I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 40

Chapter 20: Whether Human or Ghost, Everyone is Putting on a Show [Page 2/2]

At eye level with her height was a black combat boot stepping on the back of Dongguo Yi.

Luo Yin, young and raising her face, was surprised to find that at some point, Ye Ci had extended his foot and was stepping on someone, rendering them unable to move.

In Dongguo Yi’s hand, at some unknown time, a compass had appeared, but because Ye Ci’s kick was too fast and the dagger too sharp, the compass was smeared with blood before it could be used.

Dongguo Yi’s body twitched on the ground for a while, and during that time, that foot remained firmly on his back.

Luo Yin, with both hands still holding the dagger, watched this scene unfold and couldn’t help but snort as she pulled the dagger out.

It was her first time killing someone, and she didn’t know what she was feeling; her heart was very complicated.

As she pulled out the dagger, blood sprayed from the neck soaking her all over.

Ye Ci finally released his foot from Dongguo Yi’s back, bending over to retrieve the dagger from Luo Yin’s hand.

His voice was neither sad nor happy: “How many sets of clothes do you have to change in a day?”

Luo Yin looked down at herself, filthy and bloody.

Ye Ci flicked the blood off the dagger and with a “swoosh” sound, sheathed it back. Wearing a mask, no one could tell what expression he had at that moment.

At this time, Zhou Hong finally returned from outside. Seeing the scene before him, he smiled and asked, “Oh! How did this person die?”

Luo Yin came back to her senses due to his voice. She glanced at Ye Ci and then at Yan Fu Tong, her face pale as she walked out of the council hall.

This world is too terrifying!

Every one of you, with minds as deep as ghosts!

Outside, the night had fallen, and soldiers passing by politely greeted her with calls of “Little Miss General.”

The path back to the small wooden cabin, usually a short run for her, felt extraordinarily long tonight, every step taken with exhaustion.

Dragging her bloodied body to the stone wall beneath the small wooden cabin, Luo Yin suddenly stopped and looked up at the sky.

A bright moon hung there, with scattered stars.

Her lips turned down, and she felt an urge to cry.

Just then, a voice cursing and swearing came through.

“Where is it? Damn! I’ve been searching for hours! Can’t find it… I’m done for, if the boss finds out, he’ll definitely punish me!”

Luo Yin’s tears suddenly retracted, and she turned to look.

Isn’t that Li Xinyuan!

Li Xinyuan was in a hurry at that moment, his forehead full of sweat, looking down as he walked, not missing any corner in his search for something.

Luo Yin took out the cheat sheet from her pocket that she had gotten during the day and approached him, “General Li, are you looking for this?”

Seeing the cheat sheet, Li Xinyuan sighed a sigh of relief and immediately snatched it, then lit it up with a fire nearby.

The speed was so fast that it even left an afterimage, showing how frantic he was inside.

After burning it, he then turned to Luo Yin and asked earnestly, “Little Miss General, what a coincidence. Have you had dinner yet?”

Luo Yin replied, “I haven’t eaten. That note just now…”

Li Xinyuan immediately interrupted her, “What note? I don’t know what you’re talking about! I can’t understand!”

Luo Yin: “…”

I’ll buy into your deceit!

Li Xinyuan stood up straight and said, “Ahem! Anyway, it seems General Zhou is looking for me. I don’t know what the matter is. I better go check it out. It’s always something day by day.”

Luo Yin: “Oh, it’s about your brother.”

Li Xinyuan: “My brother?”

Luo Yin nodded, “Yes, your long-lost brother, Li Xinliang.”

Li Xinyuan burst into laughter, “Where do I have a brother? Haha! It seems there’s a situation. I need to rush over and enjoy the drama!”

Luo Yin turned and left, “Heh, nicely done! Absolutely splendid! Whether human or ghost, you all are putting on a show, you old six. I’m truly impressed to the core!”

Muttering all the way back to the small wooden cabin, she opened the door and walked in, causing Wen Dong and Xuexiao to jump up in fright, instantly adding two +99 shock points each.

Xuexiao: “Ah! Why are you covered in blood?”

Wen Dong: “Little Miss General, are you injured? Where? Is it serious?”

Luo Yin expressionlessly replied, “Oh, I’m not injured. I just poked a hornet’s nest.”

【Wen Dong doesn’t understand, gaining +22 points.】

【Xuexiao is full of confusion, gaining +33 points.】

Chapter 20: Whether Human or Ghost, Everyone is Putting on a Show [Page 2/2]

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