Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 111


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 111: Shameless, Binding an Immortal Instrument!

The brilliant orb of light slowly faded away.

Within the orb was an ancient zither!

A musical Immortal Instrument!

This was exactly what Ning Tian had always wanted!

“Intermediate Immortal Instrument, the Absolute Immortal Zither.”


Ning Tian grinned and unceremoniously took the Absolute Immortal Zither for himself. After all, he had fought hard for it—there was no way he was giving it back.

Moreover, the young Three Saints Emperor never said that the Immortal Instruments acquired had to be returned.

“Who would have thought that the real Immortal Instruments were in the hands of the Ancestral Master!”

Ling Ao’s eyes widened.

The surrounding people were also baffled.

When Ning Tian rushed towards the orb of light just now, they truly believed that it contained an Immortal Instrument.

But when they saw that the orb of light chosen by Ning Tian was snatched away by a Saint Emperor realm expert, they all sweated for Ning Tian.

They never imagined that the orb initially chosen by the Saint Emperor realm expert was the real Immortal Instrument!

Ning Tian had merely executed a feint, with the goal of deceiving this Saint Emperor realm expert!

“The Ancestral Master’s tactics are truly ingenious.”

Ling Ao took a deep breath. If the Saint Emperor realm expert had been able to remain firm and control his own greed, he would have been the one to survive!

Ning Tian was gambling again!

Gambled with his life, and luckily, he had bet correctly!


The Saint Emperor realm expert spat out blood, his eyes filled with deep anger.

“The Ancestral Master of the Sky Demon Sect has really good methods!” he gritted his teeth.

The chance to live was right in front of him, within reach.

But because of the greed in his heart, he let it slip away.

How infuriating it was!

“You’re really despicable!” the Saint Emperor realm expert glared furiously at Ning Tian.

“Hehe, have you ever heard a saying?” Ning Tian smiled as he looked at the Saint Emperor realm expert.

“What saying?”

The Saint Emperor realm expert was taken aback.

Ning Tian grinned and said, “A tree cannot survive without its bark, and a man who has no shame is invincible under the heavens.”




The Saint Emperor realm expert’s eyes rolled back, darkness enveloped his vision, and he fainted, falling towards the surface of the lake.

In the lake…


The ravenous beast from the bottom of the lake suddenly saw a human dropping from the sky, its eyes lit up, and with a roar, it leapt out of the water and swallowed the Saint Emperor realm expert in one bite.


The surrounding people were speechless, watching as Ning Tian effectively infuriated a Saint Emperor realm expert to death.


“Absolutely brilliant!”

In the crowd, Zhu Yuanbao gave Ning Tian a thumbs-up, full of admiration!

“If I had the shamelessness of the Ancestral Master, I could definitely lead the Tianbao Holy Land to become the wealthiest power in the Second Layer Heaven!”

Zhu Yuanbao yearned deeply.

He thought he was shameless enough, but the Ancestral Master was even more shameless!


“The Ancestral Master of the Sky Demon Sect truly stands out!”

After a pause and some astonishment, the crowd reacted.

Hearing their words, Ning Tian was speechless.

If he hadn’t done that, he wouldn’t have stood a chance against the Saint Emperor realm expert.

After all, that was a peak Saint Emperor realm expert. Even if Ning Tian fully utilized the Dragon Step and Flash Transfer techniques, he couldn’t outspeed a peak Saint Emperor realm expert.

At this moment, the system’s voice rang out in his mind.

【Your minor act of shocking the crowd has earned you the title ‘Shameless’.】

【Title: Shameless, Function: Increases facial defense.】


Ning Tian was stunned.

What in the world was a ‘Shameless’ title? Hey!

The system proudly stated: “I already told you, Host, the system contains everything. There’s nothing you can think of that the system can’t do.”


Ning Tian fell silent, touched his face, and felt that it was significantly thicker.

Was this the supposed increase in facial defense?

“System, I really, really thank you,” Ning Tian almost gnashed his teeth as he spoke.

The system replied with a smile, “You’re welcome, Host.”


Ning Tian twitched the corner of his mouth, thinking he was already shameless enough, but it turned out the system was even more shameless!

At that time, the young Three Saints Emperor spoke indifferently: “It’s over, according to the rules, one person survives.”

As his voice fell, the remaining two Saint Emperor realm experts flashed a hint of fear before running away without hesitation. After all, were they supposed to just wait for death?

As they mobilized their spiritual energy, seeking to break away from the island,


Just then, a furious roar sounded. The surface of the lake boiled, and the water surged to the sky, stirring up thousand-layered waves.

The beast beneath the lake burst out of the water, opened its wide maw, and swallowed the two fleeing Saint Emperor realm experts in one gulp.

Then, it contentedly submerged back into the depths of the lake.

When the crowd witnessed this scene, they were all shaken.

They finally saw the true form of the beast beneath the lake!

It was a Flood Dragon!

Capable of swallowing a peak Saint Emperor realm expert in one bite, it was, at the very least, a beast equivalent to a Heavenly Sovereign realm creature in human terms!

A Heavenly Sovereign beast!

“Oh my goodness…”

“It’s actually a Heavenly Sovereign beast.”

Some King realm disciples almost cried out.

They were not the legendary Ancestral Master of the Sky Demon Sect with bizarre speed; if the beast from the lake really wanted to devour them, they wouldn’t stand a chance.

All they could do was flee and leave the rest to fate.

“The second group, it’s over.”

From beginning to end, the young Three Saints Emperor remained unperturbed, his eyes ever tranquil.

“You, go wait over there.”

The young Three Saints Emperor spoke to Ning Tian, pointing towards a part of the island, where a wooden pavilion was standing.

“Yes, Senior Three Saints,” Ning Tian nodded and headed to the pavilion, under the envious gazes of everyone.

The trials continued.

Ning Tian sat in the pavilion and took out the recently acquired Intermediate Immortal Instrument, the Absolute Immortal Zither.

Naturally, it was time to acknowledge its master.

Caressing the zither, Ning Tian could feel the strong presence of immortal musical rhyme.

Wasn’t this more powerful than the zither he could form with his spiritual energy?


Ning Tian grinned. He now had an Immortal Instrument for both of the attack techniques he was proficient in.

Immediately, he performed a blood recognition.

As his blood dropped onto the strings, a cold light flashed across the Absolute Immortal Zither, and Ning Tian instantly gained control over it.


“What is this?”

Suddenly, Ning Tian discovered something different.

This musical Immortal Instrument actually had a soul attack—direct assaults against the soul, designed to shake and stun the spirit!

However, it required a soul binding with the Absolute Immortal Zither to be used.

Capable of deploying soul perception to attack and shake the soul, how could Ning Tian not want it?

So without any hesitation, he bound his soul to it.

As soon as Ning Tian’s hand touched the strings, he immediately sensed a clear soul connection.

(End of Chapter)

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