I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 42

Chapter 21: Yan Futong Kneels and Won’t Get Up [Page 2/2]

Yan Futong: “Yes!”

The three of them walked out of the courtyard, leaving long footprints on the snowy ground.

In this land of extreme cold and scarce resources, where war and starvation were rampant, it seemed that only tonight was peaceful.

Ye Ci walked at the front, silent, quietly watching the sky.

Snow began to fall again.

Yan Futong was not interested in the romantic notions of wind, flowers, snow, and the moon. With a face full of melancholy and urgency, he tried several times to speak but stopped himself.

Zhou Hong, who could not stay idle, fiddled with a compass for a while, then said, “How strange, this compass should be a treasure, but I don’t know how to use it.”

Yan Futong hurriedly spoke up, “This is the Dongguo Family’s Ghost Invocation Device. Don’t touch it; it’s very sinister.”

Zhou Hong laughed, “Can General Fu use it? Then you should keep it!”

Yan Futong quickly declined, “No, no, I won’t take it. I can’t use it, and I’m not good with words, if someone sees it, I won’t be able to explain.”

Ye Ci turned around to look at her, “You really should work on your speaking skills.”

Zhou Hong chimed in, “Exactly! That Dongguo something, you didn’t say a word when they splashed dirty water on us, and then at night, you knelt at the gate of Old Ye, and after kneeling, you didn’t know how to explain it. I have never seen anyone as foolish as you.”

Yan Futong scratched her head anxiously but didn’t know how to retort.

Zhou Hong, seeing her embarrassment, changed the subject, “Let’s talk about the young miss instead! Her performance today was truly unexpected!”

Speaking of Luoyin You, Yan Futong had much to say, “In my opinion, for a young miss to have such composure and courage at the age of three, she’s truly worthy of being Old Ye’s child!”

Ye Ci sighed, “I’ve said it many times, she fell from the sky.”

Yan Futong: “Oh…”

Zhou Hong suddenly remembered something and laughed, “Zhang the lame also said you fell from the sky.”

Yan Futong blinked, “General, she is pretty. It would work if she became a child bride.”

Zhou Hong rolled his eyes, “Forget it! Raising her in a military camp and causing trouble all the time? She’s too troublesome!”

Yan Futong was a little unhappy and countered, “I don’t think so. The young miss just has an accident-prone nature, and besides, she’s only three years old. What’s wrong with being a little mischievous?”

Zhou Hong retorted, “You’re still taking her side? Don’t come crying when she sells you out and you help count the money. I can see it now; that child is devilishly clever.”

The two began to argue.

Ye Ci suddenly said, “In the future, I want her to become the commander of the Bu Ye Army.”

Zhou Hong and Yan Futong were simultaneously stunned, frozen on the spot, only reacting after Ye Ci had walked far away. Just how satisfied was Old Ye with that child, to decide on a successor so soon?

Luoyin You slept heavily that night and had many dreams, interspersed with her past and always stopping during the process of falling from high places.

In the morning, she dreamed again that she was falling from the sky, which startled her awake in a cold sweat.

After waking, Luoyin You sat up groggily, stepped on a plush toy, and climbed down from the bed, hugging the milk bottle on the small desk and drinking noisily.

Bian Gu, who slept at the foot of the bed, grumbled and turned over.

After having her fill of milk, Luoyin You stepped on Bian Gu’s body to climb back into bed, continuing to sleep.

Bian Gu’s body twitched, and in its sleep, it lifted its head and glanced around.

It seemed to have dreamed that it was crushed by a big mountain!


Yan Futong, with dark circles under her eyes, stood by the small cabin’s steps early in the morning.

Wen Dong and Chui Xue came on time to see if the young miss was awake and were startled by Yan Futong’s panda eyes from afar!

Wen Dong bowed, approached, and asked, “General Fu, have you not slept all night?”

Yan Futong waved her hands dismissively, sounding congested, “It’s nothing, how is the young miss?”

Chui Xue glanced inside the house and whispered, “She’s still sleeping.”

Yan Futong quickly lowered her voice as well, “Oh, in that case, I’ll wait here.”

End of Chapter 21: Yan Futong Kneels and Won’t Get Up [Page 2/2]

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