I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 29

Chapter 15: Save Me! I’m Dying [1/2 Page]

Luo Yingyao’s short legs kicked about as she began to urge: “Hurry up and start! Help me lift the seal, I want to reach the pinnacle of life!”

Ye Ci responded, “Your seal is called Dragon Slayer’s Ten Enclosures, it is the most powerful seal in this world, and I cannot break it.”

Luo Yingyao didn’t believe it and retorted, “Trying to deceive me again? What ‘ten years of life’ and ‘cannot be undone’… Didn’t you remove one already? And it seemed like child’s play to you.”

Ye Ci adjusted the clothes on her back, speaking indifferently, “That’s because the sealed acupoint was already loose, I’ve checked the rest, the other six can’t be removed.”

Luo Yingyao: “???”

After some thought, Ye Ci asked, “Has someone helped you enhance your physique? Or did you encounter some sort of opportunity?”

It was clear that the seal was recently placed; under normal circumstances, it shouldn’t have come loose. The only possibility was that this child’s physique had been altered by someone, loosening the outermost constraints of the seal.

Soon, Ye Ci furrowed his brow. Theoretically, this was true, but he still couldn’t fathom who would have the capabilities to forcibly change the body under the Dragon Slayer’s Ten Enclosures’ seal?

One could only say this child’s fate was not yet sealed!

Luo Yingyao’s eyes widened in disbelief as she stared at the man in the ugly mask in front of her.

Could your guess be that accurate?

Wasn’t her body reshaped by the system?

It turns out she owed it to that reshaping. Otherwise, not to mention how difficult it would be to lift the seal, she might have spent her life unable to speak.

After some thought, Luo Yingyao asked, “Can you really not undo the remaining seals?”

Ye Ci replied, “I am powerless.”

Luo Yingyao then asked, “What will happen to me if the seal isn’t lifted?”

Ye Ci stated, “You’ll die, within three years at the most.”

Luo Yingyao’s pupils constricted, not expecting the situation to be so severe.

She hung her head and looked down at her toes, her whole body radiating a sense of being wronged.

The previously spiky hair drooped down, landing on her shoulders, limp and lifeless.

Ye Ci was taken aback, staring at Luo Yingyao’s hair and falling into thought.

Hair that spikes up in excitement and droops in dejection, constantly changing its form based on her mood.

How was it possible?

Ye Ci narrowed his eyes, but the seal prevented any observation.

Little demon, what exactly are you?

Suddenly, Luo Yingyao lifted her head, her eyes shining brightly!

At the same time, her hair that had just drooped flared up again, exploding even more thoroughly, like a proper sea urchin.

Like Medusa!

She truly made Ye Ci’s heart skip a beat.

【Ye Ci has experienced an emotional fluctuation, points +1】

Luo Yingyao excitedly analyzed, “I get it! The first Soul Settling Nail was loosened due to the enhancement of my physique, so does that mean if I keep enhancing it, the other six can become loose and then be removed?”

Ye Ci couldn’t take his eyes off her burst of hair and responded absentmindedly, “In theory, yes. But you should know that there are still three Spirit Sealing Nails on top of your head, which serve to erase your bloodline and talent, making cultivation a thousand, if not ten thousand times harder for you.”

Cultivation places great emphasis on talent!

Luo Yingyao’s current situation was equivalent to having no talent, even lower than the most ordinary person’s starting point.

Furthermore, unlocking the Spirit Sealing Nails would be even more difficult; it’s only possible to attempt after the three Soul Settling Nails have been removed.

Without any talent for cultivation, how could she possibly enhance her physique enough to unlock the three Soul Settling Nails?

The interlocking seals eliminated all possibilities, which makes Dragon Slayer’s Ten Enclosures so terrifying!

But Luo Yingyao was not at all discouraged by this and was filled with determination.

Her little fists clenched tight!

Luo Yingyao: “I will definitely break this damn seal!”

At the very least, she had to try, especially since she could still wait to accumulate 200,000 points for the system to take action.

Her intense fury caused her exploded hair to wildly dance, resembling demonic claws.

Behind the mask, Ye Ci’s gaze was inscrutable.

Break it?

Far too naive!

If it was that easy to lift the seal, would it need so much scheming?

Chapter 15: Save Me! I’m Dying [1/2 Page]

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