I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 91

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 46: Hey! Bian Gu, Are You Getting a Hair Transplant? [1/2 page]

After returning to the barracks, Luo Yin You behaved like a wild horse set free, spending the mornings reinforcing her physique with special fluids and the afternoons idly wandering around, occasionally chasing after the new recruits throughout the camp.

The butler, true to his role, varied his methods each day to prepare delicious meals for her, fattening up her cheeks until she looked even more adorable.

Today was the last day before the new year.

After today, Luo Yin You would be four years old.

She ran over to Ye Ci’s study with her little legs and placed a handful of white hair on the table, “Ye Ci! Ye Ci! Guess what this is?”

Ye Ci glanced at it and his eyelids twitched, “Where did you dig this up from?”

Luo Yin You: “On the back hill, I saw a few old men studying this hair. It looked familiar to me, so I grabbed a handful.”

Ye Ci: “…”

The back hill housed a group of alchemists who not only practiced their alchemy but also studied breeding and medicinal pills.

The soldiers had been excited when they first discovered these strange hairs, and the alchemists, equally thrilled, declared that they could definitely develop a substitute.

Ye Ci didn’t pay much attention to it initially, figuring they’d give up after a few failures.

But unexpectedly, it had been over a month, and they were still researching?

Luo Yin You giggled, “This is Bian Gu’s hair, right?”

Ye Ci: “Yes.”

Luo Yin You giggled again, “It’s from those left behind in the Han Liao country’s heavy cavalry, isn’t it?”

Ye Ci put down what he was holding and looked at her intently, “What are you trying to say?”

Luo Yin You: “Thanks to these hairs, and thanks to me, the Bu Ye army was able to quickly surround and defeat Han Liao’s ‘barbarian’ character heavy cavalry. Shouldn’t you reward me for this?”

That night, she had paid a price of back pain and exhaustion.

Yes! It was time to claim her credit!

Ye Ci randomly slapped a book on top of her head, “You have the nerve to ask? You’ve plucked all of Bian Gu’s newborn hairs! Bian Gu is the one who suffered, isn’t it?”

Luo Yin You: “What? Newborn hair? Can’t it grow back?”

Ye Ci: “What do you think?”

Realization dawned on Luo Yin You, “No wonder all the new hair is short, I was counting on plucking more!”

Saying this, her gaze subconsciously shifted to Ye Ci’s hair.

You really couldn’t fault her, Ye Ci’s hair looked so smooth and shiny…

With a twitch of his eyelid, Ye Ci picked up the human child and tossed her out the window!

Luo Yin You was quick to react; her experience from repeated teasing these past days paid off as she reached out her hand at the moment she was tossed, grabbing the precious handful of Bian Gu’s newborn hair and pulling it back with her.

Next, she flipped gracefully in mid-air and landed firmly on her feet.


She didn’t fall!

Just then, You Hu Zhi came over, holding half a roast chicken, and upon seeing the situation, eagerly whispered, “Young Miss, is Master Ye in a bad mood?”

Luo Yin You: “Don’t go in. If you do, you’ll get a thrashing!”

You Hu Zhi: “Ah! What should we do then? I specifically saved half a roast chicken for the boss. Now I dare not enter.”

Luo Yin You held Bian Gu’s long newborn hair in one hand and stretched out the other, “Give it to me, I’m willing to take the risk to send it inside for General You.”

You Hu Zhi was deeply moved on the spot, giving her a +9 points of approval while handing over the half roast chicken.

You Hu Zhi: “Such nobility, Young Miss! But when you give it to Master Ye, make sure to say it’s from me, I need a favor from…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Luo Yin You snatched the roast chicken and took a big bite!

[You Hu Zhi’s morale collapsed, +9 points]

Luo Yin You ate quickly and ran even faster, not giving him any chance to catch up.

“Young Miss! Where are you running to?” You Hu Zhi shouted as he angrily began to chase her.

Luo Yin You’s small body moved with incredible agility, swinging up onto roofs and jumping down walls, giving You Hu Zhi a runaround.

Not only did she eat up half the roast chicken in front of You Hu Zhi, but she also threw the chicken bones behind her, accurately landing them right in front of You Hu Zhi’s every pursuing step.

To provoke him!

Chapter 46: Hey! Bian Gu, Are You Getting a Hair Transplant? [1/2 page]

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