I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 92

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 46: Hey! Bian Gu, are you getting a hair transplant? [2/2 pages]

Poor You Huzhi is on the verge of a mental breakdown!

Soldiers in the distance witnessing the scene shook their heads in disappointment on behalf of General You.

“There she goes again.”

“How many incidents has this been now?”

“Don’t know. With the chaos happening almost daily, I’m getting used to it.”

“Just yesterday, General Li was so furious he ran a hundred laps around the military camp’s training ground to vent…”


“Don’t sigh, at least she’s not coming at us, let’s just quietly enjoy this!”


Luo Yingyou hid halfway through her journey to check the system panel.

Sure enough, the points kept rising steadily over the past few days, and today they even broke the 150,000 mark!

Although it’s growing much more slowly than in Yong’an City, it’s still an increase – slow growth is still growth.

She had just finished pulling up the record when a new message popped up.

[Bian Gu’s stamping in anger, points +22]

Luo Yingyou: “???”

Turning her head, she saw Bian Gu’s short 1.5-meter stature standing in front of her, staring intently with both eyes at the tuft of baby fur in her hands.

Luo Yingyou laughed: “Ah! Bian Gu! Let me check if the fur on your tail has grown back?”

[Bian Gu in unbearable heartache, points +33]

It was like reminding him of the worst—his tail was still bald, without a single hair!

Luo Yingyou approached with the tuft of fur, flaunting it: “Come on, Bian Gu, the New Year is nearly here, you need to look your best. Let me give you a hair transplant!”

[Bian Gu’s emotions collapse, points +99]

You! Damn a hair transplant!

Ah! I’m going insane! Get away from me!

In the end, You Huzhi, with his mentality in shambles, once again found himself outside the study of Yeci.

It was New Year’s Eve, and there would be no more chances if he didn’t speak up now.

Such a pity for that half-eaten roast chicken!

Yet, You Huzhi was worried, pacing back and forth at the door, contemplating how to broach the subject.

Until the evening, when Yeci opened the study door and stared at him: “Pacing around, from afternoon to evening, are you a spinning top?”

You Huzhi slid over and knelt on the ground, hugging Yeci’s legs, shouting with a hoarse voice: “Boss!!!”

Yeci’s brows furrowed behind the mask: “Speak your mind.”

A human child was trouble enough, and now a suddenly crazed You Huzhi?

You Huzhi, with snot and tears, said: “Boss, I’m not getting any younger. I’ve been vice-commander of the sleepless army for many years and not yet married. I dread going home every New Year, afraid of being the laughingstock of the village…”

Yeci interrupted him coldly: “Your village has been long gone because of the war.”

You Huzhi: “Err, regardless! I’m laughed at for not having a wife!”

Yeci: “After the New Year, go to the capital, and I’ll have the emperor grant you a marriage.”

“No!” You Huzhi was intensely agitated: “Don’t make me marry one of those rich young ladies, I can’t handle that.”

Yeci looked down at him: “Speak directly, no beating around the bush.”

You Huzhi: “Boss, I like Wen Dong, please promise her to me?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Yingyou’s head popped out from the study: “What? You want to fight me for Wen Dong?”

[You Huzhi is startled, points +9]

[You Huzhi’s emotions collapse, points +9]

[You Huzhi roars inside, points +9]

Chapter 46: Hey! Bian Gu, are you getting a hair transplant? [2/2 pages]

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