I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 28

Chapter 14: I Explode in Anger, You’re Unruffled

【Caused an emotional crit on Bian Gu, Points +99】

Luo Yin’s young eyes lit up, wow, a crit that gives 99 points?

Bian Gu wouldn’t have it and started to throw a tantrum on the ground, rolling and twitching in all sorts of dissatisfaction.

How can you launch a personal attack like that?

It’s not going to work anymore!

Luo Yin was unconcerned with Bian Gu’s antics, turning her attention to Ye Ci, “Daddy…”

Before she could finish, Ye Ci interrupted, “I’m not your daddy.”

Luo Yin instinctively said, “Then I’ll be your daddy?”

Ye Ci: “???”

【Ye Ci experiences emotional fluctuations, Points +1】

Luo Yin glanced at her system panel, a neat 123,000 points.

At the speed of a rocket, she continued to strive further.

So she raised her head again and smiled mischievously at Ye Ci, “Hehe!”

Unfortunately, this time Ye Ci didn’t contribute any points, but instead twisted his arm and pulled something out of the small pocket on the back of Luo Yin’s waist.

Luo Yin was startled, and by the time she recovered, the black nail she had hidden in the inner pocket of her back was already in Ye Ci’s hands.

Ye Ci toyed with the soul-stabilizing nail, saying, “Not bad, you even know to keep this?”

Whether it’s a soul-sealing nail or a soul-stabilizing nail, even if removed and no longer effective, the material itself is still extremely valuable.

Luo Yin was shocked and quickly covered her back nervously.

Of the ten soul-stabilizing nails of the Dragon Slayer, six points remained sealed on her back; she had discovered that the seventh point pertained to her linguistic ability.

She didn’t want to become mute!

Ye Ci glanced at her, “What are you guarding against? Do you think I have nothing better to do?”

Luo Yin retorted, “You pulled it out and then pushed it back in, nothing lost, so aren’t you just idling?”

Ye Ci replied, “Who says there’s no loss? Releasing one costs ten years of lifespan, do you think I’m joking?”

Luo Yin was astounded, looking at Ye Ci with disbelief.

Knowing it would cost 10 years of lifespan, yet still tirelessly pulling it out and pushing it back for fun, was this just capriciousness?

Luo Yin was moved to tears and said with a sob, “When you get old, I will take good care of you. I’ll provide for your retirement.”

Ye Ci glanced at her, “The lifespan being consumed isn’t mine, it’s yours.”

Luo Yin: “???”

With that, Ye Ci reached out a hand and lifted her.

Luo Yin felt like a little chick, being swung around in mid-air by Ye Ci with no power to resist.

The next second, she felt the clothes on her back being lifted and a large hand pressing on her back.

Luo Yin: “!!!”

You pervert!

What the hell are you doing!

Even though she was only three years old, she had an old soul!

She had dignity; one could kill her but could not humiliate her!

Old grudges and recent insults combined, and she began to struggle furiously, her face flushed with anger.

Ye Ci held her down firmly, using an overpowering position to prevent her from moving, his fingers even sliding down from her neck.

Luo Yin started shouting angrily, “You old pervert! Let go of me! Believe it or not, I’ll spit on you so hard you’ll fly to the stratosphere!”

Ye Ci’s eyelid twitched violently, “Are you crazy? You’re a green sea urchin, who would be interested in that? I’m checking on your seals!”

Luo Yin: “Huh???”

The next second, she stopped moving, obediently lying on Ye Ci’s lap.

Luo Yin: “Okay, daddy. Daddy, please help me remove the rest of the nails?”

With her face changing so swiftly, Ye Ci experienced a wave of emotions, which then started to flood the screen.

【Ye Ci experiences emotional fluctuations, Points +1】

【Ye Ci experiences emotional fluctuations, Points +1】

Luo Yin: “Hehe!”

Ye Ci: “…”

Stinky brat, keep laughing that weird laugh and see if I don’t smack you to death?

Chapter 14: I Explode in Anger, You’re Unruffled [2/2 pages]

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