I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 32

Chapter 16: Secondary Harm [2/2 pages]

He was emotional, his spittle flying everywhere, and his full beard trembled wildly with his agitation.

Bian Valley was still in a daze, muddy water dripping from him, splattering onto the bright and clean hall floor, forming a puddle.

Luoyin You stood beside him, stripping off her large red cloak soaked with mud, and wringing it out with both hands!

Water splashed everywhere!

A large puddle of dirty water formed on the ground.

You Huzhi pointed at her and yelled loudly, “Boss Ye, look at her! Look at her!”

Luoyin You glanced at the man and, ignoring him, continued wringing out her cloak.

On the side, Bian Valley, without any sense of crisis, let out a laugh: “Chirp chirp!”

Finally, after swiping an additional +1 to his points twice, Ye Ci could no longer restrain himself and stood up.

It seemed he possessed great cultivation, capable of shrinking space, and although it appeared he only took one step, he instantly moved from ten meters away to right in front of Luoyin You.

In his left hand was a young human child, and in his right, a creature about one and a half meters tall.

Boom! Crack!

He tossed one person and one animal out of the window.

What troublemakers! Not a day of peace!

Bian Valley was totally unprepared, and as he was thrown through the air, his horse’s mouth became crooked, and he ultimately crashed heavily onto the ground.

Luoyin You, however, was different. She had already sensed Ye Ci’s emotional changes through the system panel, so she adjusted her position a second before being thrown.

As a result, Bian Valley became her meat cushion!

Bian Valley took a solid hit as he crashed to the ground, not to mention being struck by the falling young human.

The pain made him cry out “Chirp chirp!”

Bian Valley felt wronged; it wasn’t the one causing trouble, nor was it the one that fell into the muddy pit, and it certainly wasn’t the one who wrung out the muddy water.

But it was the one to suffer bad luck!

【Bian Valley’s inner turmoil, points +99】

【Bian Valley questioning life, points +99】

Luoyin You got up without a hitch, her body sticky with mud, her clothes dirty, and her hair wet.

You Huzhi’s shrill bellow continued to echo from the hall, as if his reasoning grew stronger with the volume of his voice, accompanied by Ye Ci’s spammed notifications.

【Ye Ci experiences an emotional fluctuation, points +1】

【Ye Ci can’t take it anymore, points +2】


+2 now, time to scram!

Luoyin You quickly sidestepped, and sure enough, the next second…

Bang clang!

You Huzhi’s tall and sturdy body plummeted from the sky, landing precisely on Bian Valley, who refused to get up.

The secondary harm left Bian Valley in pain and numb, staring dumbly and blankly at the sky.

Why was it always the one to get hurt?!

You Huzhi was surprised, why did Boss Ye throw him out too?

He didn’t understand!

He was the victim!

【Bian Valley feels utterly disheartened, points +99】

【You Huzhi’s heart sinks to the bottom, points +9】

Luoyin You didn’t care about what happened after, she quickly racked up her points and made a swift getaway!

Before long, Zhou Hong walked out of the council hall with a beaming smile, standing beside You Huzhi, who had wide eyes, and looked him up and down.

Zhou Hong: “Hey! Look, an idiot!”

You Huzhi: “???”

Wen Dong and Chuixue had heard about the commotion in the council hall long ago and had prepared bathwater at the cabin door, eagerly awaiting her return.

As soon as Luoyin You ran back, the two maidservants dragged her into the house and locked the door behind them.

Wen Dong: “Young lady, it’s so cold, how did you end up falling into a mud pit?”

Chuixue: “Quickly, take a hot bath, catching a cold wouldn’t be good, and the general shouldn’t blame our young lady for this!”

Luoyin You nodded vigorously: “Exactly! It was You Huzhi who started it!”

Wen Dong and Chuixue were truly her diehard fans, indignantly ranting about the situation, wishing they could confront You Huzhi immediately for an explanation.

Chapter 16: Secondary Harm [2/2 pages]

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