I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 51

Chapter 26: The Dumb and Foolish Duo [Part 1/2]

Luo Yin You managed to pick up 32 pieces of broken silver, which seemed like a considerable fortune, especially when compared to Dong He and Chui Xue who were still collecting copper coins.

At this moment, Bian Valley understood the situation and began to chuckle ‘jiu jiu’ beside them.

Zhou Hong’s complexion was not looking good, but he dared not say much. If this had occurred before yesterday, he would have definitely argued with the little general girl, but now…

He could only sigh and watch helplessly as Luo Yin You picked up the pieces of silver one by one and stuffed them into her pocket.

He couldn’t dare to make an enemy of the future chief commander of the Evernight Army.

He had to admit defeat!

You Hu Zhi and Li Xin Yuan were very silent, their mood even worse than Zhou Hong’s.

After picking up the broken silvers, Luo Yin You approached Bian Valley, who was sillily laughing on the side.


She grabbed its reins and dragged it into the study.

Bian Valley: “Jiu?”

Ye Ci had been silent throughout, following them in and even closed the door behind them.

With a bang, the study door shut tightly.

Immediately after, separated by a single door, Bian Valley’s screams like a pig being slaughtered resounded!


Bian Valley even broke through its own limits, no longer limited to ‘jiu’ noises, and began to shout with its throat wide open.

Inside the room.

Luo Yin You was prying open Bian Valley’s mouth with both hands, excitedly speaking to Ye Ci beside her: “Quick, pour it down.”

Ye Ci felt the remaining body-tempering liquid was just right for Bian Valley, so without saying another word, he poured the black-green liquid, still burning with a strange flame, into Bian Valley’s mouth.

【Bian Valley is terrified, points +99】

【Bian Valley struggles desperately, points +99】

【Bian Valley…】

It began to hit critical strikes again, in a form of flood on the screen.

Unlike human youngsters, Bian Valley started twitching all over just after the first gulp, its entire body burning hot as if it was about to ignite, accompanied by the sound of bones creaking.

Ye Ci ignored Bian Valley’s agony and forcibly poured the rest of the body-tempering liquid down in one go.


Finally, Bian Valley rolled its eyes back, falling unconscious.

Luo Yin You was still prying its mouth open, looking puzzled: “Why is it reacting so much?”

Ye Ci: “You two have different tolerances.”

Bian Valley had been raised in a free-range manner, waiting to transform on its own.

Unexpectedly, following a human youngster, it managed to receive some benefits, benefits that it could not handle.

At the same time, Ye Ci also inferred from the completely different reactions of Bian Valley and Luo Yin You, the human youngster’s physical strength must be incredibly formidable, possibly a once-in-ten-thousand-years indestructible body!

What kind of family could produce such a powerful youngster?

Ye Ci secretly guessed and asked: “Do you miss home?”

Luo Yin You almost immediately shook her head: “No.”

Ye Ci was somewhat surprised and asked: “Don’t you want to find your parents?”

Luo Yin You shook her head firmly: “No, I don’t have parents.”

In her past life, she had searched for her parents, but what was the result?

She was abandoned!

In this life, she didn’t want any expectations, nor did she want to be shattered once again.

Ye Ci didn’t speak anymore, but he kept the youngster’s subconscious reaction deep in his heart.

Chapter 26: The Dumb and Foolish Duo [Part 1/2]

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