I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 86

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 43: You’re Always the One With the Malicious Tricks (2/2 pages)

Yan Fuer Tong approached from a distance and asked, “Sending her back to the capital at this time, can Qiu Rong Xuan really make it back in time for the New Year?”

Zhou Hong’s eyes were filled with playful intent: “He’s not coming back. That’s what Ye Lao Da said.”

Yan Fuer Tong didn’t understand at all: “Huh? Why is that?”

Luo Yin You immediately got it and laughed hard, slapping his thigh: “Wow, haha! Is he playing a mind game?”

Zhou Hong looked at the human child approvingly: “You really are smart! Qiu Rong Xuan will change his appearance and identity, staying in the capital. The city’s secret service has already arranged an official position for him, and he’ll take office as soon as he arrives there.”

Yan Fuer Tong still didn’t get it and pursued the question: “Why become an official in the capital? A civil post? What’s the aim?”

Zhou Hong said meaningfully: “As long as Qiu Rong Xuan doesn’t leave the capital, Princess Youyang will spend every night restless.”

Luo Yin You added: “You know how it is on the road, Qiu Rong Xuan will inevitably use all kinds of methods to logically drive Yan Yu Ran to the brink of a breakdown. And when she finally reaches the capital, she will still have to live in the shadow of Qiu Rong Xuan, hahaha!”

Zhou Hong: “Hahaha!”

The two, one elder and one younger, burst into an uninhibited laughter.

Yan Fuer Tong was simply astonished!

After a while, he finally grasped the key point and belatedly joined in the laughter with the other two.

“Whose malicious trick was this?”

Oh, it was General Ye’s idea.


The capital of the Northern You Nation was called Ji Xia, located in the southern part of the northern region. This place was rich in resources and had a pleasant environment, especially nurturing to people.

The superior geographical location and climate contributed to the uniqueness of Ji Xia’s Imperial City.

Ever since the establishment of the Northern You Nation, royalty, nobility, and various geniuses have settled here, growing stronger with each day.

Towards the end of the year, light snow started to flutter. Different from the freezing and avalanche-prone weather in Lin State, the winter snow in Ji Xia was gentle as willow catkins, light and beautiful.

Inside the Northern You Imperial Palace.

The prime-aged Emperor of Northern You was lying on a soft couch. Beside him was a delicate little stove, and a pot of water on it was gradually coming to a boil, making a bubbling sound.

A pair of delicate jade hands lifted the kettle, brewing a pot of fragrant tea and handed it over.

The Emperor of Northern You took the tea cup, smelling the fragrance of the tea, and half closed his eyes to appreciate the red plum blossoms blooming against the snowy scenery outside the door.

The woman making tea looked very young. She was dressed in light blue plain clothes, her long hair flowing down.

Her simple dress and casual appearance could not hide her extraordinary beauty.

She was kneeling on the soft couch, her expression calm as she boiled the water, washed the tea, brewed…

The Emperor of Northern You, after a while admiring the snowy scene, opened his mouth: “Empress, no matter how beautiful this snowy scene is, it can’t compare to your beauty, and though the plum blossoms are fragrant, they are far less appealing than this cup of tea you have brewed.”

The woman in plain clothes was the Empress of Northern You Country, known for her virtue throughout the realm, Ruò Mùlán.

Ruò Mùlán had been married to the Emperor for over twenty years, and had never cultivated, being a thorough ordinary person.

Normally, at her age, she should have been a woman past her prime, but at this moment, she retained the appearance and skin of a young girl, and her beauty made the surrounding environment seem dull in comparison!

Facing the Emperor’s unstinted admiration, the Empress had no reaction, her head lowered and she continued to boil water, wash tea, brew…

The Emperor of Northern You was not annoyed by the Empress’s disregard, instead, he was interested and extended his hand, pinching her chin and slowly lifting it.

Ruò Mùlán was forced to meet the Emperor’s gaze. Her eyes were lusterless, incredibly empty.

The Emperor of Northern You’s fingers exerted a slight force: “Empress, it’s been so many years, aren’t you willing to talk yet?”

Ruò Mùlán still had no reaction, even turning her eyes away to avoid looking at the Emperor’s face.

She detested his face!

The fingers of the Emperor caressed her cheek, he said slowly: “Youyang went to Lin State a few days ago, Little Seventeen has always clung to her, making a fuss and insisting on going together.”


Ruò Mùlán suddenly raised her head, staring at the Emperor of Northern You.

With a gentle smile, the Emperor said: “Empress, you really only react when I mention Little Seventeen. You must be missing your own daughter greatly, aren’t you?”

Ruò Mùlán’s expression of disgust intensified, her voice squeezed out from between her teeth: “Yan Jing Shuo, you are despicable!”

Chapter 43: You’re Always the One With the Malicious Tricks (2/2 pages)

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