I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 39

Chapter 20: Whether Human or Ghost, All Are Showing Off [1/2]


Under that mask, the corners of Ye Ci’s eyes seemed to curve slightly.

[Night Ci generates an emotional fluctuation, points +1]

Following that, he suddenly stood up, covering ten meters in an instant to arrive right in front of Luo Yin You.

Luo Yin You swallowed nervously, unable to discern the other party’s attitude as her system panel provided no specific emotions.

Dongguo Yi lifted his head, staring at Luo Yin You with resentment.

He couldn’t understand how such a little brat could be aware of his true identity.

Could it be…

Fear began to take hold of Dongguo Yi, as he turned his head to look at Ye Ci.

Was it possible that this man knew something?

With a flick of his sleeve, a silver dagger appeared in Ye Ci’s hand, with the hilt pointed toward Luo Yin You, offering it to her.

Luo Yin You: “???”

Had the dagger not been sheathed, and had it not been obviously offered for her to hold, she would have been scared to death.

Why on earth are you offering her a dagger for no reason?

The dagger was small, but still required both hands for the three-year-old Luo Yin You to catch.

Just as she grasped the hilt…


Ye Ci flipped his wrist, two fingers resting on the dagger’s sheath, and suddenly pulled it out.

The cold light flickered on the surface of the dagger, appearing extremely sharp!

Luo Yin You was baffled, staring blankly at the dagger in her hand.

At that moment, her posture resembled someone about to thrust a dagger forward, aimed directly at Ye Ci.

However, it was at this time that Ye Ci spoke: “Since you claimed he is a spy, kill one for me to see.”

Luo Yin You: “!!!”


If her emotional fluctuations could also earn points, she would definitely hit 999 in a supercritical hit!

Kill for you to see? She was just a three-year-old child, and you’re pulling this stunt on her?

At that moment, Luo Yin You was in a dilemma, her hand trembling as she held the dagger.


Had never killed anyone before!

The smile under Ye Ci’s mask was mocking, “You speak so confidently when accusing others of being spies, but when asked to prove it to me, you dare not?”

Luo Yin You: “…”

Dongguo Yi shouted with all his might, “General Night! Believe me! I am not a spy! My real name is Li Xinliang, I am Li Xinyuan’s brother, his own brother! Just wait for my brother to come, wait for him to come and recognize me! I can prove it!”

No one paid attention to him, and in the whole council hall, only his voice echoed loudly.

Suddenly, Dongguo Yi turned his head towards Yan Fu Tong: “General Fu! Save me! Yan Fu Tong, what are you doing? Have you forgotten your mission? Save me quickly!”

Yan Fu Tong: “?!”

Her eyes widened, her mouth agape, but she was unable to utter a sound.

At the door, Zhou Hong’s voice urging the soldiers to call for Li Xinyuan had, at some unknown time, ceased.

Leaving only a closed council hall door!

Ye Ci did not give anyone else a glance but stared directly at Luo Yin You: “Why aren’t you taking action?”

Luo Yin You: “&@#%¥……@¥%&@¥……”

She turned around, thrusting fiercely at Dongguo Yi’s neck!

Having never killed before, she had no idea how.

She simply aimed for the neck to draw blood, much like slaughtering a chicken!

The sharpness of the dagger far exceeded her imagination and knowledge; the sight of scarlet, the feeling of cutting through skin was like slicing tofu.

Before she could even react, the dagger was already deeply plunged into the other party’s neck, standing erect.

Chapter 20: Whether Human or Ghost, All Are Showing Off [1/2]

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