I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 43

Chapter 22: Surely Your Soul Is More Than Three Years Old? [1/2 pages]

Luo Yingyao slept until the sun was high in the sky, and when she opened her eyes, she felt completely disoriented, sitting on the bed for quite a while.

She seemed to have killed a traitor yesterday?


Luo Yingyao quickly shook her body, feeling sticky all over.

Hearing the noise, Wen Dong and Chui Xue pushed the door open and began to help her clean up, muttering something under their breath.

Luo Yingyao was still groggy from sleep and took a while to respond: “Is General Fu outside?”

Wen Dong: “Yes, he’s been here since early morning, with two dark circles under his eyes, as if he has urgent matters to discuss with the young miss.”

Luo Yingyao suddenly asked: “Her surname is clearly Yan, so why does everyone call her General Fu?”

The faces of Wen Dong and Chui Xue both turned to shock, hesitant to answer.

Luo Yingyao grew more curious, wiped her face casually, then got out of bed. Her little feet stepped on Bian Gu’s head, waking him with a press.

【Bian Gu is irritable, Points +9】

Only then did Luo Yingyao notice that there was still someone beside the bed, and she scrolled up the system panel’s records.

Good heavens!

There were still two entries from eight o’clock in the morning.

Luo Yingyao simply grabbed Bian Gu’s reins and roughly dragged him up.

Chui Xue shouted from behind: “Young miss, your hair is still a mess!”

Luo Yingyao: “I won’t comb it.”

Just as she walked out the door, she saw Yan Fu Tong sitting on the steps waiting, indeed looking haggard with sunken eyes.

Before she could greet him, Zhou Hong approached from below the steps.

Compared to Yan Fu Tong’s obvious sleeplessness, Zhou Hong looked lively and spirited.

Zhou Hong glanced at Luo Yingyao’s explosive hair, then at Yan Fu Tong’s dark circles, and laughed: “Yo! It’s better to be lucky than early!”

Yan Fu Tong’s anger was palpable as he stepped up to Luo Yingyao: “Miss, shall I teach you cultivation today?”

Zhou Hong continued to laugh: “Before practicing, one should first learn the theory. Only with clear understanding can one start safely, otherwise misdirected energy channels can cause deviation. So, miss, you’d better come with me today!”

Yan Fu Tong: “Everyone has a different constitution, your gloomy theory will surely be of no use to the miss.”

Zhou Hong: “Oh, so your theory works, turning yourself into a steel Barbie? Look at all the girls in the Northern You Kingdom, who is built like you, all bulky and beefy. If the young miss learns from you, wouldn’t that be the end of her?”

Yan Fu Tong got angry and started cursing: “Bullshit! Nonsense! This is a symbol of strength, what do you know?!”

Zhou Hong: “I might know nothing, but what do you know?”

The two of them started arguing at the doorstep, quickly escalating towards a fight.

Luo Yingyao and Bian Gu watched dumbfounded; what was up with these two today?

They argued unabatedly, blocking the path down the steps.

Luo Yingyao decided to just sit at the doorway with Bian Gu, resting her chin in her palm, watching the argument unfold. Her explosive hair fluttered in the wind like tumbleweed!

Bian Gu showed a range of expressions, even getting into the argument, nodding in agreement with Zhou Hong one moment and then falling into deep thought, appreciating Yan Fu Tong’s approach another.

Who knows how long they argued, but just as Yan Fu Tong’s fiery temper reached the point of rolling up her sleeves for a fight, a figure in white clothes approached from the distance.

Zhou Hong and Yan Fu Tong both shut their mouths and stopped arguing.

Ye Ci glanced at them and then turned to Luo Yingyao: “I will teach her myself.”

Yan Fu Tong: “Eh???”

Zhou Hong burst out laughing: “Hahaha! You haven’t slept all night, and you’ve waited all morning for nothing!”

Yan Fu Tong drew her huge sword from her back in a flash, her eyes flashing fiercely: “Today I must slaughter you!”

Zhou Hong quickly fled down the steps, throwing some sort of hidden weapon behind him.

Yan Fu Tong flipped her wrists, and the sword swirled agilely in her hands, deflecting the hidden weapon with a crisp ‘clang’.

Then, she chased after him with her sword raised!

Well, now they were actually fighting.

Luo Yingyao watched their quickly retreating figures, her mouth wide open in an ‘O’ shape.

Chapter 22: Surely Your Soul Is More Than Three Years Old? [1/2 pages]

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