I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 53

Chapter 27: From One to Ten, Ten to a Hundred [1/2 page]

Yan Futong left with a big laugh, leaving You Huzhi and Li Xinyuan staring at each other in bewilderment.

What’s going on?

Has this woman gone mad?

No matter, continue guarding the gate, capture the young female general!

Five minutes later, the door to the study opened.

Luo Yinyou stepped out with one foot, pulling a rein in her hand, and the next second, Bian Gu was dragged out as if he were dead.

It was that kind of scene where he lay on the ground, with his tongue hanging out, eyes tightly closed, being dragged like a corpse.

His half body rubbing against the ground, wearing down the fancy clothes to shreds.

The frail body of the human child appeared as though possessed by a demon, effortlessly dragging the whole of Bian Gu out with one hand.

Moreover, she even intended to drag him all the way back to the cabin!

The distance from Ye Ci’s study to the mountain wall was not short, and they had to climb up a tall flight of stairs…

You Huzhi and Li Xinyuan were both stunned!

Both with identical expressions, they stood motionless, dumbfounded as they watched Luo Yinyou dragging the possibly dead Bian Gu past them.

Even after she had walked a good distance away, nearly out of sight, the two still hadn’t snapped back to reality.

After a long while, there was a creaking sound, and the study door, unbeknownst to them, had closed.

You Huzhi shivered in fear, saying, “I didn’t see wrong, did I? The young female general killed Bian Gu?”

Li Xinyuan’s face was full of terror: “Yes! Bian Gu is dead! Murdered by the young female general!”

You Huzhi jumped three feet high: “Oh my! I don’t want this money, if she killed Bian Gu and even Ye Laoda doesn’t care? I dare not ask her for the money!”

Li Xinyuan nodded repeatedly: “I have never lost money like this, I take my leave.”

As the two hurriedly left, a message started to wildly spread throughout the barracks.

Luo Yinyou, having walked a good distance away, was in high spirits, singing a mountain song while dragging Bian Gu, step by step on the way back.

The system panel kept filling up with messages.

【You Huzhi is scared witless, points +20】

【Li Xinyuan doesn’t dare to move, points +20】

Compared to today’s points increase, Luo Yinyou cared more about her own changes.

The benefits of tempering her body were immediate, at this moment, she could lift Bian Gu with one hand and do a push-up without any problem.

Every cell in her body was bursting with endless energy, rapidly growing stronger and stronger!

Ye Ci had said, continue tomorrow.

Luo Yinyou felt that she was not far from pulling out the second suppressive nail; the feeling of having power was great, not having to wait for death was great!

After sending the unconscious Bian Gu back to the cabin, Wen Dong and Chui Xue once again chased after her to feed her.

Luo Yinyou ran while hugging a milk bottle!

She would rather drink milk three meals a day than eat the food prepared by these two maids.

Whether it’s the quality of the ingredients or the culinary skills of the two maids, it was simply awful!

Another benefit of body tempering was abundant energy, Luo Yinyou felt like she had an endless amount of strength, so she took a pocket full of silver coins and ran into the market area.

The market was not big, but it was diverse and bustling with people.

Apart from the residents of the active living area, the soldiers of the Sleepless Army also liked coming here when they had nothing to do.

Luo Yinyou’s appearance immediately attracted a crowd, followed by a series of points flashing on the screen.

【Kuang Ang suddenly runs away, points +3】

【Xu Jianmu is internally frightened, points +5】

【Pan Wenshi desperately lowers his presence, points +8】


A series of significant point data, and scrolling down the record, they all came from warriors of various military branches of the Sleepless Army.

Luo Yinyou was baffled and turned her head to look.

Chapter 27: From One to Ten, Ten to a Hundred [1/2 page]

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