Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 107


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 107: The Divine Body Reaches Minor Accomplishment, The Third Trial!

While waiting for the third trial, Ning Tian did not idle and checked his personal attributes on the system interface.

[Host: Ning Tian]

[Strength: Four Stars in the Earth King Realm]

[Physique: Divine Body (Minor Accomplishment)]

[Cultivation Technique: God-level Technique “Heavenly God Record,” with minor accomplishments.]

[Martial Arts: “Travelling Dragon Steps,” “Heavenly Demon Palm,” “Heavenly Sound Kill,” “Flickering Shift,” “Sword Technique: Following Shadow,” etc.]

[Cultivation Technique Efficiency: Tenfold Cultivation]

[Martial Arts Comprehension: Tenfold Comprehension]

[Spiritual Energy Absorption: Tenfold Absorption]

The above is the personal attribute interface of Ning Tian.

Seeing that the Divine Body had reached minor accomplishment, Ning Tian frowned. It seemed that his Divine Body was still only at the stage of minor accomplishment.

No wonder, aside from feeling that after acquiring this Divine Body, combined with the system’s tenfold speed, his cultivation was incredibly fast, and he could possess the Thunder Tribulation Spirit Veins, the Divine Body had almost no effect.

His Divine Body is currently only at the minor accomplishment stage.


how can the Divine Body be upgraded?

After much thought,

he still came to no conclusion.

Around the lake, more and more people gathered.

Ning Tian counted; including themselves, there were about ninety people left around the entire lake.

“Tsks,” Ning Tian couldn’t help but sigh.

Before coming into this emperor’s tomb, there were hundreds of people, now there were merely around ninety left.

A large number died under the emperor’s pressure. Now, only about ninety people are left after the Gate of Life and Death.

Aside from Ning Tian, most of the surviving people were probably just lucky.

Dozens of minutes passed.

Most of the injured people from the Gate of Life and Death had healed.

During these dozens of minutes, no gate opened again.

Probably, only they had emerged from the Gate of Life and Death.

Those people either died within the Gate of Life and Death or were trapped in endless dreams.



a rumbling sound came from the lake.


The earth shook and the entire lake seemed to boil.

“What’s happening?”

“Is something going to happen?”

Seeing this situation, everyone around swallowed their saliva nervously, with tension in their eyes.

“Elder, look there!”

At this moment, a disciple of the Heavenly Demon Sect seemed to have discovered something and hastily pointed at a spot.

Hearing this, Ning Tian looked over, and the others also did the same.

They saw that in the middle of the island in the lake, the ancient sky-reaching tree was shaking, and amidst the leaves, several luminous orbs could be seen, hiding among the foliage, emitting a faint light.

“What’s that?”

Everyone was stunned.

Ning Tian narrowed his eyes and saw through the orbs to the items inside.

Indeed, they were weapons!

Judging from their aura, they were at least at the level of spiritual weapons!

“What’s this about?”

Seeing those weapons, Ning Tian was not greedy. He wasn’t attracted by the purely immortal weapons in that previous greedy dream, so these naturally had no effect on him.

He was more puzzled about what those light orbs wrapping around the weapons and hidden among the leaves were for.

Could it be related to the third trial?

At this moment, many others had also discovered that the orbs contained weapons!


“All weapons! They are at least spiritual weapons!”

A group of people’s eyes lit up with excitement!

They were not like Ning Tian, the patriarch of the Heavenly Demon Sect, who wasn’t short of spiritual weapons.

For them, spiritual weapons were fatally attractive!

A handy spiritual weapon could enhance their combat effectiveness.

“So what if they are just some spiritual weapons, is there a need to get so excited?” Seeing the excitement of the group, Zhu Yuanbao touched the immortal weapon in his hand, looking puzzled.

The people around: “…”

Their mouths twitched at that moment, feeling that the fat disciple from the Holy Treasure Land was so annoying.

“Holy crap!”

“That must be an immortal weapon, right?!”

At this moment, everyone’s attention was drawn to a particularly rich and dazzling light orb.

Its luminance far exceeded the light orbs of the surrounding spiritual weapons.

This must definitely be an immortal weapon!

“Look! There’s more than one!”

Seeing this, everyone widened their eyes with rapid breathing and an intense gaze.

“Immortal weapons!”

“All immortal weapons!”


“I can’t take it anymore! Immortal weapons, I want them!”

The temptation of immortal weapons caused their eyes to redden. A burly man shouted, his Saint King aura erupted, and he charged towards the small island in the lake!


Just then,

an aura appeared, and a shadow appeared in front of the ancient sky-reaching tree.

He calmly looked at the large man rushing towards him and raised his hand: “Insolence! Daring to break the rules, seeking death.”

In the blink of an eye, spiritual energy turned into a giant palm, which nonchalantly fell.


Along with the burly man, the spiritual energy palm crushed him to the ground.

With another raise of the hand, the Saint King powerhouse had already turned into a bloody mess.


“He killed a three-star Saint King powerhouse in a second!”

Seeing this scene, those who were also about to charge over changed their expressions, a look of shock flashing in their eyes, their hearts full of relief.

Fortunately, they hesitated just now and did not follow; otherwise, their fate would be just like that man’s!

Everyone fiercely looked towards the figure dressed in black, with a handsome face that looked very young.

“May I ask who this senior is?”

Ling Ao looked at the man in black and performed a respectful greeting, cautiously asking.

Ning Tian also looked at this man in black, not knowing why, but he felt somewhat familiar.

“This emperor is the Third Saint.”

The man in black said indifferently, his eyes filled with indifference.

“Th-Th-Third Saint Emperor?”

Everyone was stunned, then swiftly reacted.

This man in black, was he actually the Third Saint Emperor!?

“So it’s him.”

Ning Tian understood in his heart; he also wondered why he looked familiar.

“Elder Third Saint, weren’t you outside?” the crowd asked in confusion.

Isn’t this supposed to be a trial?

Moreover, why has the Third Saint Emperor become so much younger?

“The one outside is my remnant soul, while I am just an evaluator for the trials left beforehand,” said the young Third Saint Emperor indifferently.

His tone was cold, and his eyes were full of solemnity.

This was completely different from his older self.

“Then, Elder Third Saint, this lake is our third trial, right?” At this moment, Ning Tian slowly spoke.

“That’s right.”

The young Third Saint Emperor nodded, “This lake is indeed your third trial.”

“This is the third trial?”

Hearing the words of the young Third Saint Emperor, the people around were surprised.

What would the third trial be?

Everyone’s gaze was on the Third Saint Emperor.

The young Third Saint Emperor slowly began, “The third trial is for ten people to form a team and seize the weapons encased in light orbs from the ancient tree behind me. Note, not just any weapon will do; you must obtain an immortal weapon.”

“If you do not acquire an immortal weapon, the outcome is very simple.”

“One word, death.”

(End of chapter)

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