I’ll Pay for your Life, Let’s Both Go Crazy Together! chapter 27

Chapter 14: My Fur Explodes, You Have No Fur [1/2 Page]

As Ye Ci leaned forward with a light flick of his sleeve, the small flames in the basin vanished, and the temperature around dropped sharply, corroded by a cold chill.

No sooner had he finished doing this than the door of the adjacent cabin burst open!

Luo Yin you ran out with her little face flushed, clinging to Ye Ci’s trouser leg.

She had known Ye Ci was nearby the moment she received the system notification and indeed found it to be true when she came out.

The movements of a child like this are very cute and heartwarming; most normal adults would subconsciously pick her up, which was an experience Luo Yin you had accumulated from the orphanage in her last life.

Little did she know that she was sporting a nest-like mess of hair at this time.

Not only was her appearance not at all cute, but it was also visually startling.

Ye Ci only saw a little green thing rushing out and smacking onto his leg.

Glancing down, he couldn’t help but purse his lips slightly.

What was this thing?

Green… sea urchin?

Luo Yin you’s hair was even more outrageously frizzy at this moment, like static electricity, with each strand standing on end and splaying outwards, making her head look twice its normal size.

【Ye Ci has experienced an emotional fluctuation, +1 point】

Still unable to detect the specific emotion, the system only provided a basic fluctuation score.

As a result, Luo Yin you was unaware of what Ye Ci was actually thinking, assuming he was smitten by her cuteness.

One must curry favor with the father figure one has chosen.

Vying for affection? She knew how to do that!

Lifting her head, she presented her little face.

And began to smile!

A twitch ran through the corners of Ye Ci’s eyes behind his mask.

The scene in front of him resembled a giant spider with numerous legs, the center bearing a human face.

The key was that this human face was smiling, eerily unbearable to look at directly!

【Ye Ci has experienced an emotional fluctuation, +1 point】

Inside the small kitchen.

Wen Dong and Chui Xue were discussing preparing a grand meal for Luo Yin you, bringing out the best ingredients from the military camp and using all their culinary skills.

The two worked in harmony, one chopping vegetables, the other boiling water.

Chui Xue, looking at a basin of green leafy vegetables, suddenly said, “Sister Wen Dong, what’s going on with the young lady’s hair? No matter how I comb it, it still frizzes up. I didn’t dare tell her.”

Wen Dong laughed: “Probably got ruffled up like that, the young lady is too cute, and everyone wants to pinch her face and pat her head! When you combed her hair after her bath, it was still moist, and then running around, it dried up, a few touches and naturally, it would frizz out.”

Chui Xue frowned, “But I just now, I dampened her hair when combing…”

Wen Dong: “Hmm?”

Inside the cabin.

Luo Yin you was brought in front of a mirror by Ye Ci, while Bian Gu chuckled ceaselessly by her side.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Luo Yin you was stunned!

What the heck was up with her hair?

Frizzed up so dramatically, surely even static electricity couldn’t do this!

She tentatively extended her hand and rubbed it over the tips of her hair.


The heck!

She was sparking electricity!

So now she was a generator?

Turning around, Luo Yin you looked at Ye Ci with confusion.

Ye Ci couldn’t care less to look at her twice and turned his face away.

“Chirp chirp chirp!” Bian Gu’s laughter broke the silence between them.

At this moment, Bian Gu was laughing so hard on the ground that he was rolling back and forth, all four legs kicking away.

Luo Yin you immediately turned back to glare at him: “What’s so funny? What if my fur is frizzy? You don’t even have fur!”

Bian Gu’s laughter came to an abrupt halt.

Chapter 14: My Fur Explodes, You Have No Fur [1/2 Page]

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