I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 30

Chapter 15 Save Me! I’m Dying [2/2 Pages]

It is important to know that the Dragon Slayer’s Ten Seals are aimed only at deities and demons; they are the most evil and also the most powerful seals in the world!

If this child is born into a divine family, it must mean that someone deliberately suppressed her.

The Dragon Slayer’s Ten Seals will cause her spirit, bloodline, and even her cause and effect to completely disappear from this world.

At that time, the usual tracking methods employed by the great families would be useless; not even knowing if she’s dead, her bones would never be found.

It is a way to cut off all thoughts, cruel and cunning!

If the seal is not on a divine offspring but on an evil spirit, then the implications are even greater!

If released, would it lead to the suffering of all souls and the destruction of the world?

But whether it’s the former or the latter, the other party has hardened their heart to make her body and soul both plummet into the abyss, even sealing off the path to reincarnation, so that she could never turn over a new leaf!

The extreme tension of the seal would also make the sealer feel the pain of not wanting to live at all times.

How could she still be so lively, jumping around and waving her hedgehog-like exploded hair, randomly recognizing fathers?

Thinking of this, Ye Ci once again gave Luo Ying a +1 point contribution.

He stood up and, without a word, placed the copper milk pot on the table.

Luo Ying’s eyes shone when she saw the pot, and she asked: “Uncle, why is the milk in this copper pot inexhaustible?”

Ye Ci’s voice was distorted: “What did you call me?!”

Luo Ying was startled, seeing the +1 points scrolling instantly on the system panel, and quickly waved her hands: “Aren’t you the one who doesn’t want me to call you ‘Daddy’?”

Ye Ci: “…”

Luo Ying tentatively asked: “Then, Uncle Ye Ci?”

【Ye Ci’s emotions fluctuated, points +1】

【Ye Ci’s emotions fluctuated, points +1】

Luo Ying: “Hehe!”

Ye Ci took a deep breath: “This is a mustard seed space, which is also a kind of seal. This pot can permanently store liquid. As for the capacity, it’s about enough for you to drink for ten years, but I’m not sure if you can live that long.”

Luo Ying’s eyes lit up and she clutched the copper pot in her arms, never letting go.

As he was about to leave, she spoke again: “Give me back my Crescent Nail.”

Ye Ci paused in his footsteps and turned around.

The air was filled with a slight awkwardness.

Luo Ying lifted her small face, innocently stretching out her hand.

She had found out that the nails sealing her were definitely good things. Ye Ci helping her to break the seal was fake; wanting these nails was the real deal.

She wouldn’t give them to anyone else; she wanted to collect every single one!

Ye Ci seemed to be put on the spot, caught between a rock and a hard place. After a long while, he took out the Soul Calming Nail and placed it in the little girl’s palm.

Luo Ying: “Hehe!”

Ye Ci’s eyelids twitched violently; he was on the verge of snapping.

Hehehehehehehe, all day long hehehe, laugh your head off!

The next day, Luo Ying slept extremely comfortably.

As soon as she woke up, Ask Winter and Blow Snow came over, began dressing her, helping her rinse her mouth, and feeding her.

At first, Luo Ying cooperated obediently, until that little copper spoon approached her mouth, and she began to instinctively reject it.

She didn’t know if it was her issue or the issue with Ask Winter and Blow Snow.

Like yesterday’s braised pork, for example. She had looked forward to it so much, but one bite almost made her soul fly away.

That meat, it was really indescribable!

Luo Ying suspected there was nothing delicious in this world; oh, that’s not true, the milk in the pot was quite tasty.

Therefore, she declined Ask Winter and Blow Snow’s feeding and drank a few gulps of milk to solve breakfast.

She was only three years old; drinking milk was normal, and she felt completely justified in doing so.

Bian Valley was watching her from the side, licking his lips.

Luo Ying: “???”

What’s this, a horse wanting to drink milk?

Dream on!

Chapter 15 Save Me! I’m Dying [2/2 Pages]

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