I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 46

Chapter 23: Absolute Chaos [2/2 pages]

One of the three mighty generals of the Sleepless Army, Yan Fu Tong, and Zhou Hong from the secret police, have started fighting!

It’s a good fight. Everyone has been fed up with the shady tactics of the secret police, with their deceitful pleasant facades yet internally scheming and doing God-knows-what in the shadows.

Therefore, most soldiers are rooting for Yan Fu Tong, cheering endlessly.

At this point, a well-favored soldier steps forward, spreads out a long cloth, and starts shouting, “Come on, come on! Place your bets! Want to support General Fu? It’s no use just cheering—bet your money!”

Whoosh! Immediately a crowd comes forward to start investing in rounds.

Many have placed their bets, but even more people are still hesitant.

The friendly-looking soldier boosts morale, “Rest assured, everyone—don’t you already know about General Fu’s battle strength? She’s the second in command of the strongest heavy cavalry in the Sleepless Army. General Ye intends to hand over the heavy cavalry to her! That’s the heavy cavalry brigade, the one that defeated the Han Liao nation at every turn—it’s legendary!”

Whoosh! Another wave of people come forward to bet.

The amicable soldier continues to shout, “In terms of cultivation, General Fu has already entered the Xuanwu Realm. Out of the four major levels of heaven, earth, black, and yellow, most of you are still stuck at the beginner’s stage of martial training, not even touching the threshold of the Yellow Martial Realm, right? Do you understand the concept of the Xuanwu Realm?”

“Let me tell you! It’s rare to find someone in the entire Northern You nation who has reached the Xuanwu Realm! And she is only in her twenties, an absolute top genius, at the pinnacle of our nation’s pyramid! She is also the strongest female general of the empire!”


The hesitant warriors rush forward, taking out their savings that they’ve accumulated over many years.

Even You Hu Zhi and Li Xin Yuan have heard the commotion and come to bet a large sum of money on General Fu’s victory!

The beaming soldier is thrilled, “Slow down, one by one.”

At this moment, Yan Fu Tong is locked in a fierce battle with Zhou Hong. Holding a broadsword in her hands, she whirls it with each swing creating a howling gust that sweeps across the ground.

It’s like the roar of a wild beast, absolutely domineering!

In contrast, Zhou Hong hardly engages Yan Fu Tong face to face; he uses his footwork to dodge her heavy strikes, his body seems weightless as he elegantly traverses through the air with ease.

The broadsword strikes the ground again and again, leaving pits all over the heavy paving tiles.

Finally, out of breath and enraged, Yan Fu Tong yells, “Coward! All you do is hide—fight me face to face if you dare!”

Zhou Hong chuckles from a distance.


In a ten-meter stride, he appears behind Yan Fu Tong with a dagger appearing in his hand.

He flips his wrist and instantly positions the blunt side of the dagger against Yan Fu Tong’s neck!

The dagger glints coldly in the sunlight, dazzlingly bright.

Yan Fu Tong only feels a fatal danger approaching from behind, and the next second, she feels a chill on her neck.

Her great sword freezes mid-air, and as she looks down, a drop of cold sweat falls from her nose.

Zhou Hong’s voice comes from behind, quite smugly, “You’ve lost, eh!”

Yan Fu Tong is filled with anger, surprise, and above all, envy, “Shrinking Ground to Inches! How do you know General Ye’s martial technique?”

Zhou Hong smirks even more, “Big Boss Ye taught me, of course. Just won’t teach you, only me!”

Yan Fu Tong: “!!!”

The battle between the two draws to a close, leaving the onlooking soldiers dumbfounded.

General Fu, how could you lose?

What happened to the empire’s number one female general, the powerful Xuanwu Realm warrior?

The cheerful soldier quickly rolls up the cloth and leaves the scene, “Yep, made a killing!”

Someone recognizes him, trembling with anger, “That guy is Qiu Rong Xuan from the secret police! A subordinate of Zhou Hong!”

The crowd erupts in anger and dismay.

“Darn it, we’ve been played!”

“My money…”

“Catch him!”

“Where is he? He ran away!”

“Such crafty foxes! That’s how the secret police always are!”

Chapter 23: Absolute Chaos [2/2 pages]

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