I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 33

Chapter 17: Li Xinyuan’s intrigues [Page 1/2]

Having once again experienced the routine of washing up, combing her hair, and putting on new clothes, Luoyin, still damp with moisture, pushed open the door of the small wooden cabin.

Wen Dong, who was in a hurry, called out from behind her, “Ah! Miss General, your hair is still not completely dry. It’s freezing cold outside—come back quickly!”

Xue: “Miss General! At least eat your lunch before going out to play!”

Hearing this, Luoyin sped up, dashing off into the distance in an instant. The stone steps constructed along the cliff face were exceedingly steep, but she was not afraid at all, jumping and running down them.

Lunch? Too scary!

She didn’t stop until she reached the edge of the military training zone.

Catching her breath, Luoyin found herself in front of a practice field where Li Xinyuan, clad in soft armor, was drilling a group of recruits, roughly a thousand in number.

Li Xinyuan walked up to these recruits, randomly picking out a few to question. He inquired about their origins, battle experience, and whether they had undergone any cultivation, among other things.

Luoyin found a spot to sit down and listen, and gradually, she realized that these recruits were refugees who had only recently settled into the barracks. There were men and women among them, all ranging from ages 15 to 30.

Perhaps they hadn’t yet adjusted to the fortress, for the look in their eyes differed from those living in the residential areas. There was no trace of naivety or kindness, only wariness and cunning. They could not stand upright, exuding a lack of confidence from head to toe, standing askew with eyes darting around restlessly.

Luoyin frowned, beginning to worry.

Can such people really enlist in the army?

Li Xinyuan looked around and raised his voice: “I know what you are worried about. There has never been an army that enlists refugees—refugees are the castaways who are driven away, discriminated against, and even killed at will!”

“You lack confidence, are afraid to face life, and you’ve also lost the pursuit of power, wanting nothing more than to be a maggot just to fill your stomach!”

The harsh words came out of Li Xinyuan’s mouth, but the recruits showed no change in expression, as if they were accustomed to hearing these things, completely numb.

Luoyin was surprised, but she did not rashly interrupt and continued to observe quietly from a distance.

Suddenly, Li Xinyuan extended his right fist and struck his own left chest heavily!


A resonating sound drew the attention of all the recruits, as well as concentrating Luoyin’s gaze upon him.

Li Xinyuan then amplified his voice, almost roaring as he shouted, “So what if we’re refugees? Are refugees just fated to wait for death, to be driven out, to be slaughtered, to be exiled?!”

“Don’t you remember? You also once had your own home and beliefs!”

“I am also from a refugee background! And not just me, 80% of the Nocturnal Army’s soldiers are chosen from among the refugees, even the feared Nocturnal Army cavalry, with more than half of their members coming from different tribes of refugees!”

“Don’t believe it? Go and ask around!”

“Or, look back at those soldiers training, those brave warriors fighting for the entire Beiyou territory! Do they have the same blood flowing in their veins as you do? Do their faces have similarities with yours?”

“Those… are refugees!”

“We are all refugees!”

“What about refugees? We are human just the same! Those who should be generals will be generals! Those who are worthy of merit will still receive it!”

Li Xinyuan’s voice was impassioned and resounding, echoing throughout the training field.

Luoyin gaped in amazement at this scene.

The recruits, starting off with indifference, gradually became focused, with their eyes finally shining a light!

Is this true?

Li Xinyuan, the commander of the Nocturnal Army’s mounted archers, with a military rank just below that of the Great General of the Empire, Night Ci, one of the three fierce generals of the Nocturnal Army.

He was actually from the most sordid and lowly background of refugees?!

Not just Luoyin was surprised, but all the new recruits were incredulous.

Suddenly, Li Xinyuan undid the soft armor he was wearing, took off the innermost garment, and revealed his upper body, muscular and robust.

In this freezing cold weather, a thin layer of frost quickly formed on his skin.

Chapter 17: Li Xinyuan’s Intrigues [Page 1/2]

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