I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 62

I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together!

Chapter 31: Iron Head Skill [2/2 Pages]

Sure enough, the moment the group of new recruits saw her, they exploded into action and started frantically awarding her points, competing with each other as if they had encountered some terrifying beasts.

With her small hands on her hips, Luo Yin imitated Ye Ci’s tone and scolded, “What are you all running around for? Come back!”

The recruits, both scared and reluctant to disobey orders, reluctantly returned to their positions to continue their training.

Luo Yin stood at the back of the line, imitating the others and practicing along with them.

“Ha! Ha! Hada!”

The daily training for the new recruits was well planned. They would spend the mornings learning various theoretical knowledge and psychological skills, and the afternoons and evenings were dedicated to physical training.

The training in the army that stayed active at night was quite methodical, establishing a foundational layer for every recruit before starting to cultivate. They would gradually advance through repeated physical conditioning and training.

After Luo Yin followed along and performed a set of boxing techniques, she quickly caught up with the rhythm. She learned quickly and had better control over the movements than the newbies.

While the first team of recruits was still getting familiar with the boxing techniques, Luo Yin had already mastered the second set.

Thanks to her strong physique, she punched and kicked, creating dents in the ground.

The recruits turned around and once again witnessed her strength, which led to another wave of points being awarded to her!

Checking her system panel, she saw her total points had risen to 137,000—a rapid increase indeed.

Just as Luo Yin was getting into the groove of the training, Bian Gu came running over from afar, and with a bite, he picked her up and sprinted crazily towards Ye Ci’s study.

Luo Yin: “???”

What’s the rush?

Bouncing along the way, Bian Gu brought Luo Yin to the entrance of Ye Ci’s study, then threw her inside!


She landed directly on the floor, dazed.

Was this one-and-a-half-meter-tall creature itching for a fight?

How dare it throw her!

Just as she thought of chasing after the little horse to give it a piece of her mind, Luo Yin was picked up again by Ye Ci and placed on the desk.

She got angry and began to protest, “Can you stop carrying me around all the time? I’m a person, and I have dignity!”

Ye Ci ignored her, tapped on the desk, and spoke, “Have you remembered what I said? If you have, set out now.”

It was only then that Luo Yin noticed there were other people in the study.

Yan Fu Tong and Zhou Hong were ready for action, while Zhang Qing Shan looked worried at the side.

Ye Ci said, “Old Zhang, you should stay. The journey is tough, and your legs aren’t in the best shape.”

Zhang Qing Shan replied, “But Miss Luo…”

Ye Ci interrupted him, “What could happen to her?”

Zhang Qing Shan was still concerned, “Still, we can’t let Miss ride a horse by herself. What if she falls and hits her head?”

The expression under Ye Ci’s mask was teasing, “Her? Hit her head? You should be worried that her head will crack the ground.”

Zhang Qing Shan: “Huh?”

Yan Fu Tong could barely hold back his laughter which came out loud, “Hahaha!”

Luo Yin frowned, not pleased, “Your own head is the iron head! Your head could knock out a cow!”

Ye Ci, annoyed, massaged his temples, “Shut up, all of you. Get moving, don’t stay here and be an eyesore.”

End of Chapter 31: Iron Head Skill [2/2 Pages]

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