiveness for Nothing

Hearing the words of the Young Three Saints Emperor, the five of them were all taken aback.

Each of them hesitated, but they were also somewhat tempted.

They wanted to obtain the inheritance, yet they feared they were no match for the Three Saints Emperor, so they all looked quite conflicted.

“Young people, if you desire something, you must pay a price,” said the Young Three Saints Emperor, his gaze meaningful as he looked at the five individuals.

“Hesitation may lead to defeat.”

The crowd fell silent for a moment upon hearing this.

Ning Tian, on the side, couldn’t help but curl his lips when he saw this scene.

There should be another sentence after what the Three Saints Emperor said:

“Decisiveness will be for naught.”

Suddenly, it seemed as if Lu Qun received some kind of enlightenment; his eyes shone with intense fighting spirit, and the spiritual energy in his body surged wildly!


“For that phrase alone, I, Lu Qun, am willing to fight!”

He took a step forward and slightly bowed to the Three Saints Emperor.

“Good, very good,” the Young Three Saints Emperor nodded his head.

He looked at Lu Qun, “You possess the peak strength of the Saint Emperor realm. When I was twenty, I had achieved the peak of the Saint Emperor realm. Therefore, I will fight you with the same level of strength.”

After speaking.

The Three Saints Emperor’s body flashed with a glint of light and he transformed.

In the next second, he became even younger, his clear and white face with sharp features, he was simply a graceful and handsome young man.

And just as the residual spirit of the Three Saints Emperor had said, he was the most handsome man in the Heavenly Spirit Domain during his youth.

“Reached the peak of the Saint Emperor realm at twenty?”

Seeing the Three Saints Emperor in this form, Lu Qun’s mouth twitched violently, his eyes flashing with shock!

Despite being at the peak of the Saint Emperor realm, he was nearly forty years old, middle-aged!

But the Three Saints Emperor was twenty years ahead of him!

“Is this the talent of someone who has achieved the status of an emperor?”

Lu Qun laughed bitterly to himself. No wonder the emperor-level powerhouses were so extraordinary when they were young; each one of them was an exceptionally monstrous being!

“Tsk tsk.”

Zhu Yuanbao and Ling Ao sighed repeatedly. They were only twenty-one years old now, but their cultivation was merely at the first star of the Saint Emperor realm.

What a disparity.

“Peak of the Saint Emperor realm at twenty?”

Ning Tian twitched the corner of his mouth; he himself was twenty years old, yet he was only at the fourth star of the Earth King realm!

“System, you need to reflect on whether it’s your issue or mine.”

The system wasn’t convinced: “Host, have you ever seen anyone who can leap from a one-star martial artist to the fourth star of the Earth King realm in just a few months? That’s four major realms!”

Ning Tian: “…”

Cough cough.

It seemed that was the case.


Lu Qun took a deep breath, stabilizing the fear in his heart, and then, gritting his teeth, he said to the younger Three Saints Emperor, “Predecessor Three Saints, I am ready.”


The Three Saints Emperor simply nodded with a cold tone.

“Since you are ready, then let’s begin.”

At the sound of his voice.

The Three Saints Emperor suddenly stood still, unmoving.


Lu Qun was stunned, a serious look flashing across his eyes.


At that moment, a sound of tearing through the air came from beside him, and before he knew it, the Three Saints Emperor appeared beside Lu Qun, with a palm carrying a strong wind, slamming towards him!


Lu Qun’s pupils shrank violently!

Such incredible speed!

Wasn’t the standing Three Saints Emperor just an afterimage!?

He looked with the corner of his eye and saw that the afterimage of the Three Saints Emperor where he had been standing was slowly dissipating.

Indeed, it was an afterimage!

This speed was like a ghost.

“Thick Earth Defense!”

Faced with the palm wind, Lu Qun knew he couldn’t dodge in his heart, and he could only operate his defensive martial art!

His sect, the Heavy Stone Sect, specialized in defensive martial arts.

The martial arts operated, and the layers of yellow spiritual energy circulating on Lu Qun’s body, like rock, formed a solid defense!


Seeing this, the Three Saints Emperor’s expression remained unchanged, and his palm still slammed out!


The palm fell.

A loud roar erupted.


Lu Qun’s complexion turned bright red as he furiously circulated his spiritual energy, but the rock-like defenses on his body still shattered like tofu under the brute force!


Lu Qun spat out blood, and he was directly blown away, hitting the wall of the hall hard.

He created a huge crater.

His life force was completely scattered!

There was a bloody hole in his chest, and it was clear that the palm wind had penetrated through his torso!


Witnessing this scene, Ling Ao and the others took in a cold breath.

Was the Three Saints Emperor really so invincible when they were young?

Unmatched in the same realm!

In just one move, they killed a high-level expert of the same realm!

The key was that it was done so effortlessly, without breaking a sweat!

“Palm technique.”

Ning Tian narrowed his eyes, his gaze falling on the hand of the Three Saints Emperor, where the rhymes of the palm technique dissipated.

Just this one palm was enough to prove that when the Three Saints Emperor was in the Saint Emperor realm, he had already reached a considerable level of mastery in palm techniques!

“It’s over.”

The Three Saints Emperor looked at the four remaining people and spoke indifferently, “Next, who will come?”


Upon hearing this, the silence returned.

Li Ren, after seeing Lu Qun killed in one move, was trembling all over.

His strength was about the same as Lu Qun’s. If Lu Qun could be killed in one move, then he stood even less chance.


Ling Ao and Zhu Yuanbao were also clenching their teeth, feeling uneasy.

Both of them had significant identities. One was the most talented junior of the Lingxu Sect, and the other the Holy Son of Tianbao Holy Land. Naturally, they were not willing to gamble their lives here.

“None of you dare to move?”

Looking at the four people who were motionless, the Three Saints Emperor’s eyes flashed a cold light.

“Senior Three Saints, I’ll do it.”

At this time, a hearty laugh sounded, and Ning Tian smiled lightly, looking at the Three Saints Emperor.

“You want to come?”

The Three Saints Emperor squinted his eyes, then nodded his head.

His body emitted a glow again, and he instantly changed, becoming much younger.

After the light faded away, when Ling Ao and the others looked over, they were instantly dumbfounded.

“This is!?”

Although Ning Tian was prepared for the Three Saints Emperor at the Earth King realm to look very young, he didn’t expect that the current Three Saints Emperor would become a thirteen or fourteen-year-old child!

“Senior Three Saints Emperor, are you sure you haven’t changed into the wrong form?”

Ning Tian looked strangely at the child before him.


The voice of the Three Saints Emperor had become much more childish.

What hadn’t changed, though, was that hint of coldness.

“One shouldn’t inquire about things one shouldn’t inquire about!”


Ning Tian touched his nose, not knowing why, but these words, which should have been full of dignity, coming from the mouth of the child Three Saints Emperor, seemed so smug, making him want to spank the child.

“Don’t waste words, I am in such a state because of your Sky Demon Sect, am I not?”

The child Three Saints Emperor clenched his teeth lightly, speaking indifferently to Ning Tian.

He had recognized Ning Tian’s affiliation from the clothes he wore.

Naturally, it was the Sky Demon Sect.

(End of Chapter)

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