I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 93

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 47: Escalating Tensions [1/2 page]

North Desolate Imperial City.

The atmosphere of the New Year was intense, with every household decorated with lanterns and streamers to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

The imperial palace’s festivities were grander still, with the emperor hosting a feast that invited civil and military officials, as well as royal relatives.

He even called over his hundred or so concubines and forty-some princes and princesses—it made one wonder whether he could actually recognize them all.

The banquet of thousands was a gathering of joy and harmony, buzzing with excitement.

The continuous flow of songs, dances, and wine had everyone chatting enthusiastically, lavishly praising the prosperity of the North Desolate and extolling the emperor’s exceptional talent and grandeur.

As for the poetic composition incident that happened some time ago…

Everyone was in agreement—it was all the fault of the Ling Consort! She stirred trouble between the emperor and his generals! She deserved to be sent to the cold palace!

At court, the voice supporting Consort Dongguo grew louder, with the ministers praising her as a woman of decisive action from a great family, who stabilized the situation when it mattered.

Henceforth, the Ling Consort would be as if non-existent in the imperial harem!

As for Empress Ruomu…

Without the support of any major court officials and lacking any family background, the empress appeared out of nowhere, suddenly marrying the North Desolate Emperor and being made empress without any prior indication.

But the North Desolate Emperor was the youngest person in history to reach the grand completion of the Celestial Martial realm with unfathomable martial prowess. Otherwise, the controversial act of making a common woman empress could have led to turmoil within the court long ago.

Still, the saying held true—before the Celestial Martial realm, strength is the true power of speech!

Empress Ruomu never attended such banquets, and everyone was accustomed to Consort Dongguo sitting closest to the emperor.

During the banquet, an official who had drunk too much started chatting loudly to the person next to him: “Speaking of which, Princess Youyang went to Linzhou, didn’t she? Shouldn’t she stay in Yong’an City to celebrate the New Year? Ah, what a wonderful tale for the New Year, the general princess admiring snow and stars at the borderlands!”

As his words fell, the whole hall went silent. The officials widened their eyes in disbelief, while the consorts all bowed their heads, not daring to make any movement.

The Ling Consort had been sent to the cold palace just for a minor involvement in an event related to the general Ye Ci, and now her fate was unknown.

This person, however, had the audacity to mention Ye Ci on New Year’s Eve?

Consort Dongguo immediately looked towards the North Desolate Emperor.

The North Desolate Emperor, unsure of what to do, smiled and raised his wine cup towards Dongguo Wu in the crowd: “National Preceptor, look at Youyang, that child. She made such a fuss about going to Linzhou to find Marquis Yong’an.”

The emperor’s words were beautifully phrased, as if genuinely promoting a romantic story about the general princess, as though the person who made those two lines of poetry just a few days ago wasn’t him.

Dongguo Wu, over a hundred years old but with the life expectancy of 150 years due to his Celestial Martial realm cultivation, did not appear decrepit at all. His hair only slightly grayed and his vitality excellent, he drank an entire jar of wine without showing any signs of drunkenness.

Facing the emperor’s toast, Dongguo Wu stood up and replied with sparkling eyes: “Your Majesty speaks rightly! However, Marquis Ye Ci, the great general, has far-reaching fame and proud achievements! Princess Youyang’s cultivation is only in the middle phase of the Yellow Martial realm, and their statuses seem mismatched…”

Consort Dongguo raised an eyebrow and gently lifted her wine cup, concealing her smile as she calmly said: “No wonder the great general has refused marriage offers multiple times. In the end, it’s Youyang who is ignorant and tries to climb too high.”

Her father understands her!

Ye Ci’s achievements might overshadow the emperor, but won’t linking him to the royal household work just fine?

That would resolve the emperor’s apprehensions and forcibly bind the Boundless Army to Dongguo’s lineage!

First a royal son-in-law, then the grandson-in-law of the Dongguo family, and only after that, a borderland general.

As for whether they’re suitable for each other, that’s due to Ye Ci’s repeated rejections.

Simply elevate Youyang’s status. How to elevate it? Aside from realm and strength, one naturally looks at birth and whether one is of the legitimate line or not.

Thus, this play was Dongguo father and daughter climbing up the ladder along the emperor’s words, aiming for multiple goals while vying for a position in the back.

After all, Empress Ruomu is in name only.

However, just as Dongguo father and daughter’s act was midway through, Seventh Prince Yan Wenbin suddenly stood up with a ‘swoosh’ to defend his sister:

“Not suitable? Then what would be sufficient? Tenth Princess, as a royal with a second-grade title, to marry a mere general guarding the borderlands is deemed reaching too high? Where then, is the dignity of the North Desolate Royal Family?!”

Consort Dongguo wished she could crush her wine cup—how did she give birth to such a foolish son?

The North Desolate Emperor’s face darkened, and he was no longer speaking.

The banquet atmosphere plummeted, everyone’s breathing cautious for fear of the emperor’s wrath.

The other princes internally reveled in the misfortune. The vast Dongguo family, the capable Consort Dongguo, even Tenth Princess Yan Yuran—her aptitude in cultivation was extremely good, at just sixteen she was in the middle phase of the Yellow Martial realm, outperforming many young cultivators.

But, it just had to be that the Seventh Prince was a fool!

The biggest flaw in the entire Dongguo faction!

The North Desolate Emperor remained silent with a stern expression, leaving everyone on edge—no one could withstand the fury of the emperor.

Chapter 47: Escalating Tensions [1/2 page]

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