I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 90

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 45: Oh, Elder Ye Ci [2/2 pages]

“Report from the front! The young female general is about to return to the military camp!”

“Urgent news! The young female general has arrived at the entrance of the military camp!”


Whoosh! All the soldiers, both veterans and recruits, sprang into action—those who needed to hide did so, and those who meant to slack off did just that.

On the way back, Luo Yin You noticed that points were piling up on her system panel, +1s and +2s. Although the numbers were small, their quantity was large!

When she left the Marquis of Yong’an’s residence, she had reaped 146,000 points. The little princess contributed several hundred more points during the trip, and with the multitude of +1s and +2s in the military camp, her total points had reached 148,000 upon arrival.

She was very satisfied. Not bad at all, she quite liked the No-night Army’s unique welcoming ceremony.


Zhang Qingshan was carried away unconscious after being electrocuted, while Yan Fuchong and Zhou Hong were busy sharing the good news with You Huzhi and Li Xinyuan.

Only Luo Yin You was picked up single-handedly by Ye Ci, as if she was a small chick, and taken to the study.

Luo Yin You: “Ye Ci, if you put me down now, I won’t hold it against you.”

Ye Ci: “Your tone has gotten much tougher after going out and coming back, hasn’t it?”

Luo Yin You: “I already know, you’re only fifteen years old, just a little kid pretending to be an adult.”

Behind Ye Ci’s mask, a pair of profound eyes exuded a sense of oppression as he spoke slowly: “I’m two hundred years old.”

Luo Yin You obviously didn’t believe it: “Cut it out! Didn’t you say that in the Martial Heaven Realm one only has a lifespan of 150 years? If you’re two hundred years old, then that means… huh, is there a higher realm after the Martial Heaven Realm?”

Ye Ci: “Piercing through martial might and entering the realm of spirits, what did you think? I’ve told you before, this world is vast— the Northern Domain is merely the smallest of the five domains.”

Luo Yin You: “Oh, Elder Ye Ci.”

【Ye Ci experiences emotional fluctuations, points +1】

In the end, Luo Yin You lost the argument and was thrown onto the desk in the study, where she started to be fed a body-tempering fluid.

The new body-tempering fluid was of a darker color, customized according to her increasingly robust physique.

Intense tearing sensations ran through her bones, veins, and blood. Luo Yin You felt as though she sweated so much she could faint, and the soul-steadying nail in her back became noticeably looser.

Ye Ci’s fingers wavered over the second soul-steadying nail: “Not bad, the effect is significant.”

After Luo Yin You gathered her strength, she grabbed Ye Ci’s trousers and tried to climb up: “Did that Princess Youyang get to see what you look like? I want to see too, show me!”

Ye Ci nonchalantly pushed her away: “No.”

Luo Yin You continued to climb back: “Why? Are you too ugly or just too shameful to be seen?”

Ye Ci: “Don’t try to provoke me with reverse psychology. You should think about how to unlock the soul-sealing nails!”

Luo Yin You: “I’ve thought about it, and can’t figure it out.”

She tried, but the damn system said it would take 200,000 points to give her a hint.

Ye Ci: “The Dragon Slayer’s Ten Seals is a complete set; I can only work on the soul-steadying nails. After three are removed, we cannot continue. At least one of your soul-sealing nails must be unlocked before we can start on the remaining soul-steadying nails.”

Luo Yin You: “Oh.”

【Ye Ci experiences emotional fluctuations, points +1】

What are you oh-ing about? Oh what exactly!

Luo Yin You pulled out the study rules manual from Mengxue Academy and shook it: “Do I have to go to Mengxue Academy to study as well?”

Ye Ci glanced at it and said: “If you want to go, go; if you don’t, then don’t.”

Luo Yin You: “Why are you so casual with me?”

Ye Ci: “I don’t care if you want to foolishly play with children under seven years old.”

Luo Yin You: “But I want to!”

A naive Ye Ci, you have no idea how many points children can bring to her—emotional critical hits could easily bring in +99 points.

It’s simply too exhilarating!

Thinking of the children, Luo Yin You thought of Yan Chiling and asked, “Is the little princess going to be sent back to the capital?”

Ye Ci: “You sure ask a lot of questions. She has already been thrown into Mengxue Academy by the covert division.”

Luo Yin You grabbed onto Ye Ci’s trousers again: “What did you say to the Empress when you went to the palace five years ago?”

Ye Ci forcefully pulled his leg free from the human child’s hands, and sure enough, a ‘rip’ sound confirmed a large tear.

Luo Yin You: “I really didn’t do that on purpose.”

Ye Ci’s voice squeezed out through clenched teeth: “If you tear my clothes again, I’ll tear you apart!”

End of Chapter 45: Oh, Elder Ye Ci [2/2 pages]

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