Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 112


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 112: Five Survivors, Clash of Emperors!

“Truly deserving of the soul connection only found in Joy Dao weapons.”

Ning Tian nodded in satisfaction.

With this soul sensing, his perception of Joy Dao instruments had undoubtedly increased significantly.

Wait a minute.

Something seems a bit off.

Suddenly, Ning Tian realized something—he seemed to have earlier utilized the ancient zither of the Yaochi Saintess!

That instrument would surely have a soul bond between the Yaochi Saintess and the zither itself!

No wonder, when he played music, the Yaochi Saintess blushed so intensely!

With this soul sensing, one could clearly feel the movement on the strings, the sensation was much like the touch on one’s body!


Ning Tian’s mouth twitched. The stroking of the Saintess’s fairy zither was akin to indirectly touching the lady’s body?!


No matter.

It was indirect, after all, not a real touch.

Ning Tian shook his head and, after putting away the absolute immortal zither, turned his gaze towards the lake.

The trial continued.

Following the example set by Ning Tian’s group of ten, the crowd began to move in groups of ten as well, as for who would be prey, it would depend on the tastes of the lake monster.

If it wanted lean meat, it would pick someone lean.

If it wanted fat meat, it would choose someone plump.

After all, they were facing a Sovereign Beast.

Without any real power of their own, they could only rely on fate.

Following that, the lake monster enjoyed a hearty feast.

However, many people from each group managed to cross into the small island.

For instance, Ling Ao utilized his Lingxu Step to extreme speeds, seizing the opportunity when the lake monster was occupied with others to rush straight to the island.

As for Zhu Yuanbao, his approach was simple and rough.

He fed his immortal object, the Jin Yuanbao, to make it expand, and then he directly entered into it.

The lake monster originally had him in its mouth, but feeling like it had bitten into a turtle shell, spat him out.

Zhu Yuanbao thus made his way onto the island at a leisurely pace.

Seeing this, many people were envious.

Sometimes, being wealthy could save your life!

After nearly an hour, the trial finally ended.

The lake surface was already covered in blood.

From the original ninety participants, by the end, including Ning Tian, only five remained.

Ling Ao, Zhu Yuanbao, and two Sovereign power Saints from the Sovereign forces, Li Ren and Lu Qun.

These four survived, entirely due to their treasure-hunting methods.

Zhu Yuanbao, the Holy Son of the Tianbao Lands, certainly did not lack means of finding treasures.

“The disciples of my Tianmo Sect have all perished in the end…”

Ning Tian sighed.

Even if he wanted to help them, he had no means to do so.

Almost all the powerful forces that had come to the tomb of the Emperor had been decimated, with only the Yaochi Holy Land, due to special reasons, remaining unscathed.

“My ancestors,”

Ling Ao and Zhu Yuanbao approached Ning Tian.

Both of their faces showed the relief of having survived a desperate situation.


Ning Tian nodded but still wore a solemn expression.

Because the trial was not over yet.

“Five people.”

At this moment, the gaze of the young San Sheng Great Emperor fell upon the five of them and he spoke indifferently,

“You all did well this time, managing to leave five alive. In previous years, not a single person survived this stage.”

“Not a single person?”

Upon hearing this, all five took a sharp intake of breath.

It seems they were rather fortunate.

“But don’t rejoice too soon,” the young San Sheng Great Emperor continued, a trace of coldness flashing across his eyes.

“Because, the final trial is still to come.”

The final trial!

The hearts of Ning Tian and the others tightened.

Then, the words of the young San Sheng Great Emperor filled the five with intense excitement,

“Whoever can withstand the last trial will earn my inheritance, and all the countless treasures within the Emperor’s tomb will be yours!”

The Emperor’s inheritance!

The treasures within the Emperor’s tomb!

If these were to be revealed, they would undoubtedly cause a huge uproar in the entire Heavenly Spirit Territory!

After all, it was the inheritance of an Emperor!

“May I ask, San Sheng Predecessor, what is this final trial?”

Lu Qun respectfully looked towards the young San Sheng Great Emperor and asked cautiously.

The other four also watched intently, anticipating a possible twist.


The young San Sheng Great Emperor gave a faint smile but said nothing, waving his hand grandly.

The space around the five of them shifted, and in an instant, they found themselves in a palace within the Emperor’s tomb.

“Space transposition, is this a method of the Emperor-level powerhouses?”

Ning Tian murmured to himself.

This wasn’t the first time he experienced space transposition; he had encountered it when attacking Pulu Wúqíng. She had used the transposition to move him from the room into a mountain spring.

Falling into the cold mountain spring at night was an icy experience.

“Your final trial,”

the words of the young San Sheng Great Emperor resonated lightly,

“Is to slay me.”

As the Emperor’s indifferent words fell, they seemed devoid of any emotion.


“Slay the Emperor!?”

Upon hearing this, everyone was shocked.

Ning Tian immediately furrowed his brows.

Although the San Sheng Great Emperor was merely a young version created as a testing official, he still contained the power of an Emperor!

They couldn’t slay him even if they wanted to.

Even a peak Sovereign-level powerhouse wouldn’t necessarily be able to cut him down!

How could they possibly manage?

“Predecessor San Sheng, you can’t be joking, right? With our power, even if we joined hands, we wouldn’t be able to kill you,” said Lu Qun with a bitter laugh.

“Yeah, what’s our power compared to yours…”

Li Ren also sighed.

Of those present, apart from him and Lu Qun possessing pinnacle Saint Emperor realm powers, Ling Ao and Zhu Yuanbao were just at the first star of the Saint Emperor realm, and there was a Heavenly King realm powerhouse from the Tianmo Sect. How could they fight this?

Even if they risked their lives.

“What’s the rush?”

The young San Sheng Great Emperor glanced indifferently at Lu Qun and Li Ren, “Did I say I would face you with the power of an Emperor?”

“What do you mean then?”

Lu Qun was stunned.

The surrounding four narrowed their eyes, sensing a glimmer of hope.


The young San Sheng Great Emperor snorted coldly, pride in his gaze, “Before becoming an Emperor, I was unbeaten in the same realm. Whatever your strength is, I will match it in our clash!”

“If you cannot defeat me, even if you achieve the title of Emperor and go to the Divine Position Struggle, you will be nothing but trash.”

Using the same realm of power?

Hearing the words of the San Sheng Great Emperor, Ning Tian and the others were shocked.

Although the difficulty was reduced, wasn’t the Emperor unbeaten in his young days even in the same realm?

Facing an Emperor, even if it’s in the same realm, their chances of winning were very slim, but that didn’t mean there was no chance at all.

“You all.”

“Who will come forth?”

The young San Sheng Great Emperor asked, looking down upon the five challengers.

(End of Chapter)

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