I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 99

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 50: Bian Gu, Let’s Jump Off The Cliff Together! [1/2 page]

Luo Yin narrowly shifted his gaze back to the three men: “Under normal circumstances, with the three armies pitted against each other, how high is our chance of victory?”

You Hu Zhi spoke without hesitation: “The Nocturnal Army will surely triumph! But those damned Han Liao people resort to sneak attacks!”

Li Xin Yuan weighed in: “Our soldiers are no cowards. Faced with the enemy’s attack, they will certainly fight to the death. However, the absence of the commander-in-chief destabilizes morale, and having no one to give orders is a major disadvantage!”

Luo Yin asked, “Is it too late to go now?”

“It’s not too late to head to the Heavy Cavalry Camp!” said Yan Fu Tong, speaking rapidly. “The two armies are still 20 kilometers apart, and I can make it on a fast steed! With your leave, I must go!”

With those words, she had already sped away. The great sword she constantly carried on her back seemed to flash with a cold light.

The situation was urgent; there was no time to wait for the young girl commander to issue orders. The three deputy commanders of the main forces had to make their own decisions!

After Yan Fu Tong departed, you Hu Zhi and Li Xin Yuan also immediately rushed out of the study.

Ye Ci was keen to train the young girl commander through exercises, cultivation, and momentum building.

But how old was the young commander now?

It was impossible to truly follow her orders as military commands!

Luo Yin gazed worriedly at the two departing figures: “Have the defense army and the mounted archers already engaged in battle?”

Zhou Hong nodded heavily, “Yes! Caught completely unprepared, they’ve been forced to clash, and the losses are incalculable!”

Silence fell in the study. Not only were the three deputy commanders panic-stricken enough to flee through the doors, but Luo Yin was equally in a panic.

With Ye Ci just gone and such a significant incident occurring, what if they lost? When he returned and found out that too many soldiers had died, how could she explain it to him?

These were soldiers that Ye Ci had personally trained and raised!

Selected, trained, and even taught to cultivate from among the gathered refugees.

Each member of the Nocturnal Army was the embodiment of Ye Ci’s painstaking efforts and not just irreplaceable comrades-in-arms.

Not to mention the sentiment Ye Ci had for them, Luo Yin herself had developed feelings for them in the process of accumulating points.

She could flip through the system panel and still see those people’s names, understanding what mood or even joy they provided.

Luo Yin, in low spirits, turned to Zhou Hong: “General Zhou, don’t mind me; I have Bian Gu.”

Zhou Hong gave her a meaningful look and nodded, “I will go to investigate the situation with the ladies in the capital.”

Now alone in the study, Luo Yin gazed at the spread-out piles of data and maps on the table, picked up one, which showed the distribution of the Heavy Cavalry, Defense, and Mounted Archer camps.

Then, Luo Yin’s eyes drifted to the side, toward the gigantic sand table.

On it, the complete border landscape was finely detailed, with mountains, rivers, and streams meticulously marked.


She noticed a small depression that had been newly added, next to which Ye Ci had written three characters:

Meteorite Crater.

She then glanced down at her own light pink clothes: “Featherlight Mysterious Garment, resistant to blades and spears, immune to poison and fire?”

Luo Yin’s mouth fell open, a flicker of insight flashing through her mind!

The next second, whoosh!

She jumped off the table and rushed out of the study, “Bian Gu! Bian Gu!”

“Chirp chirp chirp?” Bian Gu hopped over, bounding in playfully, completely oblivious to what had happened, still in high spirits.

Luo Yin grabbed a handful of its sparse fur: “Bian Gu, can you fly?”

【Bian Gu is dumbfounded, points +5】

Luo Yin then asked: “Can you jump off a cliff?”

【Bian Gu is shocked and scared, points +9】

Luo Yin, holding onto Bian Gu’s reins: “Let’s go! To the mountaintop next to the meteorite crater!”

At the exit of the military headquarters, a large group of recruits and residents was gathered there.

General Fu was the first to rush out, followed by generals You and Li Xin Yuan, and even Zhou Hong from the shadow department had left.

The recruits did not know what had happened, but they could guess that the situation was not good.

The residents, more experienced than the recruits, had already begun maintaining order.

At that moment, a snow-white pony dashed past, vanishing from sight in a flash.

Its speed was so swift, it seemed to teleport!

Many bystanders were left dazzled, feeling as if the little white pony’s color was not pure, wondering why its back seemed to have a hint of pink?

Perhaps it was the result of an outstanding body tempering liquid; with Bian Gu exerting its full power, its speed was astonishing.

Luo Yin was also experiencing the thrill of full-force galloping for the first time; the saying ‘ten meters in one step’ was child’s play in front of Bian Gu.

Ye Ci’s footwork was already fast enough, but he had only two feet.

Bian Gu had four!

Chapter 50: Bian Gu, Let’s Jump Off The Cliff Together! [1/2 page]

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