I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 52

Chapter 26: The Dumb Duo [Page 2/2]

The child must have suffered greatly to be so determined in cutting off familial affections.

The three people outside the house were stunned when they heard Bian Gu’s shouts.

You Hu Zhi’s face, covered with a shaggy beard, shook as he said, “Is someone slaughtering a pig?”

Li Xin Yuan questioned, “Could it be that the young female general wants to eat Bian Gu?”

You Hu Zhi snorted with laughter, “Impossible! That’s Master Ye’s beloved horse. Would she dare to try? She wouldn’t dare!”

Zhou Hong straightened his collar and walked away, “I’m not curious, not interested. I bid you farewell.”

Not long after he left, the noise inside the house ceased.

The remaining two men’s thoughts began to race.

You Hu Zhi spoke first, “General Li, what’s on your mind?”

Li Xin Yuan grimaced, “That’s the money I saved up to find a wife!”

You Hu Zhi’s eyes widened, “Who would marry you for 16 broken silver pieces? You must be dreaming!”

Li Xin Yuan blinked and whispered, “Lin State, Yong’an City, Ten Tea Street, Wanhua Lane… 16 broken silver pieces can pick out two wives!”

You Hu Zhi’s eyes lit up, and he coughed awkwardly to ease the embarrassment, “Ahem! Well, that money must be taken back, right?”

Li Xin Yuan: “Yes! It’s for my future wife!”

You Hu Zhi: “It’s for my future wife too! Let’s wait here. Today we must make the young female general cry and take our money back!”

Li Xin Yuan: “Right! Make her cry, take it back!”

The two men encouraged each other with high spirits, their voices louder than the other.

At that moment, someone rushed over, shouting for help as he ran.

You Hu Zhi and Li Xin Yuan looked closely and laughed; it was Qiu Rong Xuan from the secret services.

They saw Qiu Rong Xuan running out of breath, a large saber whistling over his head from time to time, each swing bringing a whirlwind as if to smash his head!

The saber was intimidating, and the wielder even more so.

Yan Fu Tong’s eyes were fierce as she pursued closely, her saber slashing forward ruthlessly, both fast and fierce!

Qiu Rong Xuan begged frantically, “General Fu! Spare my life, General Fu! I truly don’t know where General Zhou is, he just took the money and ran… Ah! That’s right! General You and General Li were just chasing after him, they must know!”

Seeing You Hu Zhi and Li Xin Yuan not far away, Qiu Rong Xuan saw them as a lifeline and quickly shifted Yan Fu Tong’s attention.

Yan Fu Tong squinted at the two men, but soon realized she had arrived near Ye Ci’s study room.

She quickly sheathed her saber and lightened her steps.

You Hu Zhi snorted forcefully, “General Fu is not good enough, what’s the point of chasing lackeys? Zhou Hong, that guy, has already fled!”

Yan Fu Tong tipped her chin up, unconvinced, “You two chased one man, and still let him escape? Who’s not good enough now?”

You Hu Zhi was speechless and unable to retort.

Li Xin Yuan immediately followed up, saying, “General Fu, our goal was to chase down the money we were tricked out of, not the man.”

Yan Fu Tong raised an eyebrow, “Oh? Is that so? Did you get your money back?”

You Hu Zhi thumped his chest, “Very soon! The money is now in the young female general’s hands. When she comes out, we’ll pin her to the ground, beat her up, and take it back.”

Yan Fu Tong laughed heartily, “What? Beat up the young female general? Ha ha ha!”

Li Xin Yuan frowned, “What’s so funny?”

Yan Fu Tong, hands on her hips, looked down on them with disdain, “Zhou Hong was right, you two really are one dummy and one dolt, the Dumb Duo!”

After saying that, she laughed loudly as if she had heard a hilarious joke.

She truly enjoyed the pleasure of having the right information!

Thinking of tormenting the young female general today, and then ten years later begging for her forgiveness while kneeling on the ground?

Ha ha ha!

Yan Fu Tong was so delighted by the thought that she didn’t even notice Qiu Rong Xuan had run off and disappeared.

Chapter 26: The Dumb Duo [Page 2/2]

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