I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 82

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 41: What? Did Ye Ci Cuckold the Northern You Emperor?[Page 2/2]

Her large frame thundered across the floor as she ran, shaking it with a bang, bang, bang!

Zhou Hong employed a shrinking-step technique, moving swiftly to close all the doors and windows of the great hall.

After checking three times, he spoke softly, “Come on, come on, let’s get started, everyone get your heads in close.”

Luo Yin You was the first to lean in, her eyes shining with excitement like two bright light bulbs!

Yan Fu Tong was frantic: “Done for! Wandering around the Empress’s palace chamber in the middle of the night, this this this… Does General Ye have an affair with the Empress? That’s not allowed!”

Luo Yin You’s face flushed with excitement: “This is too thrilling!”

Yet, at that moment, Zhou Hong stroked his chin: “Zhang the cripple didn’t lie to me, Ye the boss split mountains with bare hands at seven, broke into the imperial palace at night at ten…”

Yan Fu Tong froze in realization: “So that’s how it was, back in those days!”

Luo Yin You’s excitement was instantly extinguished: “What? Ten years old?”

Zhou Hong continued to stroke his chin: “Now, here’s the question, five years ago boss broke into the imperial palace and even went to the Empress’s bedroom. What exactly did he want to do?”

Yan Fu Tong started panicking again: “What exactly? What was he looking for the Empress for?!”

Luo Yin You was speechless, hopping onto a table and swinging her little legs: “What could a ten-year-old kid do?”

Yan Fu Tong sobered up: “Right, couldn’t do much.”

Zhou Hong: “Huh? What’s going on with you two? Did you really think it would go in that direction?”

Yan Fu Tong: “I was just anxious! No matter what the reason, one should never enter the imperial harem! And it was at night, in the middle of the night! Done for, done for, done for… How will this be explained?”

The two of them, one panicking and the other completely calm, had contrasting emotions and began to quarrel.

Luo Yin You, however, fell silent, as a key point dawned on her.

Five years ago, Ye Ci broke into the imperial palace to see the Empress, the demonic frenzy in the Ghost Realm erupted, Yan Fu Tong reached the Xuanwu realm overnight, Yan Chi Ling was born and now just turned five…

Why was it all five years ago?

The overly coincidental timeline made Luo Yin You curious about what exactly happened that year.

But, Ye Ci was only fifteen years old?

Just a kid, not old enough to be her father!

Left alone in her room, Yan Chi Ling cried and cried until she passed out, then woke up crying again.

Fainting again and again, waking up again and again…

Bian Gu stood firmly by the door, not allowing anyone in, nor letting her out, no different from being under house arrest.

But it was still very annoying, the continuous crying made Bian Gu’s ears form calluses.

It couldn’t take it anymore and began to pray for the Young Miss to come quickly!

If the crying continued, even it would start crying.

Perhaps Bian Gu’s prayers worked, as Luo Yin You finally pushed the door and entered after dark.

Bian Gu stood up excitedly and let out a long cry: “Chirp—chirp chirp chirp!”

Luo Yin You: “Mhm, mhm, good.”

After patronizing Bian Gu with insincere comfort and receiving a +9 resentment from it, Luo Yin You approached the fainted Yan Chi Ling.

She’s asleep?

No sleeping allowed!


With a punch, Luo Yin You directly woke Yan Chi Ling up.

Under the heavy blow, Yan Chi Ling yelled in pain and opened her eyes, about to cry again.

Bian Gu was going numb, begging for someone to save it from hearing the crying again.

Luo Yin You roared, “Don’t you dare cry!”

【Yan Chi Ling is on the verge of a mental breakdown, points +99】

Yan Chi Ling, who was about to cry out, held back her tears forcefully, looking fearfully at the demon before her.

Luo Yin You nodded, satisfied: “That’s more like it. Now, let’s play a game. I’ll ask questions, you answer. If you answer wrongly, you get a beating!”

Chapter 41: What? Did Ye Ci Cuckold the Northern You Emperor?[Page 2/2]

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