I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 34

Chapter 17: Li Xinyuan’s Cunning Plan [Part 2 of 2]

His voice softened as he pointed to his back, “Don’t believe me? Look for yourselves, I still have the tribal totem on my back. My tribe was lost to the chaos of war, but the descendants live on!”

Luo Yingyou fixed her gaze and indeed saw a tattoo on his back.

At that moment, she suddenly remembered the different totems carved on the walls of the little wooden hut she lived in, among which was the one on Li Xinyuan’s back.

Luo Yingyou came to a realization—so that’s how it was!

Those were the totems of different tribes from the North. After the construction of the wooden hut, the soldiers, to commemorate their origins and the hometowns that no longer existed, had each of their tribal totems engraved on the walls.

That was really thoughtful, wasn’t it?

The new recruits were stirred up; emotions erupted among the hundred or so people, filling the entire training ground with roars and tears.

Nothing was more shocking than Li Xinyuan removing his armor to reveal the tribal totem!

Before, there were no wars in the North; although it was cold and resources were scarce, it was still everyone’s home.

Each tribe had its own culture and heritage, passed down from generation to generation.

But since the war between the two countries, all of that ceased to exist!

Their homes were gone, tribes disappeared one by one, and a large number of people living in the North became homeless overnight, turning into refugees wandering the borders of the two countries, vulnerable to being trampled upon and spat upon by anyone—even having to beware the slaughter by the armies of both countries…

These bitter days had persisted for many years!

The early tribal culture slowly faded away, heritage was lost, and war and armies became their nightmares.

But now, Li Xinyuan stood before them displaying the tribal totem, telling them that the Nevernight Army was an army composed of refugees.

That was the Nevernight Army!

The symbol of the myth of the Northern You Kingdom!

The members forming this strongest legion all came from the same refugee background as them?

How could the new recruits not be excited, not be agitated?

Not only were the thousand new recruits excited, but even Luo Yingyou was thrilled.

Li Xinyuan put his tunic and armor back on, and leisurely said, “Five years ago, I was taken under the command of General Ye Ci. It took me five years to transform from a worthless nobody, struggling every step of the way, into the captain of the Nevernight Army’s mounted archers, and to enter the ranks of the three fierce generals of the Nevernight Army. If I can do it, why can’t you?”

As the final word of his speech fell, the last layer of his armor clicked into place.

With a snap!

The famous General Li stood before the crowd, his stature more magnificent than ever.

A thousand recruits tried their best to stand up straight, many with tears on their faces, their hearts filled with excitement and admiration.

Seeing that the initial effect had been achieved, Li Xinyuan was very satisfied. With a wave of his hand, several soldiers stepped forward and began explaining basic combat techniques to the group of new recruits.

Li Xinyuan then gave everyone an encouraging look and strode away.

Luo Yingyou hastily followed after him, toddling along with her short legs behind him.

But before she could catch up, she saw a piece of paper falling from Li Xinyuan’s pocket.

Unaware of this, Li Xinyuan continued to walk ahead.

Halfway through her pursuit, Luo Yingyou picked up the paper from the ground and unfolded it, only to be dumbfounded!

‘Never before has any legion recruited refugees… I too am of refugee origin…’

It matched word for word with Li Xinyuan’s speech!

The note was very small, resembling the kind one might sneak a peek at during an exam, obviously prepared in case he forgot his lines.

Luo Yingyou’s feelings were extremely complicated!

General Li, you’ve shattered many of her tender illusions!

Chapter 17: Li Xinyuan’s Cunning Plan [Part 2 of 2]

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