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Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

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Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 106: Another Way, Sword Technique Follows the Shadow!

Hearing Ning Tian’s words, Ling Ao smiled slightly.

“Ancestor, we came out right after you, so these people should have come out after you, right?”

Ling Ao looked around and saw various gates opening, with many people coming out.

Disciples from the Demonic Sect, the Sacred Heavenly Treasure Land, the Lingxu Sect, the Sword Gate, and the Qigong Sect were all coming out from the Gate of Life and Death in succession.


Seeing so many people, Ning Tian showed a hint of confusion in his eyes.

Why were so many people able to walk out of the Dreamland?

“What kind of dreams did you experience?” Ning Tian asked in surprise.


Ling Ao and Zhu Yuanbao were taken aback for a moment, exchanging glances before looking at Ning Tian with confusion, “Ancestor, what dreams?”


Ning Tian fell silent for a moment.

He seemed to think of something, and a few streaks of black lines appeared on his forehead.

“You two aren’t telling me that you came from the Gate of Life, are you?”


Ling Ao and Zhu Yuanbao nodded seriously.

“What about it, Ancestor?”

As they spoke, both of them looked at Ning Tian.


“Ancestor, what’s wrong? Ah, why has your complexion turned dark? Ancestor, this looks like a sign of kidney deficiency.”

Zhu Yuanbao chuckled and pulled out a small jade bottle from his bosom, whispering to Ning Tian.

“Ancestor, this is the essential revitalizing elixir especially gathered by our Sacred Heavenly Treasure Land for male cultivators, only three thousand spirit coins!”

“What do you think? Also, just between us, Young Master Ling just bought two.”


Ling Ao’s face turned black, “Hey! Fatty, what about the absolute confidentiality we agreed on?”


Zhu Yuanbao chuckled.

“No need.”

Ning Tian shook his head. Spirit coins were the common currency in the Tianxuan World, but he hadn’t brought any with him, as he didn’t need them now.

“Just now, did you mean you came out from the Gate of Life, not the Dreamland Gate?”

Ning Tian looked at them again.

“Yeah, as soon as I entered, I encountered a few peak spirits of the Earth King Realm. After killing them, I came to a waiting room, where I met Zhu Yuanbao.”

Ling Ao explained slowly.

Beside him, Zhu Yuanbao also nodded in agreement.


At this time, Ning Tian seemed to understand that the Gate of Life was not absolutely a Gate of Death; besides the Dreamland Gate, there was a real Gate of Life!

“Damn it, system, you’ve tricked me.”

Ning Tian cursed inwardly.

The system responded with a sense of grievance, “Host, this is not the fault of the system. It’s just that when you used the Mind-Reading Card, the Great Emperor just didn’t think of that…”


Fine then.

After hearing the system’s response, Ning Tian could only nod and let it slide.


At this moment, Ling Ao seemed to have realized something, his eyes flashing with surprise, he blurted out, “Ancestor, you didn’t come out from the Dreamland Gate, did you?”

Dreamland Gate?!

Upon hearing this, many of those who came from the real Gate of Life were shocked.

They all turned to look.

“So he is the legendary Ancestor of the Demonic Sect!”

“Did the legendary Ancestor really come out from the Dreamland Gate?”

“That’s a dreamland set by a Great Emperor!”

Everyone murmured with astonishment in their tone.

“Tch, this guy is so lucky. Why didn’t he die in the Dreamland Gate, what a pity!” Lin Xiaoyao from Sword Gate hid among the disciples, looking at Ning Tian with a ruthless gaze, secretly feeling regret.


Hearing Ling Ao’s words, Ning Tian nodded faintly.


“Indeed, he came out from the Dreamland!”

“Is the Ancestor of the Demonic Sect really that strong? He’s only at the Earth King Realm!”


With Ning Tian’s confirmation, Ling Ao and the others were deeply shocked.

While everyone was in shock, Ning Tian’s mind also received the system’s melodious voice.

[You have shocked Ling Ao and others, reward: Low-grade Earth-level martial art – Sword Technique: Follow the Shadow]

[Undergoing tenfold speed comprehension!]

[Comprehension successful!]

“Ancestor, Ancestor”

The remaining disciples of the Demonic Sect came over, each with some injuries.

Of the eighteen disciples of the Demonic Sect who came together, only seven remained.

“It’s alright, it’s good that you are alive and out. You are injured, heal well,” Ning Tian looked at them and sighed.

No one expected that this peaceful Mausoleum of the Heavenly Sovereign would suddenly turn into the Mausoleum of a Great Emperor.

This journey unexpectedly became much more dangerous.

Hearing Ning Tian’s words, the remaining disciples of the Demonic Sect all nodded their heads and prepared to recover from their injuries.

Seeing this, Zhu Yuanbao immediately came over, looking like a profiteering merchant.

He chuckled and said, “Brothers of the Demonic Sect, do you need healing elixirs? Not expensive, five thousand spirit coins each.”

Disciples of the Demonic Sect: “…”

Ning Tian glanced at this guy and wondered if the extravagance of Sacred Heavenly Treasure Land was a result of such profiteering behaviors.

“There’s no need. Keep your healing elixirs for yourself.”

As the disciples of the Demonic Sect were in dilemma, Ning Tian shook his head at Zhu Yuanbao.

“Oh, is that so? Well then.”

Zhu Yuanbao sighed in his heart.

It seemed that this legendary Ancestor of the Demonic Sect was very calculative. With him present, it would be hard for Zhu Yuanbao to do business.

After refusing Zhu Yuanbao, Ning Tian looked at the seven disciples, “Swallow the healing pills you carry with you and prepare to recover.”

“Yes, Ancestor.”

The seven nodded, then took out jade bottles from their clothes, took out the healing pills inside, and swallowed them.

Although they were only pills, Ning Tian had a way to make them show the effect of elixirs.

After the seven disciples of the Demonic Sect swallowed the pills.

Ning Tian’s spiritual energy formed a guzheng (a traditional Chinese instrument), and his fingers strummed the strings, with celestial music emanating.

Hearing this, everyone around was stunned.

The legendary Ancestor of the Demonic Sect was so refined?

He was actually playing the guzheng here?

Ning Tian calmed his heart, activating the twenty musical spirit veins within him.

[Music Path activated.]

[The Music of Healing, play.]

Following the sound of the celestial guzheng, the wounds of the seven disciples of the Demonic Sect began to heal continually with the help of the healing pills.

Witnessing this scene, everyone around was shocked.

The legendary Ancestor actually had this kind of skill?

[You have shocked the crowd, rewarded with +300 in spiritual cultivation!]

Minutes later.

The spiritual guzheng dissipated, and the celestial music gradually stopped. The wounds of the seven disciples of the Demonic Sect were greatly healed.

“Thank you, Ancestor.”

The seven felt their wounds recover and their faces were filled with joy.

“There’s no need for thanks.”

Ning Tian waved his hand, put away the guzheng, and waited silently.

The entire lake’s surroundings were already divided by several forces, all standing by the lake, waiting.

If the Gate of Life and Death was the second hurdle, then the third hurdle was next.

(End of this chapter)

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