I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 97

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 49: To Rebel or Not to Rebel (Part 1/2)

Ye Ci left on the afternoon of that day, riding on two renowned swift steeds called Qianliju, which are known for their speed. They were the same breed of horses that Luo Yin saw at the very beginning, specifically used for delivering messages.

The size of a Qianliju is much smaller than that of a regular horse, but their speed is incredibly fast—they can suddenly burst into such speed that it can send someone flying off their back, so riding these horses requires a good sense of balance and shock resistance.

Qiu Rongxuan escorted Princess Youyang back to the capital by riding this breed of horse. He tied the princess to the horse’s back and ran non-stop day and night, jolting the princess so much that her teeth rattled and her internal organs bled!

By comparison, the Bangu is especially superior, with a speed that exceeds the Qianliju, but without such drawbacks.

Luo Yin has always suspected that Ye Ci’s ground-shrinking technique is actually Bangu’s innate special skill!

At the exit of the military camp, Luo Yin and Zhang Qingshan bid each other a reluctant farewell, dawdling and nagging at each other for half an hour.

Luo Yin was near tears: “Steward Grandpa, you must come back soon!”

【Ye Ci’s emotions fluctuate, points +1】

Zhang Qingshan’s feelings of reluctance were intense: “Little General Lady, take good care of yourself, I will serve you when this old servant returns!”

【Ye Ci’s emotions fluctuate, points +1】

Luo Yin: “Steward Grandpa…”

Zhang Qingshan: “Little General Lady!”

Ye Ci could no longer bear it and slapped the back of the Qianliju, forcibly making the horses sprint away. In no time, they disappeared at the end of the road.

Luo Yin stared at the fading figures of the two for a long time, unable to snap out of her daze.

Her pink new clothes were covered with white in the snow, almost buried by the snow piles.

She began to miss them as soon as they left.

Missing Steward Grandpa, and missing Ye Ci, whom she argued with every day.

Some time later.

The heavy sound of horse hooves came from behind, and along with it was the buzzing voice of Yan Fu Tong: “Little General Lady! The assessment of the new recruits’ training progress, you need to hurry and take charge!”

Luo Yin: “???”

Before she could wrap her head around it, Zhou Hong yelled from a distance: “Little General Lady! Urgent reports from the capital!”

Luo Yin: “…”

Wait a minute, what’s going on? Why is everyone rushing to her one after another?

Soon after, You Hu Zhi and Li Xinyuan also arrived, rushing here while arguing so fiercely that the ground shook.

You Hu Zhi: “I need these new recruits for my defense system, you’re competing with me?!”

Li Xinyuan: “What are you doing? These recruits are clearly more suited for mounted archery!”

The two of them argued all the way to Luo Yin, asking her to be the judge.

Luo Yin was dumbfounded!

At that moment, Zhou Hong pushed the three aside and said: “All your matters can wait; Little General Lady, the intelligence from the capital is urgent, you need to hurry to the study room.”

Luo Yin pointed to herself: “Me? Why should I deal with these things?”

Yan Fu Tong’s gruff voice roared: “Of course, you’re in charge! General Ye said, in his absence, you are the commander of the Buye Army, the backbone! We are all listening to you!”

Luo Yin: “…”

She knew it, that damn Ye Ci was being so unusually kind to send her new clothes, and he left so hurriedly.

So this was waiting for her!

Having a four-year-old little kid manage the army, have you lost your mind, Ye Ci?

In the end, she was practically led by the arm and quickly headed to the study room to deal with the intelligence from the capital, setting aside the allocation of new recruits for now.

In the study room, four deputy generals of the Buye Army stood in line, looking at the little figure sitting on the table.

The scene was surreal!

The urgent reports sent from the capital spoke of Emperor Beiyou’s furious thunder, Ye Ci’s actions were difficult to silence public criticism.

Luo Yin thought about it confusedly for a moment, oh, the affair with Princess Youyang and the little princess must have exploded.

She asked: “Is there a solution?”

You Hu Zhi, Li Xinyuan, and Yan Fu Tong all shook their heads in unison, three large military commanders indeed.

Zhou Hong answered: “Little General Lady, what do you think?”

Luo Yin: “How about we just overthrow Emperor Beiyou?”

Chapter 49: To Rebel or Not to Rebel (Part 1/2)

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