I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 47

Chapter 24: Let’s See if You’ll Blow Up [1/2 Page]

The shadow operatives were faster than thieves. The moment someone recognized Qiu Rongxuan, he had already made a break for it and disappeared without a trace into the crowd, eluding any attempt to find him.

A huge sum of money—just like that, swindled away!

You Huizhi and Li Xinyuan exchanged glances, seeing the numbness in each other’s eyes.

It wasn’t their first time being played by the shadow operatives. Why don’t they ever learn?

By this time, Zhou Hong had already sheathed his dagger and glanced at You Huizhi and Li Xinyuan, speaking lightly, “Look, a fool and a dolt.”

You Huizhi: “???”

Li Xinyuan: “!!!”

Yan Futong didn’t care about the chaotic surroundings, or that the soldiers’ money had been tricked away; it was none of her business, she just wanted to win.


With a swirling motion, her broadsword traced a semi-circular arc over her head, swiftly carrying it from behind to the front.

Yan Futong was brimming with the desire to fight: “Another round!”

Zhou Hong glanced at her, leisurely gathering the scattered hidden weapons from the ground, “Who has time for you? I still need to go divide the loot!”

You Huizhi and Li Xinyuan had had enough. They roared and rushed forward, confronting the challenge.

You Huizhi: “Thief! Prepare to die!”

Li Xinyuan: “Return my hard-earned money!”

But when they pounced, they caught nothing but air. Zhou Hong, who had just been standing there, had at some unnoticeable moment, teleported several meters away, watching the two of them with an amused grin.

He even waved his hand, “I’m off, goodbye.”

Swoosh! He disappeared without a trace!

You Huizhi: “Aaaargh! I’m so angry!”

Li Xinyuan: “I cannot coexist under the same sky with the shadow operatives!”

Yan Futong: “Move aside, I’m going to kill him!”

In the study.

Luoyin You sat on the desk, her little legs swinging back and forth over the edge.

She was diligently absorbing knowledge, the world was rich and colorful, and the key points of foundational cultivation were too numerous to count.

Ye Ci sat on a chair opposite her, speaking lightly, “Heaven’s Mystery and Earth’s Yellow, the basics of cultivation realm classifications handed down by our ancestors. It’s difficult for ordinary people to transition from the Martial Trainee phase and become true cultivators, which is why even in an era where everyone practices martial arts, not many actually reach the Yellow Warrior realm. Most are still the well-endowed rich families’ children who have more resources and time.”

Luoyin You, with a little notebook and a pen, scribbled rapidly, “Oh, Yellow Warrior realm, Earth Warrior realm, Mystic Warrior realm, Heaven Warrior realm…”

Ye Ci paused for a moment, “Am I speaking too fast for you to write it all down?”

After saying that, his eyes rested on Luoyin You’s chubby little hands. A three-year-old human child could barely hold a pen properly, looking oddly out of place.

Luoyin You, without lifting her head: “I can take shorthand, continue.”

Ye Ci: “The continent is divided into five major regions. The North is perpetually cold and the poorest, having the most backward martial training. It’s where we are, with the Northern You and Han Liao kingdoms being just two small countries in the North.”

Luoyin You, connecting dots in her mind: “Oh! Northeast, southwest, divided into four regions? With the center being the fifth region?”

Ye Ci glanced at her, “Half right. The fifth region isn’t the center of the four regions as you think, but a buffer zone surrounding the whole continent, separating the four regions. It’s a dangerous place where ordinary people cannot set foot, known as the Ghost Realm.”

Luoyin You’s eyes widened: “Ghost Realm? Are there ghosts?”

Ye Ci nodded: “The Ghost Realm is inhabited by all kinds of demons and monsters, aggregating various ghostly creatures.”

Luoyin You, excitedly noting it down: “Awesome, demons and monsters, Ghost Realm, amazing!”

Ye Ci frowned: “The Ghost Realm is very dangerous. Aren’t you scared at all?”

Luoyin You: “Why should I be scared? I have you, don’t I?”

Ye Ci: “What if I’m not here anymore?”

Luoyin You paused for a moment, then said thoughtfully: “Then I’ll just stay here and not go out. You said this is the safest place.”

Chapter 24: Let’s See if You’ll Blow Up [1/2 Page]

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