I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 45

Chapter 23: Utter Confusion [Part 1 of 2 Pages]

At that moment, the thoughts racing through Luo Yingyou’s mind hit a dead end with frantic speed.

How did he know that?

Why could he know that?

Was it because she acted too mature?

Fear and panic flooded her heart, causing her complexion to gradually pale.

In the end, she decided to throw caution to the wind!

Luo Yingyou looked directly into Ye Ci’s eyes and tested, “Palace Jade Liquid Wine?”

Ye Ci was taken aback, a touch of confusion slowly emerging under his mask: “You can write poetry, too? But what does that have to do with what I asked you?”

Luo Yingyou: “…”

Not a fellow countryman, finished!

At this moment, Ye Ci pointed at her pineapple hair and tapped gently.


A current passed through Ye Ci’s fingertips, creating an intense numbing sensation.

“Indeed, the Soul-Sealing Spike has also loosened, and the bloodline talents are showing signs of breaking through,” Ye Ci said with a sudden smile. “A soul mismatched with its actual age — an almost impossible encounter has happened to you.”

Luo Yingyou abruptly raised her head, her expression dumbfounded as if she had just heard something absolutely astonishing.

Could it be like this?

So, that’s how it is!

Ye Ci’s voice still carried a teasing tone, “Even the heavens are helping you; you have incredible fortune.”

Luo Yingyou, not wanting her secrets probed any further, took the initiative to ask, “What lineage and talent do I have?”

Ye Ci stretched out his finger again, poking her pineapple hairdo.


Ye Ci: “Isn’t it obvious, Thunder.”

Luo Yingyou covered her exploded bun hair with her hands: “Wait, stop playing around. I still don’t understand so much. Does this mean that the dual seals on my body have loosened, and not only can I cultivate, but the seals will also be lifted soon, right?”

“You wish!” Ye Ci unceremoniously doused her with a cold reality: “Dragon Slaughter’s Ten Seals are the world’s strongest seal, not something that can simply be broken. The conditions for release are stringent; every three years marks a hurdle. You’ve got your work cut out for you.”

Luo Yingyou was confused: “So, is it possible or not?”

Ye Ci: “Possible, but difficult. As the name implies, Dragon Slaughter’s Ten Seals require the slaying of a dragon. Think about a dragon lying on top of you; how could you possibly lift your head to live and cultivate normally?”

Luo Yingyou: “!!!”

She was shocked and greatly shaken, yet she still didn’t fully understand.

Ye Ci: “In the coming years, I’ll do what I can to help you remove the Soul-Pinning Spike on your back. I can’t say how many I can remove. As for the Soul-Sealing Spike on your head, soul matters are beyond my help, but you can try controlling dreams, focusing, and other methods to strengthen your spirit soul, which might be useful.”

Luo Yingyou: “…”

It’s too complicated!

Ye Ci: “Let’s make this clear, I’m helping you, but you also have to help me.”

Luo Yingyou nodded immediately: “What do I need to do?”

Ye Ci: “My time is running short; I hope you can behave, and cause less trouble.”

Luo Yingyou: “Ah?”

Honestly, this twist was too big, making it hard for her to adapt.

What does that mean? Are you going to die?

She looked at the mask before her, both ugly and unsettling, but the only visible pair of eyes were bright and sincere.

Out in the open ground.

Zhou Hong and Yan Fu Tong had already been fighting from the living area all the way to the martial combat zone, ending with tens of thousands of Bu Ye army soldiers watching.

Chapter 23: Utter Confusion [Part 1 of 2 Pages]

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