I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 80

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 40: How Many Lives Do You Have to Act Recklessly in Linzhou? [Page 2/2]

Yan Futong did not stand up but sat with a stern face.

Yan Yuran gave Zhou Hong a fierce glare, then shifted her gaze onto Yan Futong. She didn’t care about Zhou Hong, a commoner by birth, but focused her resentment on Yan Futong, her actual target for venting.

Yan Futong still didn’t stand up and even looked Yan Yuran up and down displeasedly.

Such a look and behavior undoubtedly enraged Yan Yuran.

Her shrill voice almost broke: “Yan Futong! What kind of look is that? How dare you look at me like this? Have you gone mad?”

Zhou Hong smiled, raised his eyebrows, and fumbled in his pocket.

Taking a deep breath, Yan Futong stood up and strode over to Yan Yuran.

The female general had a towering height of nearly 1.9 meters, her physique broad and robust, with muscles that could squeeze the life out of a pig!

Standing in front of her, Yan Yuran looked like a little chick by comparison—a striking and shocking contrast. Yan Yuran was also taken aback, having never imagined that the second imperial princess she had always looked down upon could be so imposing.

Yan Futong, looking down from her height, asked, “I’m the one who killed the person. Any problems with that?”

Yan Yuran’s face twisted with ugliness as she was about to speak…

“Keep your problems to yourself!” Yan Futong suddenly interrupted, suppressing the other’s words.

Yan Yuran: “You… you!!!”

Zhou Hong behind her gave Yan Futong a thumbs up and took out the paper he had pulled from his pocket, unfolded it, and held it up high.

Encouraged by this support, Yan Futong confidently approached Yan Yuran and said, “That old palace maid spoke disrespectfully to the young female marshal and ordered the legitimate princess around, even provoking General Ye Ci! If I don’t kill her, should I save her for the New Year? If people from the capital are going to be so insolent here, they better roll back quickly!”

Zhou Hong silently applauded, beautifully done, frantically pointing to the last line on the paper.

“Whom are you lecturing?!” Yan Yuran was infuriated and attempted to slap her.

But just as her hand raised, Yan Futong forcefully seized it!

The immense power of her grip almost crushed Yan Yuran’s wrist!

Yan Yuran: “Let go of me! I…”

Yan Futong harshly interrupted her: “Yan Yuran, I warn you! Putting aside that I am your second imperial sister, whom you should respect, moreover, I am at the Xuanwu stage, the commander of Beiyou’s Notte Heavy Cavalry Regiment!”

“And you…” Yan Futong smirked, “Just a mid-stage Huangwu, think that’s remarkable?”

Yan Yuran’s eyes widened with extreme anger!

She suddenly found that Yan Futong had become very unfamiliar and overwhelmingly strong.

Then, Yan Futong released her hand, leaving her wrist bruised and purplish.

Yan Futong lightly warned: “Yan Yuran, I advise you not to run wild in Linzhou, or else you won’t know how you died.”

Yan Yuran’s face turned utterly pale, only steadying herself after stumbling back a few steps.

She was genuinely scared!

She suddenly realized the insurmountable gap in their cultivation levels.

This gap, no matter how prestigious your status, rank, or birth, cannot be bridged.

If the opponent wanted to kill her, it would be as simple as crushing an ant!

Linzhou, the northernmost and most remote place in Beiyou, and her retinue only numbered five hundred.

A princess’ entourage naturally included bodyguards, with about fifty at the Diwu stage and a hundred at the Huangwu stage—a grand and extravagant display verging on a small army.

But a Diwu in front of a Xuanwu wouldn’t be able to avoid a single blow!

Even if fifty Diwu joined forces, a Xuanwu could crush them effortlessly!

How many Xuanwu were there in the whole of Beiyou?

Half of them were in Linzhou…

Not to mention that right now, in Hou Mansion’s main hall stood two.

Yan Futong and Zhou Hong, both were at the grand accomplishment stage of Xuanwu!

If she actually fell here, no one could protect her.

The Dongguo family, far in the capital, although possessing Xuanwu and even Tianwu powerhouses, how could they possibly arrive in time?

And would her maternal grandfather really sacrifice so many years of probing and competition with the Notte army for her life?

The plan to kill with a borrowed knife failed, and all was wishful thinking!

Chapter 40: How Many Lives Do You Have to Act Recklessly in Linzhou? [Page 2/2]

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