I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 36

Chapter 18: Jumping Up to Hit Your Knee [Page 2/2]


The man cried out in pain. Caught completely off guard, he never expected such an incident to occur, and his palm went numb in an instant, leaving his entire arm sensationless.

During this opening, Luoyin You abruptly jumped up, swinging her small, fleshy fist towards the man’s knee, delivering a hit!


Jumping up to hit your knee!

She hadn’t learned any combat techniques; she only had the rough and tumble experience from fighting since childhood, always aiming for the painful spots.


“Ow!!!” The man cried out in pain once again.

Luoyin You didn’t know how strong her full-force blow was; she only knew that after her punch landed, she heard a crisp snap.

Oops! She’s shattered the man’s knee!

Seeing the man already fallen on the ground, one hand numb from the shock and the other clutching his knee, sweating profusely.

Luoyin You, however, was in a completely different mood; she excitedly looked at her own fist.


She had actually broken the knee of a cultivator with the physique of an ordinary person!

What do you call this?

This is called unlimited A over tiers!

It goes to show that the joys and sorrows of humans do not coincide; that man named Dongguo Yi had all his emotions about to explode on the system panel, while Luoyin You was smug about her own physical strength.

The commotion here quickly caught the attention of the crowd, and two soldiers of the Nevernight Army immediately approached.

The two soldiers were taken aback when they saw Luoyin You, then turned to look at Dongguo Yi, who was lying on the ground, sweating profusely and in so much pain that he couldn’t get up.

“What happened?” an officer rushed over to ask.

Luoyin You touched her nose, just about to speak…

But Dongguo Yi preempted her: “She tried to kill me! Officer, save me, I haven’t provoked her! I want to resign, I’m not joining the army anymore! My leg is broken, and my hand has lost all sensation!”

Luoyin You furrowed her brows, remaining silent for the moment.

The murderous intent from the other party was something she sensed from the feedback on the system panel—a thing invisible to others. How was she to explain it?

In the distance, many new recruits were looking over here, curious about what had happened.

Dongguo Yi suddenly shouted loudly: “Isn’t your Nevernight Army known for being the fairest, with the strictest military regulations? But why does a young female officer beat and even try to kill me, and you turn a blind eye, leaving me lying on the ground ignored?!”

The two officers tried to calm him: “We haven’t said anything, and we haven’t even started to ask about the situation yet.”

But Dongguo Yi seemed to not hear the officers’ words; his expression was angry, filled with hostility toward the privileged: “So the young female officer can be superior? Can she kill at will? Why!”

Luoyin You: “I, your mother…”

Good at playing the victim first, aren’t you!

Dongguo Yi sneered: “Said to be a young female officer, actually, she’s just a wild child picked up by Ye Ci from outside!”

Luoyin You’s face turned completely stern.

She rushed forward abruptly, swinging her fist with all her might, and fiercely punching him in the face!

You’re the wild child!

Your whole family is wild!

The thousand new recruits watching behind her exploded.

“What happened? Why did they start fighting?”

“It’s my first day in the Nevernight Army and I witness such explosive events?”

“That guy just said the young female officer is a wild child!”

“Is that the point? The point is that the young female officer can actually pin a grown man to the ground and beat him!”

“Isn’t it because they dare not fight back against the young female officer?”

“Look at the ground!”

At this moment, Luoyin You’s fierce punches kept hitting Dongguo Yi, and some that missed landed on the ground, actually smashing the earth into pits.

Chapter 18: Jumping Up to Hit Your Knee [Page 2/2]

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