I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 48

Chapter 24: Let’s See If You’ll Explode [Page 2/2]

Ye Ci said, “Safety is relative. You can guard against people, but not against ghosts. They will hide among humans and enter your dreams at night, subtly altering your thoughts until you won’t even know how you died.”

Luo Yingyao replied expressionlessly, “Alright, stop talking about it. I am scared. Let’s move on to the next item.”

Ye Ci was silent…

[A mood swing occurs in Ye Ci, score +1]

He took a deep breath and continued: “We’ve talked about the general environment, now let’s discuss the state of Beiyou.”

Luo Yingyao was ready to take notes, but Ye Ci paused for a long time.

She tapped on the table with her pen, making a ‘dong dong’ sound.

Luo Yingyao urged, “Go on, what about Beiyou Country?”

Ye Ci said, “Beiyou Country is where I grew up. I have an emotional attachment to it. Even though it is barren and the Emperor is so-so, I don’t want to see this country disappear or be destroyed.”

Luo Yingyao blinked, her face showing a hint of confusion.

Why are you suddenly talking about feelings?

And Beiyou Country isn’t disappearing, is it? The Nevernight Army always wins their battles!

Ye Ci turned to look at her: “That’s it for the talk. Now, let’s start with the body tempering process.”

Luo Yingyao: “Huh???”

Your train of thought is jumping too fast!

Without further ado, Ye Ci pulled out a large copper basin from thin air, slamming it down on the ground with a clang.

Then he started pouring all sorts of things into the basin – a green, oily liquid, some black, ashy residue – until the basin was full. He even threw a small cluster of fire into it.

The fire burned on the surface of the liquid, its color changing eerily, perhaps due to the odd nature of the liquid.

Luo Yingyao watched, slack-jawed!

Ye Ci, with his bare hands, stirred the disgustingly colored solution: “Okay, get ready.”

Luo Yingyao’s brows knitted, but she overcame her inner reluctance and began to loosen her clothing.

Ye Ci glanced at her, frowning: “What are you doing?”

Luo Yingyao: “Isn’t it a bath? For the body tempering, right?”

That’s how it’s described in the novels she had read.

Ye Ci: “Who told you to soak in it? Drink it!”

Luo Yingyao: “??!!”

You want her to drink this huge basin amount, which is bigger than her body?

Luo Yingyao was stunned!

But Ye Ci didn’t give her a chance to argue or react, he pried her mouth open, lifted the basin of liquid, and started pouring it into her mouth.

“Ah—gurgle gurgle! Gurgle gurgle!” Luo Yingyao nearly passed out in one breath.

Is this thing even drinkable? You must be plotting a murder!

Ye Ci was relentless, pouring continuously without stopping.

Towards the end, Luo Yingyao became numb, staring at the ceiling and wondering when her body would burst.

Yet, oddly, she drank for a long time, half of the basin was gone, but she never felt full or had the urge to visit the bathroom.

She heard Ye Ci’s incessant voice in her ear: “The purpose of body tempering is to strengthen the physique. It’s a brute force method usually reserved for the later stages of cultivation, but with your seal being an exception, we have to do the opposite. We must forcibly strengthen your body to loosen the seal before you can attempt to cultivate.”

As he spoke, Ye Ci increased the pouring speed: “Ordinary people can’t withstand body tempering; their bodies would explode from it. I want to see if you will explode.”


Luo Yingyao’s body didn’t explode, but her hair did, due to anger.

What was once a pineapple head now looked like a big sea urchin!

So you didn’t know if her body would explode, yet you kept pouring relentlessly?

Chapter 24: Let’s See If You’ll Explode [Page 2/2]

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