I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 37

Chapter 19: Do You Believe Him or Me? [1/2 page]

Luoyin You stopped only when two officers of the Sleepless Army intervened, panting heavily with her face flushed from anger.

After calming down, she checked her system panel and found her points had reached over 125,000. In that brief moment, the new recruits had contributed a lot, all frightened by her ferocious demeanor.

She then composed herself and turned back to wave at the recruits, “Thanks for the points, bros!”

The crowd: “???”

Two quarters of an hour later.

Inside the council hall, Ye Ci looked indifferently at the row of people in front of him.

This was already the second incident of the day!

Luoyin You, small and disheveled, stood in the hall, her new clothes wrinkled, her hair exploding in every direction, appearing like a little beggar.

Next to her was Dongguo Yi, whose arm sensibility had recovered and was now crying and begging Ye Ci for justice.

His knees were shattered, unable to stand straight, and his face swollen from the dense punches. His demeanor completely shifted from when he was in front of Luoyin You, now abjectly prostrate on the ground.

The two officers who had brought them had already stepped back, clearly not wanting to get involved in the young lady’s affairs—two days and three returns, who could stand it?

Standing to the side were Generals Zhou Hong and Yan Fu Tong, who had seriously listened to the events as described by Dongguo Yi.

Zhou Hong glanced towards Ye Ci, and noticing that he had no intention of speaking, remained silent as well.

However, Yan Fu Tong was very concerned about the matter and earnestly asked, “Young lady, why did you hit him?”

Luoyin You lifted her face and answered emotionlessly, “He called me a bastard.”

She couldn’t prove the killing intent displayed on the system’s panel, but everyone had heard him call her a “bastard.”

She was an orphan in her previous life, and the same in this one.

The harm of being labeled a “bastard” went far deeper for her than for an average person!

Zhou Hong stroked his chin and looked again at the person at the head of the room.

Still, Ye Ci remained silent, his face obscured by a mask, leaving no clue of his current expression.

Luoyin You was also unsure what Ye Ci was thinking—since she had entered, the system panel showed no signs of emotion from him.

Of course, she didn’t expect Ye Ci to defend her.

She had vented her anger and was willing to take responsibility for her actions if required.

Yan Fu Tong’s expression turned unpleasant as she looked at the man on the ground and asked, “What is your name? Why did you verbally assault the young lady?”

With a downtrodden manner, Dongguo Yi replied, “This humble one is named Li Xinliang, 20 years of age this year.”

Luoyin You’s eyes narrowed, staring at the man.

What did you say your name was?

The name displayed on the system panel was clearly Dongguo Yi!

The system couldn’t lie, so the man must be deceitfully misreporting his name!

Zhou Hong’s reaction was even more dramatic; he almost exclaimed in surprise, “What did you just say your name was? Which Xin, which Liang? From which tribe do you hail?”

Dongguo Yi, feigning terror, cautiously replied, “The heart as in ‘heart,’ the beam as in ‘supporting beam.’ I got separated from my family when I was five, I don’t know what tribe…”

Zhou Hong suddenly burst out laughing, “Go and call Li Xinyuan here! His brother has been found!”

Yan Fu Tong was astonished, “What? He is General Li’s brother?”

Zhou Hong nodded, “Yes! The name Li Xinliang, with the age of 20, and separated from his family at the age of five… all these details match! It can’t be wrong! General Li Xinyuan has been looking for his brother for many years, and now, finally, he has been found!”

Luoyin You’s mouth dropped open in an O-shape, her mind struggling to comprehend.

His brother???

She quickly turned her gaze to Ye Ci at the head of the room but found those eyes behind the peculiar mask showed no emotion, eternally inscrutable.

Luoyin You took a breath to calm herself, ignoring the ongoing family recognition meeting between Zhou Hong and Yan Fu Tong, and quickly used the system panel’s query feature, silently concentrating.

【Dongguo Yi’s real identity?】

The system immediately responded.

【Executing: Identify Dongguo Yi’s identity.】

Chapter 19: Do You Believe Him or Me? [1/2 page]

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