I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 88

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 44: At the Frontier, Unaware of the Northern Ghost Emperor, Recognizing Only the Everlasting Marquis of the Sleepless Night [Page 2/2]

Concubine Ling knelt at the very front, her face almost overflowing with joy!

Emperor Beiyou walked straight to Concubine Ling and said, “Your poem is well done.”

Concubine Ling hastily kowtowed and was just about to speak…

“The latter half, I happen to have two lines that match,” said Emperor Beiyou with a smile on his lips.

Concubine Ling was overjoyed. My heavens, was the Emperor going to help her complete the next two lines of her poem?

Such an event of emperor and consort composing a poem together would surely become a widely spread delightful tale!

The old eunuch ran forward excitedly: “This servant will grind the ink for Your Majesty!”

“No need,” said Emperor Beiyou, his voice devoid of sorrow or joy. He looked at the horizon and slowly recited, “At the frontier, unaware of the Northern Ghost Emperor, recognizing only the Everlasting Marquis of the Sleepless Night.”

“Excellent poetry! Marvelous indeed!” The old eunuch began to praise extravagantly, and as he did so, he suddenly realized something was amiss.


“Your Majesty, spare my life! Your Majesty, spare my life!” He quickly knelt on the ground and kowtowed frantically.

The other consorts had already turned pale with fear, and kneeled en masse.

Concubine Ling stared blankly at the emperor, her mind a blank slate. A romantic tale of emperor and consort composing poetry together, I sing and you reply in kind.

How did these two lines suddenly emerge?

Ruined! Everything was ruined!

The palace of Imperial Concubine Dongguo was rather luxurious, the envy of the entire harem.

With Empress Ruomu confined for many years, Dongguo Rong, from the illustrious Dongguo family, was in charge of all matters big and small in the harem. Her status was not that of the empress but surpassed it.

At that moment, Dongguo Rong was reclining lazily on the couch, watching a wisp of incense smoke curling up.

Below her, the Seventh Prince Yan Wenbin was seated, sipping tea and chuckling while reading a storybook.

Mother and son relaxed in the warm palace during winter, enjoying themselves thoroughly.

A young eunuch ran swiftly over and reported in detail the events of the poetry composition.

Yan Wenbin sprung up excitedly: “Mother, this poem is too obvious! Father Emperor has run out of patience with Ye Ci; we must hurry to Linzhou and capture him!”

Dongguo Rong scolded gently: “What an uproar, where is the dignity befitting a prince?”

Yan Wenbin touched his nose and suddenly thought: “Imperial Sister is in Linzhou, let’s quickly send her a message, tell her to be bold!”

Dongguo Rong shook her head and instructed her servant: “Concubine Ling has created chaos and disrespected her superiors, go and send her to the cold palace.”

“Yes!” The young eunuch immediately set off to carry out the order.

Yan Wenbin was perturbed and asked in confusion: “Mother, shouldn’t we be informing grandfather to take down the Sleepless Army at this time? Why bother with Concubine Ling!”

Dongguo Rong looked at her son affectionately and explained: “Whether it’s Ye Ci or the Sleepless Army, your father emperor will make his own decision. The Dongguo family must not overstep and act rashly!”

Yan Wenbin still didn’t understand: “Oh, but wasn’t it Father Emperor who wrote the poem?”

Dongguo Rong: “You child! Your father added the latter half, but it was Concubine Ling who started it. Someone must pay the price for the turmoil this has caused.”

Yan Wenbin: “Tssk! It’s all because they fear Ye Ci…”

Dongguo Rong tightened her finger: “Silence!”

Yan Wenbin dared not speak any further, but he felt greatly aggrieved inside.

Chapter 44: At the Frontier, Unaware of the Northern Ghost Emperor, Recognizing Only the Everlasting Marquis of the Sleepless Night [Page 2/2]

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