I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 81

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 41: What? Ye Ci Cuckolded the Northern You Emperor? [1/2 Page]

After coming to a realization, Yan Yuran’s features contorted briefly as she struggled to adjust her expression, managing an awkward smile: “Second Imperial Sister speaks correctly.”

A sense of insult surged in her heart!

But soon after, she raised her eyes, laughing with a smile that carried a hint of desperate madness.

Yan Yuran: “Could you please inform Marquis Yong’an that this princess is waiting for him here.”

Yan Futong was utterly dumbfounded; her gaze kept darting towards Zhou Hong.

Damn it!

This isn’t following the script!

There was no such topic!

How should she reply???

Zhou Hong was also taken aback for a moment, he put away the prompt sheet, and gave Yan Futong a helpless look.

He wasn’t prepared; she’d have to improvise!

Yan Futong looked back and coughed lightly, saying: “Well, General Ye is very busy…”

Yan Yuran interrupted her: “Second Imperial Sister, I know he’s busy, but for this matter, he must come to see me personally, otherwise, his life is at risk.”

Yan Futong furrowed her brows, unable to comprehend the underlying meaning of the words.

Zhou Hong, seeing that the foolish girl was completely unable to follow, stepped forward to mediate: “The year is drawing to a close; General Ye is busy distributing military salaries and supplies to his soldiers and guarding against sudden attacks from the Han Liao country. He truly has no time to come to Yong’an City.”

Yan Yuran’s smile grew wider: “He won’t come unless pressured, and you certainly won’t relay the message to him. Well then, I’ll just speak plainly.”

Yan Futong’s eyelids twitched; she had a bad feeling.

Zhou Hong was also confused. Did this woman have some kind of leverage over General Ye?

Sure enough, the next second, Yan Yuran’s voice turned cold, and her eyes shot a gleam of hatred: “Five years ago, on the night of the summer solstice, in the Empress’s bedchamber! May I ask why General Ye Ci was there?!”

Yan Futong: “!!!”

Zhou Hong: “Ah???”

Yan Yuran sneered: “Oh! General Ye Ci sneaking into the Empress’s bedchamber late at night, what was he doing there? And what did he do? That mask is unique in the world. Surely, I couldn’t have mistaken it!”

She had kept this matter to herself for five whole years.

Refuse to see her?

Threaten her with his realm and power?

She would let the whole world know this dark secret!

After all, that was the Empress, the Empress whom the Northern You Emperor insisted on enthroning despite opposition, even disregarding the pressure from the foremost Dongguo family, just to crown that woman.

“Hahaha!” Yan Yuran’s laughter was exaggerated, tinged with a hint of morbidity: “If people knew that General Ye spent the night in the Empress’s bedchamber, what would the whole world think?”

As she said this, her voice became shrill: “And what would Father Emperor think!”

Yan Futong was nearly bug-eyed, her brain short-circuiting.

Zhou Hong was also shocked beyond words.

Yan Yuran was pleased with their reactions and left a message before turning to leave: “Tell Ye Ci, he has three days to come see me.”

She departed quickly, and long after she was gone, Yan Futong and Zhou Hong were still standing there, dumbfounded, in the hall.

They were flabbergasted!

At that moment, Luo Yinyou’s voice suddenly rose from a corner: “Holy crap? Did I just hear a secret?”

The onlookers from the dark department were applying medicine to the little princess, and Yan Chiling just kept crying till her scalp was numb.

Luo Yinyou simply let Bian Gu take care of her while she went out for some fresh air.

Who would have thought that upon her arrival, she’d overhear such explosive news!

Ye Ci was so fierce, to have cuckolded the Northern You Emperor?

Truly worthy of being the father she acknowledged—not just a cuckold, but a sensationally cuckolding one!

Her shout made Yan Futong and Zhou Hong snap back to reality, followed by chaos and frantic actions.

Yan Futong, emotionally agitated, knocked over furniture in confusion, running about the room aimlessly.

Chapter 41: What? Ye Ci Cuckolded the Northern You Emperor? [1/2 Page]

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