Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 108


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 108: Nine Deaths and One Life, The Monster in the Lake Bottom!

As the word “death” fell, everyone felt a chill down their spine.

No immortal artifact meant certain death?


“That Senior Three Saints, how many immortal artifacts are in these light orbs?” a youth asked.

“Ten people, ten light orbs, one immortal artifact.”

The young Three Saints Emperor said indifferently.

“Ten people? Ten light orbs, and only one immortal artifact?!”


Hearing this, everyone’s complexion changed, and they took in a sharp breath of cold air!

According to the words of the Three Saints Emperor, out of ten people, only one could possess an immortal artifact?

Such a low survival rate?

At this moment, everyone around looked at their peers as if they were formidable enemies.

Under such circumstances, even some people were unable to trust their own sect members—out of ten people, only one could survive.

Out of the ninety people present, only nine would ultimately live!

“What’s the matter?”

The young Three Saints Emperor glanced indifferently at the crowd and asked coolly, “Could it be that you have any dissatisfaction with this emperor’s words?”

“No, we wouldn’t dare.”

“How could we dare to disobey the Three Saints Emperor?”

Hearing this, people around quickly shook their heads, dripping with cold sweat.

“Since that’s the case, let’s begin.”

The Three Saints Emperor said lightly, then waved a grand gesture, only to see that people’s bodies lifted up uncontrollably.

There wasn’t even the slightest chance to struggle.

“Is this the power of an emperor?”

A deep shock took hold of everyone’s hearts.

The feeling of having one’s life in someone else’s hands was truly unbearable.

“Get ready.”

“I will now assign people randomly.”

As the calm voice of the young Three Saints Emperor echoed, everyone prayed in their hearts, hoping to be assigned weaker counterparts to increase their chances of survival.

Most people were praying to be matched with weaker ones.

But Ning Tian, through the mind-reading card, heard the thoughts of Ling Ao and Zhu Yuanbao next to him.

Ling Ao and Zhu Yuanbao inwardly exclaimed, “Dammit, please! Don’t let me be assigned to the great ancestor, I want to live a few more years!”


Ning Tian was speechless, was himself that terrifying?

These two guys, although they were Saint Emperor realm powerhouses, seemed so timid?

The power of the Three Saints Emperor emerged.

Subsequently, people only felt as if the space was moving, and their bodies followed suit.

Seconds later, that sensation of movement finally vanished.

Immediately afterwards, everyone eagerly looked around at their surroundings.

Those who saw weaker ones around them heaved a sigh of relief.

Those who found themselves among stronger individuals cried silent tears. It was all over for them.

Ling Ao and Zhu Yuanbao were not assigned together, and when they saw Ning Tian was also not beside them, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“Good, the ancestor, that monster, is not beside us, my life is saved.”

Both of them thought so.

After the assignments were done, Ning Tian also looked around. His team included three disciples from One Sword Sect, three disciples from the Combined Qi Sect, and three Saint Emperor realm powerhouses from the Celestial Supreme Powers.

“Six righteous sect disciples?”

Seeing these six people, Ning Tian narrowed his eyes slightly.

Without thinking, he knew that these six would probably have some ideas about him. He needed to be careful.


Seeing Ning Tian and others, though, these three Saint Emperor realm powerhouses actually heaved a sigh of relief.

Including Ning Tian, the rest had the strength of the Earth King realm and didn’t pose a threat to them.

Although the ancestor of the Demon Sect was a bit eerie, there was no need to provoke him.


Among the three from One Sword Sect, Lin Xiaoyao was there!

His gaze was sinister as he looked at Ning Tian, “Ning Tian, oh Ning Tian, it seems that heaven does not close off all paths! It’s your fate to die by my hands!”

Although Lin Xiaoyao’s dao heart was damaged, he still had the strength of eight stars in Earth King realm. It was just that he couldn’t make the slightest progress.

However, these five beside him were his helpers!

Today, he would make Ning Tian die here!

“This emperor will emphasize one more time.”

At this moment, the words of the young Three Saints Emperor echoed lightly.

“After starting, this emperor will hide the light orbs, they will be invisible to your naked eyes.”

“If you touch a weapon light orb, it means you have chosen this light orb, and it cannot be changed, nor can others rob it.”

“This emperor has an hourglass in his hands. If the hourglass runs out and you haven’t touched any, it also counts as a failure.”

“So, do not think about dragging out the time.”

To lock in on touch?

And there’s a time limit!

Hearing this, everyone was startled; one needs to think carefully before acting!

“Get ready to start!”

The young Three Saints Emperor didn’t give the crowd a moment to think, and directly pulled out a group of ten people.

Then, he waved his hand.

In front of the ancient tree, only ten light orbs remained.

With another wave of his hand.

The ten light orbs that were originally visible instantly turned blurred, even their aura was entirely the same!

Seeing this, many strong individuals who wanted to rely on the aura to identify them felt their hearts sink.

With no aura, how to choose?

Is it truly up to fate?

“You, begin.”

The young Three Saints Emperor looked at the ten tense individuals.

With his command.

A Saint Emperor realm powerhouse took the lead and soared into the sky, “Haha, my friends, I will take the first step!”

His idea was simple; most of his group were Earth King realm individuals who couldn’t fly.

He could use the advantage of the Saint Emperor realm to fly in the air and make his decision there!


Seeing this, the rest of the Earth King realm powerhouses were grinding their teeth in impotence.

Flying really had its benefits!

“Haha, both the immortal artifact and life, I want!”

The Saint Emperor realm powerhouse soared up, laughing loudly.

His speed was swift as he rushed to the center of the lake, close to the ancient tree.


Suddenly, a burst of energy erupted!

The body of that Saint Emperor realm individual suddenly fell from the sky.


“Why can’t we fly here?”

The Saint Emperor realm powerhouse’s eyes flashed with horror as he tried to circulate spiritual qi to make sure he wouldn’t fall into the water.


Just then, the water’s surface surged with waves, and a huge shadow burst out!

Just in one bite!

It swallowed the Saint Emperor realm powerhouse.

Then it dived back into the water.

The whole process took less than a second.

The crowd didn’t even get a clear view of the shadow, only seeing the huge splash it caused.

“Just now…”

“What was that?”

Everyone was in panic.

“A very powerful Jiaolong.”

A serious look flashed in Ning Tian’s eyes. Although that thing appeared for only a second, he saw it clearly.

It was a Jiaolong.

Its strength was extremely formidable, probably much stronger than the Black Dragon Rider of the Demon Sect!


Seeing that the Saint Emperor realm powerhouse was swallowed, the remaining nine people flashed a look of horror in their eyes, secretly thinking: They could not fly high, could only skim over the surface of the water!

Otherwise, they might be devoured by that shadow!


One person stepped forward, “I don’t believe it, my Shadow Step Sect’s Shadow Step technique can’t cross this!”

(End of Chapter)

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