I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 38

Chapter 19: Do You Believe Him, or Do You Believe Me? [Page 2/2]

【Calculating Price……】

【Intelligence One, requires a withdrawal of 10,000 points.】

【Intelligence Two, requires a withdrawal of 500 points.】

【Please Choose!】

Luo Yin found herself almost exploding in anger. She had a total of only 125,000 points saved up, and they were asking for 10,000 points for a piece of information?

Was she supposed to forget about lifting the seal?

Thus, she decisively chose Intelligence Two.

【Withdrawing 500 points……】

【Withdrawal successful! Remaining points: 124,500!】

Immediately after, five large characters appeared on the system panel.

【Dongguo Yi, spy.】

Just five words, and more than half were the name. 500 points for two words, was she being sold each word for 250?

Luo Yin even suspected that the system was treating her like a pig to be slaughtered!

However, the information was indeed valuable.

At this moment, Zhou Hong was laughing joyfully as if truly happy for Li Xinyuan, and even made a special trip to the entrance of the council hall as if urging people to call General Li over.

As for Yan Futong, she did not doubt ‘Li Xinliang’s’ identity at all, and stepped forward to try to help him up.

The only ones who had not made a stance and had no reaction were Luo Yin and Ye Ci.

Feeling the gaze from above, Luo Yin looked up and sure enough, saw Ye Ci watching her with an ambiguous look.

She took a deep breath and in a harmonious atmosphere loudly stated, “He is not General Li’s brother at all, his name is not Li Xinliang, his real name is Dongguo Yi, and he is a spy!”

Yan Futong, who was halfway to helping him up, was startled by these words and subconsciously let go.


Dongguo Yi fell back to the ground!

He landed on the injured knee, sweating cold with pain.

But more than the fall, all his attention was on Luo Yin.

【Dongguo Yi in disbelief, points +99】

【Dongguo Yi in great fear, points +99】


Dongguo Yi started to roar, “You’re slandering again! You attacked me and tried to kill me, and now you’re framing me! You’re a devil!”

He added, “My brother Li Xinyuan will not let you go!”

Luo Yin ignored him and looked straight at Ye Ci who was sitting at the head of the table.

Do you believe him?

Or do you believe me?

At the same time, she was also ready to purchase Intelligence One as a backup for herself.

If Ye Ci asked her for details or if there was any dispute on this matter, she would spend those 10,000 points!

Points can be earned again, but the opportunity is only right now.

Luo Yin was very nervous, and Dongguo Yi was even more so.

Judging from the flood of data appearing on the system panel, his emotions were almost exploding!

Several consecutive critical hits brought the 500 points just spent right back.

Yan Futong was stunned; she seemed not very bright, standing there not knowing what to do.

What was strange was Zhou Hong, who was still at the door urging the soldiers to call Li Xinyuan over, completely unconcerned about the commotion in the council hall, as if he couldn’t hear it at all.

Chapter 19: Do You Believe Him, or Do You Believe Me? [Page 2/2]

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