I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 35

Chapter 18: Jump Up and Strike Your Knees [1/2 Page]

Li Xinyuan had already taken great strides forward, occasionally pulling up his waistband as he walked away.

Luo Yingyou had no intention of chasing him; instead, she turned around and went back to the recruit training ground, standing at the edge of the field to watch the bustle.

The training field was harmonious at this time, with the recruits filled with enthusiasm and solidarity as the officers registered and grouped them.

Suddenly, a man walked out from the crowd in the training field and came to her side.

As he approached, her system panel began to prompt.

【Dongguo Yixing is excitedly gaining +9 points】

This made Luo Yingyou somewhat puzzled. Stranger, what are you excited about?

The man looked her up and down, smiling and asking, “Little girl, what’s your name? How old are you? And who are your parents?”

Luo Yingyou frowned; how strange this man was. Didn’t everyone here know that she was the young commander’s daughter?

Or was it that he approached her on purpose?

Therefore, Luo Yingyou looked up at him and said, “None of your business.”

【Dongguo Yi’s inner anger rises, gaining +20 points】

However, he kept his composure on the surface and even smiled and said, “How can a little girl be so impolite? Why do you run around everywhere? If these bad uncles catch you, they will eat you up!”

Luo Yingyou frowned again. Bad uncles? Was he talking about these officers of the Nightless Army?

The man, with no intention of stopping, crouched down close to her and said, “Children should not run around; look how dangerous it is. None of these people around here are good…”

Luo Yingyou was getting impatient, especially as the cold air was making her nose itchy, and this person was getting closer and closer.

“Ah Qiu!”

She let out a gigantic sneeze, directly spraying it onto the man’s face.

Afterwards, she even wiped her hand and flung it toward the man’s face.

After flinging, she wiped her hand on the hem of the man’s clothes.

Having wiped her hands clean, Luo Yingyou put her hands back into her pockets and stood quietly in place once again.

As if nothing had just happened!

This series of actions was swift and fierce, catching the man completely off guard.

By the time the man realized what happened, Luo Yingyou had already regained an innocent and adorable look.

【Dongguo Yi is furious, gaining +99 points】

Luo Yingyou’s eyes lit up; well done, a critical hit.

But to her surprise, the man didn’t leave. Instead, he approached with a sneer, “Little girl, are you cold? Why don’t you come with me, and I’ll buy you some candy.”

【Dongguo Yi harbors a murderous intent, gaining +33 points】

Luo Yingyou blinked, taking a step back.

The man stood up, blocking the vision of the crowd behind him, and in the blind spot, he swung down forcefully at her head!

Luo Yingyou immediately sensed an explosion of energy from within him, feeling much like the time she was kicked in the snowy field.

She quickly realized that this man was not some refugee but a practitioner with murderous intent!

On one side, there was a three-year-old child, and on the other, a cultivator harboring a murderous intention; there was no room for resistance.

But Luo Yingyou’s physical body was abnormally strong after her rebirth, and she was well-prepared.

So as he pulled at her and intended to crush her with a palm…


The hair that Xue had taken great pains to comb exploded!

Each strand stood on end, like a head full of porcupines!

At the very moment the man’s hand touched her hair…


A bright flash of electricity sparked!


The electric current struck the man’s palm, followed by a burst of electric shock.

Chapter 18: Jump Up and Strike Your Knees [1/2 Page]

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