I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 79

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 40: How Many Lives Do You Have to Be So Reckless in Linzhou [1/2 Page]

In the lavish room, Luo Yin You was meticulously tallying up her gains for the day.

The five hundred people that traveled in the entourage brought by these two princesses were simply the perfect leveling-up machine. The drop rate was high and the numbers were large.

She broke through to 140,000 points in the morning and helped her acquire another 3,000 in the afternoon!

Adding on the multiple critical hits caused by the younger princess’s continuing emotional breakdown, and the occasional point-spree by Princess Youyang.

Now, her total score has already reached an impressive 144,500 points. Reaching 200,000 is just within sight!

She was looking forward to the day when the ten seals of the Dragon Slayer would disappear from within her…

[Suddenly, “Zhang Qingshan is full of worries, +22 points”]

The unexpected surge in points made Luo Yin You pause. Was the butler grandfather worrying about her?

A smile brimmed over her face, and her heart felt warm.

She had not experienced familial love in her past life, but in this life, she had the butler grandfather’s affection. How wonderful!

Unfortunately, the heartwarming feeling did not last long because the earth-shattering cries started to rise from next door.

“Wah wah wah! I want to return to the palace! I want my imperial father, waah waah waah!” The younger princess cried miserably, causing a headache with her noise.

A female member of the secret service was restraining the princess, forcibly medicating her.

The secret service of the Evernight Army, both men and women, had the strength of those trained in the military camp. They took the words of Ye Ci as divine commands, executed unconditionally.

Showing sympathy for beauty was out of the question. The aggressor grabbed Princess Yen Chi Ling’s arm, full of injuries, and began to smear the medication.

The general had said, to apply medicine to the little princess.

It had to be done today, regardless of her crying!

Yen Chi Ling was terrified; she thought she was going to die and managed to shout herself hoarse.

Even Bian Gu couldn’t stand it anymore and covered his ears with his hooves. He finally discovered someone even more annoying than a bratty kid—a troublesome child.

So noisy!

Luo Yin You also found it loud, and so she approached with an icy demeanor.


A punch landed on the back of the younger princess.

Luo Yin You: “Keep crying, and I’ll beat you to death!”

Yen Chi Ling, truly afraid of her, sobbed softly, “Mmm mmm…”

And then she netted +99 points for Luo Yin You.

The female secret service looked at Luo Yin You and said, “Young Lady, the boss wants you to restrain yourself a bit.”

Luo Yin You’s fist did not leave Yen Chi Ling’s body. She kept pressing her to the ground, immobilized.

Luo Yin You: “I am restrained, or else I could have smashed her head! Hurry up with your task, before she starts moving and doesn’t cooperate.”

The secret service woman had a sudden realization and gave Luo Yin You a look of admiration before quickly getting back to the task of applying medicinal herbs.

Her rough movements hardly looked like she was providing treatment; it was more like she was scrubbing a pig’s skin.

Watching this made Luo Yin You almost laugh.

The dignified direct princess of Northern You, ever since coming to Linzhou, had not ceased crying.

In the main hall of the marquis’s residence.

Zhou Hong was leisurely sitting in the hall, sipping fine green tea he had filched from a palace maid or eunuch.

This tea was truly fragrant, something hard to come by in the frosty land of Linzhou.

A cup was also placed in front of Yan Fu Tong. Zhou Hong had particularly brewed it for her, but she didn’t even sniff at it, seeming resistant to anything brought from the capital.

The two hadn’t been sitting for long when a strong fragrance wafted through the air.

Yan Yu Ran strode quickly from the corridor, her footsteps stirring the air and causing her luxurious robe to billow.

As soon as she entered the hall, she began to shout, “Who gave you the audacity to kill my people?!”

Zhou Hong stood up, fanned his face with his sleeve to clear the air, and only when it felt fresh did he begin to bow: “Greetings to Princess Youyang.”

Chapter 40: How Many Lives Do You Have to Be So Reckless in Linzhou [1/2 Page]

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