I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 31

Chapter 16: Secondary Harm [Page 1/2]

Although the cooking wasn’t tasty, the two women were quite skilled at making clothes.

Today, Luo Yinyou put on a new set of clothes again, a red one, similar in style to the green one she wore yesterday.

Even though she was only three years old, Wen Dong and Chui Xue both took exceptional pleasure in dressing her up.

After packing away the copper kettle, Luo Yinyou grabbed the reins which were one and a half meters long, and walked out of the house, intending to continue wandering around the camp to gather her thoughts.

Eighty thousand, oh eighty thousand!

If only she could go out once more and deal with a wave of Han Liao soldiers.

But she quickly dismissed the idea as too dangerous.

These were times of war!

Three years for eighty thousand points, or more precisely, seventy-seven thousand points.

Even if she averaged one point a day, that would be enough—considering the occasional +1 contribution from Ye Ci, not to mention the crits from the one and half meter long reins.

With this thought, Luo Yinyou cheered up again. Her hair slightly poofed up as she happily bounced towards the outside with Bian Gu.

She had already tested it yesterday; she didn’t fit in at the Martial Combat Zone, and she had no opportunity to even speak in the Living Zone. Both places were unsuitable for her to earn points, so she needed to explore other areas for opportunities.

With high spirits, Luo Yinyou hummed a little tune while Bian Gu made chirping sounds in accompaniment.

They walked until they came upon a construction site, where a foundation was being dug, although it wasn’t clear what was being built.

When Luo Yinyou arrived, she happened to see You Huzhi, dressed in casual clothes, conducting his routine inspection.

Upon seeing her, You Huzhi came over: “Yo! Isn’t that the little lady general?”

The smile on his face seemed rather insincere no matter how one looked at it!

Therefore, Luo Yinyou also remained silent, looking up innocently and pretending to be dumb.

You Huzhi’s glance shifted from her to Bian Gu, then back to her. He stroked his chin and said: “The little lady general looks pretty in red.”

Just as Luo Yinyou was about to smile and say thank you…

You Huzhi immediately added: “Like a big red carrot! Hahaha!”

Luo Yinyou: “……”

Bian Gu: “Chiu chiu chiu!”

Luo Yinyou felt a little angry—she realized that this You Huzhi liked to bully children.

After he had his laugh, what was this one and a half meter long moving creature laughing at?

Thinking this, Luo Yinyou instantly turned her head and glared at Bian Gu!

Oblivious, Bian Gu kept laughing ‘chiu chiu’, doubling over with laughter along with You Huzhi.

Luo Yinyou was genuinely angry!

She kicked out with her legs and, using all her strength, charged straight at Bian Gu and You Huzhi.

As she rammed into them, she yelled: “You’re the ones who look like big red carrots! Your whole family looks like big red carrots!”

How strong was her physical strength after the system’s reshaping?

That was the kind of strength that caused the release of ten seals of the strongest Sealing Dragon!

Hence, when Luo Yinyou bumped into them, she immediately knocked over the unprepared You Huzhi and Bian Gu, who both fell backwards.

Of course, Luo Yinyou couldn’t control her own strength either, and she fell as well.

And thus…

Bang! Bang! The two of them and the horse tumbled down together, rolling into a mud pit beside them.

You Huzhi was completely stupefied; he hadn’t expected to be knocked over by a little brat and covered in mud.

Luo Yinyou was also covered in mud, but she quickly got up after falling, rushed to You Huzhi’s side, and stomped on him twice with a ‘clang clang’!

That’ll teach him to bully a child?

【You Huzhi questions life, points +9】

Bian Gu, meanwhile, was dumbstruck and lay in the mud for a long while without getting up.

What just happened?

Why would it end up in a mud pit whining?

Two quarters of an hour later.

The same council hall, the scene was nearly identical to the one from yesterday.

Ye Ci, wearing a mask, sat in the highest seat, a wave of cold air emanating from his body, drastically lowering the pressure in the council hall.

All the generals and soldiers scarcely dared to speak, standing to one side, silent.

Only You Huzhi, covered in stains, stood at the bottom, listing Luo Yinyou’s offenses!

Chapter 16: Secondary Harm [1/2 Page]

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