I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 87

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 44: The Borderlands Know Not the Northern Ghost Emperor, Only the Everlasting Marquis of Eternal Peace [1/2 page]

The Northern Ghost Emperor was not angry and released his grip on the chin of the Empress: “Since his youth, Youyang enjoys the company of Yeci, but Yeci has repeatedly refused to marry. I’ve seen it with my eyes, worried in my heart, alas!”

Ruo Mulan’s chin was marked red by a finger imprint, she coldly spoke: “Yan Jing Shuo, put away your pretentious demeanor. Have you ever cared about any prince or princess? You only care about your power! Cultivation! Longevity!”

The Northern Ghost Emperor toyed with the teacup in his hand and said: “Which emperor would not want to unify the world? Even a Tianwu realm can only live for one hundred and fifty years, Empress, you don’t understand, it’s far from enough. I need a longer lifespan, a more powerful realm to fend off the invasion from Han Liao Country and to save the common people from their hardships.”

“Fend off invasion? Save the common people?” Ruo Mulan laughed with disdain: “When the Night Army triumphed wholly, who was it that issued three imperial edicts to order their retreat? Now you are telling me about the great cause of unifying the world?”

The Northern Ghost Emperor responded indifferently: “Empress, you don’t understand.”

Ruo Mulan: “Dongguo Noble Consort suits the role of Empress more than I do. Her maternal family is of greater use to you, she understands you better! Just kill me! I’m of no use anymore.”

The Northern Ghost Emperor sighed, once again caressed her cheek: “Empress, how can you speak of yourself in such manner? Look how special you are. In this world, which woman without cultivation could maintain eternal youth and immortality like you?”

Ruo Mulan laughed with a ‘pu chi’ sound, casually pulling out a strand of hair from her long hair with a gentle tug.

The white strand of hair, inconspicuous amongst her black hair, was particularly glaring as it lay in her hands.

Ruo Mulan’s smile bloomed on her face: “I am old, I will age, and I will die soon, you will never learn the secret of immortality.”

The Northern Ghost Emperor’s expression turned cold instantly, his eyes filled with murderous intent glanced at the Empress before he rose and left in big steps.

At the doorway, the following eunuchs and palace maids were guarding outside, unqualified to eavesdrop on the Emperor and Empress’s conversation.

Seeing the Emperor leave the palace gate, the eunuchs and palace maids hurriedly scurried to follow.

The Emperor often visited the Empress, yet never stayed overnight; his mood upon leaving her palace was unpredictable, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

The Northern Ghost Emperor was inscrutable, and servants could not discern if he was pleased or displeased.

Everyone only knew that the Empress had not stepped out of her sleeping palace for many years, and the Northern Ghost Emperor did not allow anyone to disturb the Empress’s peace.

In name, the Empress needed to recuperate in peace, but in reality, it was no different from being under house arrest.

Not far outside the sleeping palace at this moment, the sounds of cheerful women came floating in, upon closer look, several concubines were seen enjoying the snow and admiring plum blossoms.

This was near the Empress’s sleeping palace, where the Northern Ghost Emperor would often roam.

The concubines not in the garden taking a stroll but instead flocking here clearly had their intentions on display.

Feeling inspired by the sight of flowers and snow, the concubines even began composing and matching verses, hoping to win the Emperor’s favor through such means.

One verse after another was recited, trite and banal.

The Northern Ghost Emperor, listening from afar, curled up the corners of his mouth.

At this moment, Concubine Ling stepped out from the crowd, reciting with each step: “Beneath the cold abandoned palace of Ji Xia, all the grass is gone, only the fragrant plum blossoms remain, crimson like a rainbow.”

With the final word falling, she glanced slightly to her back diagonally, where the corner of a yellow imperial robe fluttered in the wind.

Concubine Ling’s mouth revealed a triumphant smile!

The other concubines, however, had expressions of disgust, yet they could not think of anything better.

As for the fact that the Emperor was nearby, every concubine had informants and had long known.

The old eunuch glanced at the Emperor’s expression, plucked up the courage, and stepped forward: “Concubine Ling, indeed of a literary family, look at this literary talent, ten minds like mine could not think of a single line.”

The Northern Ghost Emperor spoke faintly: “It’s not bad.”

The old eunuch was overjoyed, thinking that supporting Concubine Ling in competing for favor this time was a right decision.

Just as Concubine Ling hesitated for a while, then prepared to recite the next two lines,

The Northern Ghost Emperor suddenly stepped forward and appeared in front of the concubines.

The women, one by one, pretended to be shocked and knelt down in a flurry.

Chapter 44: The Borderlands Know Not the Northern Ghost Emperor, Only the Everlasting Marquis of Eternal Peace [1/2 page]

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